Bamboo Banks Farm, Mudumalai (Masinagudi)

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Bamboo Banks Farm,Mudumalai (Masinagudi)
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1 Review | 7 Readers

Beautiful holiday in the wilderness

Posted 8 Oct, 2016

We had an amazing time at this beautiful resort in the jungles of Madhumalai ! The hosts , the facilities , the food , the area & surroundings were just what I needed as my escape from city life ! Couldn't have asked for more !

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1 Review | 8 Readers

Excellent hotel & nice service

Posted 4 Aug, 2016

The hotel was excellent. All the amenities were available in the room in good condition. The overall service was nice. The food quality was very nice. The activity was not arranged by the hotel. I would not recommend this hotel for other travellers.

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15 Reviews | 3044 Readers

Vast Farm, engaging activities and amazing food

Posted 31 Jan, 2016

Bamboo farms Travelled as a family total 7 of us with a 3yr old kid. Masinagudi is one such place which will live in memories as lush green cover all around and a super happy place for family. The place is like literally in the midst of the Jungle. Masinagudi is a remote village and you will not find many good places to eat and stay Mr.Z the owner if this place was very welcoming. THis place has only 7 cottages with 2 King/Queen size beds like a small 2 BHK apt. Well equipped with a fan,Fridge, TV and decent Internet with a router in your premises. The best part comes in 2 phases 1> Activites 2> Food Activities Mr.Z has 5 horses on the farms on which you can choose to do horse riding. -There is reasonably big pool in the premises which is clean. Be sure to hit in afternoon as temparature can drop in the evenings. -Haa !!!! ATVs 5 ATVs are at your disposal and you can choose them to ride all through the farm. -There is a tree house which will be part of the farm visit hope to see some more animal sightings. -Other than this this is a 43+ acres of farm which is growing into the jungle so you will sight many deers, peacocs , mongoose and many birds. -Three friendly Dogs Bahadur, Sheeba and another will keep your kids excited. Food -I heard amazing reviews of the food about this place and they didn't let me down during my 2 day stay. -This home stay styled cooked food is hygenic and as homely as it could get. -Make note to sight many Deers while having a breakfast. which might pay a visit to you. Staff and handlers are very friendly and engaging. I will come back to this place when i plan for Masinagudi. Be sure to make advance bookings atleast 90 days in long weekends.

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16 Reviews | 822 Readers

Fantastic Jungle resort with impeccable service

Posted 30 Nov, 2015

Had booked bamboo banks on the way back from Coimbatore in Nov 2014 for one night with my wife and daughter. The resort has only a handful of rooms spread over a huge area. The place was very well maintained and offered a very homely feel. The location is a pleasant drive from Mudumalai reserve and theppakadu elephant camp. The resort includes a well maintained swimming pool and lots of open space for kids to run around. They also had ATVs and bicycles to go around the resort. The complimentary horse ride was a big hit with my daughter.The breakfast had a good variety and was yummy. Overall it was such a great experience that I booked for my second visit in the next week and went again in Feb 2015. Worth a visit for 2 nights to have a relaxed holiday.

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5 Reviews | 8035 Readers

Overall experience was ok

Posted 23 Nov, 2015

I had visited this place with my close friends, for appreciation of nature as madumalai is forest wild life reserve , its location is good,service is bad,food is not that great, view was excellent from der, we could see lot of wild animals der, over all experience was ok but stay was not like to be remembered

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7 Reviews | 1783 Readers

Clean rooms and big parking available

Posted 17 Aug, 2015

"All the positive feedback about the farmhouse on most travel portals had already raised the...I had a good experience at this hotel, The main reason we booked this hotel was the view from outside..this place is very nice must visit here I did not have any difficulty in finding this hotel"

