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Alamgudi is also known by the name of Gurusthalam, which means the abode of planet Jupiter. The village of Alamgudi is located near Kumbakonam. The temple dedicated to planet Jupiter, is the primary attraction of the village and is visited by Hindus who wish to curb the ill-effects due to the influence of planet Jupiter on their lives.

Guru is attributed to bring luck and favour to people and the lack of all these is said to be because of “Guru dosh”, said to make a person ill or affected with severe diseases.

People believe that offering prayers in this temple, will assist them in eliminating such effects of Jupiter on their lives and assist them in gaining prosperity. The main deity of the temple is  Dakhshinamoorthy or Lord Shiva. Other than Lord Shiva and Ganesha, idols of all the planet gods are present in the temple.

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