Krishna Inn Review - Ambience: truly nice and decent;...

Ambience: truly nice and decent;...

Review of Krishna Inn, Guruvayur

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  • Destination 6.1/7
  • Location 5.7/7
  • Appearance 5.8/7
  • Front Office 5.8/7
  • Service 5.5/7
  • Room 5.8/7
  • Food & Drink 5.7/7
  • Activities 3.7/7

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Srinivas Thummalapalli
  • Srinivas Thummalapalli
  • Heritage seeker
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 4 Reviews

"Ambience: truly nice and decent;..."

  • 5.3/7
  • Posted 3 years ago
Ambience: truly nice and decent; quite welcoming; given the locale conditions and other competing properties.
Lobby: quite nice with Kerla Murals and other artefacts
Front Desk: willingly helpful; professional; truly service oriented and above all attentive
Check In and other processes: quite professional
Rooms: We have been staying at this property over the last 10 years at different intervals of time. Consistently well maintained and above all that spring of freshness is retained. Quite a commendable feat.

Best Experience: Front desk staff\'s customer orientation and professional service

Worst Experience: Bathrooms needs definite facelift; renovation and also upkeep
Housekeeping need to have eye for detail in terms of repleneshing the toiletries/water etc.,
Service staff can have proactive attitude ...would definitely help
Service at Restaurants( main) and at Tanushree( South Indian) one needs definite improvement: they can be both professional and proactive
Travel Desk: nothing worth mentioning about. But if the hotel is arranging for any local cabs or so, they must ensure proper trip sheet, bills are duly made available thru their vendors or the hotel must provide them to the customers. They cant continue to vacillate on this count.

Overall renovation/refurbishing is required to keep pace with the times; and yet retaining its original charm coupled with classical sankrit tunes that are so enchanting...
Overall its definitely the best property around....but can be keep pace with the times
They can provide some discounts to the loyal customers

Srinivas Thummalapalli's rating on...

  • Destination 5/7
  • Location 7/7
  • Appearance 5/7
  • Front Office 5/7
  • Service 5/7
  • Room 5/7
  • Food & Drink 5/7
  • Activities 5/7
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Dilip Kumar
  • Dilip Kumar
  • Lives in Cochin
  • 1 Review

"Its a very good hotel...."

  • 5.4/7
  • Posted 5 years ago
Its a very good hotel. Hospitality was excellent..The staffs were courteous. Nice clean rooms/suites.

Dilip Kumar's rating on...

  • Destination 7/7
  • Location 5/7
  • Appearance 6/7
  • Front Office 6/7
  • Service 6/7
  • Room 6/7
  • Food & Drink 5/7
  • Activities 4/7
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Srinivas Chitrapu
  • Srinivas Chitrapu
  • Highlander
  • 3 photos
  • 3 Reviews

"A good and decent hotel..."

  • 6/7
  • Posted 6 years ago
A good and decent hotel to stay. Conveniently located in the vicinity of temple and shopping areas, station and bus stand.

Best Experience: I had booked this hotel on line after reading reviews. Confirmation received was prompt. Front office response was good and excellent hospitality.

Well kept rooms and service, excellent food.

Worst Experience: None as such

Srinivas Chitrapu's rating on...

  • Destination 6/7
  • Location 6/7
  • Appearance 6/7
  • Front Office 6/7
  • Service 6/7
  • Room 6/7
  • Food & Drink 7/7
  • Activities 5/7
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