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Weekend Getaways

Near Bangalore

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

5.5 hours from Bangalore
Partly Cloudy
Hyderabad, Telangana

7.5 hours from Bangalore
Clear Day
Waterfront, Heritage
Ooty, Tamil Nadu

6 hours from Bangalore
Partly Cloudy
Hill, Honeymoon

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Reviews of the Day
Manoj hv
Rainbow Cottage, Ooty posted by Manoj HV user rating: 4.33/7

Room was good neatly maintained but service is not up to the mark. Locality was normal. Room looks nice yet to impure lot. I enjoyed the environment around the rainbow cottage. Cottage is very near to city

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Rohtang Pass, Manali posted by Ankitdhame user rating: 6.00/7

If you're on your way to some place and rohtang pass is on the way, please step out and soak it in. It is beautiful. The view from the pass is amazing, and it's really high. Make sure you stop there a bit early as in the evening it's difficult to...

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