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Agra Red Fort, located 2.2 km north-west of Taj Mahal, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Sprawling over an area of 380,000 sq m, the fortress is situated on the right bank of River Yamuna.

This fort was built by Mughal Emperor Akbar, after he defeated the Afghans at Panipat in 1556. Originally, this fort was held by the Hindu Sikarwar and subsequently, by Ibrahim Lodi, Babur, Humayun and Sher Shah.

The fort was in bad shape when Akbar rebuilt it using red sandstone, which was brought from the Barauli area in Rajasthan. The renovation was completed in 1573, after eight years of hard work of 1,444,000 labours.

The fort is often referred to as walled city, as seventy feet high walls surround it on all sides. Out of the four gates provided on its four sides, Delhi Gate and Lahore Gate are the most notable.

Delhi Gate, which lies on the western side of the fort, was the grandest entrance. It leads to the inner gateway, the Hathi Pol or Elephant Gate, which is guarded by two life-size stone elephants.

Presently, Amar Singh Gate is the only gateway leading to the fort. There are numerous palaces within this fort, like the Khas Mahal, Shish Mahal and octagonal tower of Musamman Burj.

Tourists visiting the fort can see reception rooms like Diwan-i-Khas and Diwan-i-Am, which were built in 1637 and 1628, respectively. Moti Masjid or the Pearl Mosque and Nagina Masjid are also housed with the fort. Moti Masjid was constructed between 1646 and 1653 by Shah Jahan, while the Nagina Masjid was built during the reign of Aurangzeb.

Emperor Shah Jahan was imprisoned by his own son Aurangzeb in this fort. It is believed that Shah Jahan took his last breath in Musamman Burj, which is a tower with a marble balcony, from where the Taj Mahal can be seen. The fort has been the site of the Indian rebellion of 1857, which led to the end of the British East India Company's rule in India.

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Madhu Maddy

  • Connoisseur
  • Madhu Maddy
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 505 photos
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  • Posted Jul 13, 2017
Overall Rating
  • 245

Prashant Kumar

  • Tourist
  • Prashant Kumar
  • Lives in Ludhiana
  • 9 photos
  •  8 helpful votes
  • Posted Mar 13, 2017
Overall Rating
  • 359


  • Tourist
  • Prateek
  •  1 helpful vote
  • Posted Feb 20, 2017
Overall Rating
  • 275


  • Tourist
  • Virendras
  • 81 photos
  •  7 helpful votes
  • Posted Jan 24, 2017
Overall Rating
  • 260

Deepak Varit

  • Tourist
  • Deepak Varit
  • Lives in Bhopal
  • 48 photos
  •  2 helpful votes
  • Posted Jan 15, 2017
Overall Rating
  • 250

Piyusha Vir

  • Tourist
  • Piyusha Vir
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 28 photos
  • 3 Reviews
  •  26 helpful votes
  •  182 readers
  • Posted Jan 26, 2017
Overall Rating
  • 227

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Rajeev jha

  • Tourist
  • Rajeev jha
  • 11 photos
  • 4 Reviews
  •  158 readers

"Majestic & Strategic Historical Monument"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted 3 months ago
Best viewed with a guide.
Interesting stories of the royal Maugham family ...
An exemplary work of Science with Art and Politics .
Amazing techniques and tacts of the bygone era !!
Gardens and architecture strong & graceful.
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Mansoor Alam

  • Connoisseur
  • Mansoor Alam
  • Critic
  • Lives in Gorakhpur
  • 25 photos
  • 16 Reviews
  •  41 helpful votes
  •  9717 readers

"Very good fort"

  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Nov 18, 2017
Visited red fort. Nothing to see extra, like all other forts built by mughals, same architecture, same pattern but when you go Agra and have enough time them must visit red fort Agra.
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Digvijay Sharma

  • Tourist
  • Digvijay Sharma
  • Lives in Ghaziabad
  • 31 photos
  • 36 Reviews
  •  8 helpful votes
  •  2988 readers

