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Agnigarh is one of the most popular sightseeing destinations of Tezpur as well as a favourite picnic spot for tourists. The name Agnigarh suggests a fire fort. The place got this name as it used to be always covered with fire in order to avoid anyone from entering or exiting it, without permission. The site of this temple is associated with the romance of Prince Aniruddha and Princess Usha. Prince Aniruddha was the grandson of Lord Krishna while Princess Usha was the daughter of the famous Asura King, Banasura. It is said that Banasura built this fort to keep his daughter safely in isolation, away from the prince.

There is another story associated with this fort, where the friend of Princess Usha, Chitralekha, who was also a very talented painter saw a very handsome man in her dream, one night. When she brought that face on a paper using her artistic skills, she discovered that the man was prince Aniruddha. This was when she helped both the prince and princess to get married secretly. This fort was also an important site during the legendary Mahabharata.

Currently Agnigarh is present in Tezpur in the form of a small hill facing River Brahmaputra. This hill provides a complete view of the city. It is also surrounded by a clean and green park displaying certain sculptures related to the couple along with giant mushrooms and a water fall.

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