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Top Reviews

1 Review | 587 Readers

Lovely stay with homely food

Posted 11 Jun, 2013

I took a couple of days off with Family and Friends and reached Bamboo Banks. Wow...What an experience. Right from the time I was searching for a resort and finalizing the same and booking it, Zerasp was very honest, truthful and polite. The news channels said that there was census being carried out during our trip from the 2nd thru the 8th of June, we had planned for the 6th, 7th and 8th. He did not give the regular bluff that businessmen would give. He did say that the Government Safari will be closed and did give us the alternatives of which we could choose. The first impression, that was the best. We reached there around 7 PM on the 7th. Was greeted by his Sister (do not want to spell the name wrongly, sorry), and closely followed by Zerasp, who came to our cottage and explained about the cottage, the plans for our next day and about what the family would have for dinner. First Face to Face interaction, Excellent again. Went for dinner, Lovely home cooked food. IT never appeared to me even once that this was a hotel where they put masala in everything. The variety of food choice, was very homely and we loved the taste (it always has a little less salt, maybe for folks who like less salt). First dinner, excellent. Early morning, the next day, we went into the jungles in a private jeep arranged by Zerasp. The jeep was 15 minutes before schedule, it waited for us and took us into the jungle, the bumpy ride and the adventurous feeling. It was the first time that we ventured into the forest with kids, and we enjoyed, though scared after seeing the Dol hunt down the deer. Returned and had the variety of Breakfast. Excellent Breakfast. The variety of the breakfast, with the live Dosa and Egg counter, made it more pleasant. We could choose what kind of Dosa we wanted or the type of egg we wanted. If I have to keep writing about every food we had, it would be a big imposition and hence, restricting to the first experiences. All in all, the food was homely, the stay was lovely. We also spent some time with the Sr. Kothavala. We were just discussing in general and the time spent with him, I will cherish the time spent with him. Someone previously just commented about the gate. That is a novel idea which was implemented by the Sr. Kothavala that I understood. I am sure anyone would appreciate the idea and the science involved in the design of the same. I really was surprised and like kids, at 42, I also wanted to open the gate by pulling the rope to fill the bucket of water which in turns opens the gate. In fact, every time we went out or came in, we took turns in opening the gate. It might be their perception of the design, but everyone have their own views and I take pride in expressing my views. It was an experience to me. I take this time to thank the whole Family at Bamboo Banks for making our trip such a good one and do promise, that I would suggest this resort over any other resort. I am sure to visit back as and when time permits.

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1 Review | 374 Readers

An excellent place to unwind and explore!

Posted 13 Nov, 2013

We were looking for a refreshing getaway... and happened to stumble on bamboo banks, Masinagudi. We were never disappointed. The facility looks even better than what it looks in the photograph. We stayed in Jacarandaa. The rooms were spacious and very well maintained. The bed, TV, fridge and diwans add to the comfort of the ambience. They have even taken care of the finest details such as band aids, ear buds, rubber bands, in addition to talc and face tissues. The pool side was cute set up and just right for our family. The food @ Bamboo banks is yum! The staffs were very warm and helpful. Mr. Zerasp, owner of Bamboo banks, was extremely courteous to take us around his 42 acre farm twice during our visit. To a city dweller like me, it was a spine chilling night safari! He was also enthusiastic about educating his guests about the birds and animals around the farm. I need to mention Rafic, a very warm manager who takes care of the guests like his own. Ms Shanaz was very warm and kind enough to help us with good places to shop. The room was out facing the deep forest with the view to behold. You can spot different types of birds and sometimes even wild animals visiting the farm. Sound and sight of birds was extremely pleasing. It also developed a deep sense of appreciation for the nature around you. If you are planning to take a trip to Masinagudi, my suggestion would be, drop your bags in bamboo banks, take a trip around the farm, next, plan to visit Mudumalai jugle safari (government operated vans only). You have a river running beside the farm, its pristine beauty will soothe your senses. You need to be a little careful, as this might be visited by elephant herds (stay away from them!). You can do a lot of bird watching around the farm during any part of the day. Next, checkout Bandipur jungle safari, it is about 15km from Masinagudi. Don't miss this; you will sight more animals in Bandipur than you would in Mudumalai. You will be intruded by a lot of middle men offering night and day safaris in the forest. Beware it is banned. Take a pair of binoculars when you go on these safaris. You can also visit Ooty to collect good spices and homemade chocolates (Modern stores). We happened to discover the Gudlur route on our trip back from Ooty to Masinagudi. This route is breathtaking and beautiful. Caution! the roads are a little bad due to rains, but it is worth the drive. Overall our experience in Bamboo Banks was refreshing and thrilling!

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6 Reviews | 10096 Readers

An experience to behold with amazing hospitality

Posted 26 Mar, 2015

I was at bamboo banks for 2 days and 2 nights in March 2015 with my wife and 4 year old daughter. All the positive feedback about the farmhouse on most travel portals had already raised the expectations. From the moment we reached to the time we finally crossed the gates of the farmhouse on our way back, this place not only lived up-to but exceeded the sky high expectations in every aspect by a long way. What really stands out is the courtesy and hospitality of every single person in the farmhouse making you feel really at home in the middle of a mini forest with birds, deer, horses, hares and monkeys giving you company. The rooms are well equipped and well kept. There is lots to do in the property even if our idea was to relax for most part of the trip. With just 7 cottages in a 42 acre property there is so much open space and the natural setting really brought a fresh air of life into our stay. The Kothavalas are amazing hosts. They kept checking if everything was fine and if we needed anything to make our stay even more enjoyable. They took us on a ride around the property and let us enjoy the time with no intrusion or interference. The food was good and they were very flexible to accommodate any request we had. I have been to many resorts before but this place will stay right up on the list for the overall experience. I am sure we'll be back there at some point in time.