"The red fort of Agra"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Sep 9, 2017
Red fort of Agra was ruled by many but was famous for the name of mughals emperor's. Built in an area of 2. 5 km square and located on the banks of Yamuna. Taj Mahala is near by this fort and is visible from the fort.
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Chirag Jain

  • Tourist
  • Chirag Jain
  • 16 Reviews
  •  1570 readers

"Another Monument with Great History"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Jul 25, 2017
Agra Fort is having very great history and can only see be felt when you visit this place with a guide. There are various things in the place that has its own importance. There are angles in which you can see the Taj Mahala directly but there are illusions as well. The architecture is great with the phrase "Deewaro k bhi Kaan hote h" can be seen here.
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Tasmiya Banu

  • Tourist
  • Tasmiya Banu
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 16 photos
  • 4 Reviews
  •  349 readers

"Red Fort - Magnificent Fort of Maugham era"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Jun 28, 2017
After Tajmahal, this a must visit when in Agra. Do hire a guide and hey will guide you to each and every place with its beautiful historic stories. You can view taj Mahala from this fort, do carry camcorder or camera to get the view. It is well maintained with lush green gardens around. There is too much walk around and explore and is worth it because it will give you an amazing experience.
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Santanu Deo

  • Tourist
  • Santanu Deo
  • Lives in Bhubaneswar
  • 19 photos
  • 15 Reviews
  •  11 helpful votes
  •  7628 readers


  • 6.0/7
  • Posted Mar 2, 2017
Marvellous piece of history. It's well maintained and clean lawns. Grand Fort. The beauty of the palace is enhanced by pearls on the Red sandstone work. The guide also helped to understand the history of the palace. Although guides at the fort bargain a lot with tourists.
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Umang Kardani

  • Tourist
  • Umang Kardani
  • Lives in Ahmedabad
  • 17 photos
  • 37 Reviews
  •  20 helpful votes
  •  39975 readers

"Majestic place"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Feb 7, 2017
It really reminds me of the Jodha Akbar movie and their grand scene and I was lit rally looking for the places which was seen in movie.
There is a place from where there is beautiful view of Taj from river side and that's very good view.
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Nur alam

  • Tourist
  • Nur alam
  • 4 photos
  • 10 Reviews
  •  9 helpful votes
  •  12005 readers

"The fort of love"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Feb 4, 2017
The stone and other materials tell us the history. We spent a lot of time here our guide told everything nicely. I did not forget his expression. Even our children could understand the long chapter of history in short time
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Prashant Yadav

  • Tourist
  • Prashant Yadav
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 1251 photos
  • 36 Reviews
  •  47 helpful votes
  •  20497 readers

"Laval Quila of Agra"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Feb 1, 2017
After visiting Taj we went to see the Agra Fort, the original Laval Quila (as the Delhi wala Laval Quila is a copy of that).
It was huge, beautiful, and looked like it was built few decades before, which actually started in 11th century and till 16th century was in making process.
There are a lot of things to see there which without a guide are impossible. Hollow walls, false windows, history, stories, facts, time line, all are very fascinating.
This building will make you realize that architects of that time also were so brilliant and ahead of their era.
The view of Taj from some spots are so beautiful that you can spend whole day just standing there.
Please carry, shades, cap, water with you.
Don't spit everywhere, do not write Pappu loves munni on the walls as no munni would impressed by stupidity.
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Biswajeet Mishra

  • Tourist
  • Biswajeet Mishra
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 412 photos
  • 51 Reviews
  •  29 helpful votes
  •  63030 readers

"Worth watching Fort"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted Jan 15, 2017
It's a palace or called as fort at Agra where ShahJahan used to have a look at Taj Mahal and queen Mumtaj from Prison, the Fort and Jamaal is building such a way. So they can be seen. Really guys it's worth watching.
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