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4 Reviews | 2597 Readers

Had good view & lot of space for children to play

Posted 7 Oct, 2013

We drove down from Bangalore, I was there from 12th Sept to 15th Sept, with Wife and 2 Kids It was easy to find using the directions provided. Once we reached we are greeted by Rafic and also by Wild Birds, Cackle of Geese, 2 Friendly Dogs :-). Cottages: I was offered the choice of cottages as most were available. Rafic took me around and I choose Acacia, as it has good view and lot of space for children to play in the front. The Cottage was maintained very well. Property: The place is huge and parts are quite wild. Bound by a small river on 2 sides and other properties on 2 sides. There is plenty to spend time on if you like serenity and wilderness. Don\'t miss going for walk on the wilder side (or go by the Open Jeep). There is a also a big collection of books for book lovers. Birdlife & Wildlife: Plenty of birds all around the property, and some peacocks if you venture to the wilder parts. Lots of Langurs & Wild Hare all around and Wild Boars near the river/wild side. A deer was killed by a Panthers and hung up on a tree about 100 Meters from the tree house on the night of 14th. Food: We did not take all the meals, but whatever we took was homely, tasty and there was good Variety. Good part is that you can choose which meals you want to take and are charged only for those. That makes it easy to use this place as a base for visits around. Location: It is in a great location, you can easily visit Mudumalai, Bandipur & Ooty. You can also take side roads to Moyar Dam (We did not see any wild life, normally this road gives good sightings) and Vibudhi Malai Murugan Temple. Children also really enjoyed the Elephant Feeding Center at Mudumalai. Thanks. Will be visiting again.

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8 Reviews | 45330 Readers

This is our second time at Bamboo banks and we abs...

Posted 31 Oct, 2012

This is our second time at Bamboo banks and we absolutely did not want to compromise on the property and were lucky enough to get a booking at last minute. My husband and I love this place because the cottages are secluded and far away from each other which means you don't see other guests very often other than the common meal hour time. Bamboo Banks is probably one of the first few home stay that were started in the area of Mudumalai. The farm is spread over 40 acres of land and is surrounded by forest and is located at the foot hills of the lofty blue hills which is a treat to the naked eye. The Kothavalas who own and run this place are super friendly and take care of every request. Other than lazing around which is the best thing to do and which we did in ample there are also lots of activities to keep you busy. The place is a bird paradise, so you can go for long walks and spot some rare and beautiful birds. There is well stacked library and lots of board games, also a TT table. There is ATV, horse riding for the adventure types and bicycles at your disposal to ride away in and around the property. There is also a nice pool with great views of the mountains. We made the most of it and took the 2 horses for a nice long ride, also went cycling, played TT. We had a great time. In the evening, both of us just sat near the bonfire and sipped on some beer with snacks. The rooms need a special mention as every cottage is unique and done tastefully. They are super spacious and have a nice huge sit out. Just loved being there for 3 days and we truly wished we could spend more time as time flew like a snap.

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Bamboo Banks Farm is ranked #2 among the 101 hotels in Mudumalai (Masinagudi) with an average rating of 6.3 out of 7. It is one of the 7, 3-star Farm Houses in Mudumalai (Masinagudi). On HolidayIQ, it has a total of 76 photos and 159 text reviews and is rated top for its Service, Location and Front Office. It was also named winner of the Better Holiday Awards in 2017 under Great Location.

The online booking price of the hotel ranges between Rs 3,200 to Rs 4,200 per night. The hotel offer 30 rooms to check availability or to avail complimentary breakfast, we recommend contacting the hotel to check if the final tariff includes it.

The ambience and the location of the hotel makes it a suitable option for variety of travellers. Family (61%) and Group (27%) are the most common type of travellers that like to stay here. 66% of guests enjoy the hotel's relaxed environment, whereas 25% have rated the ambience as scenic nature.

Although the hotel is a suitable stay option throughout the year for travellers, book your accommodation in the months of July, Aug and Sept for the best experience.

Bamboo Banks Farm is located at Masinagudi .

The hotel ensures you are well taken care of during your stay. It has a lovely outdoor swimming pool where you can take a quick dip or just relax your muscles after a long day of sightseeing.

Other amenities include Laundry Services, Doctor On Call and Travel Assistance. For checkin and checkout time, we suggest contacting the hotel.

If you are in need for airport transfers or require a car for sightseeing around the city or you have to do an early check-in, then we recommend contacting the hotel directly and requesting for these additional services. All of the available amenities ensure your stay is enjoyable and free from any hassles.

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