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Barabanki is mostly preferred by travellers. The go to destination for types of travellers, be it family, kids and couples, Barabanki is, however, mostly preferred. The best season or months to visit places in Barabanki are February, October, November, December. There are 10 tourist places in Barabanki, which can be explored by travellers. Local attractions can be visited at any time of the day, be it early morning, afternoon, evening or night, as suitable for travellers. Sightseeing in Barabanki can be done by travellers, which will take half a day or one day, but to see all sightseeing places, travellers need to stay in Barabanki for 2 days to 3 days.
Travellers can also download's Barabanki Travel Guide to learn about places to visit in Barabanki, browse through photos & pictures, explore Barabanki using a map, and read sightseeing reviews. Recently reviewed tourist attractions in Barabanki, which are great places to visit, are Parijaat. Barabanki can be visited in summer, monsoon or winter.

Barabanki Tourist Places

  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Parijaat, Barabanki
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According to Botany, Parijaat, is a unisex male tree, which does not produce either seed or fruit and also cannot reproduce a second plant. Such a unique and rare Parijaat tree is found in Kintur of the Barabanki district. The tree produces very few flowers, which are... Read More »
Barabanki Ghantaghar, Barabanki
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Barabanki Ghantaghar or Clock Arch, has a major appeal to the tourists visiting the district of Barabanki. The clock Arch is located in the central part of the town, which also serves as a gateway for common public and conveyances. This crimson hued gateway also features a... Read More »
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  • Type: Religious Place
Siddhaur, Barabanki
Rank 4
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Siddhaur, formerly known as Siddhpura is located 50 km from the district headquarter of Barabanki. The place is primarily known for housing the Siddheshwar Mahadev Temple, where every year a fair is organized in the months of December and January, at the time of Shivratri. A... Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Mahadeva Temple, Barabanki
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This age-old temple of Shiva is located at the village of Mahadeva of the Brabanki district. The deity of Shivling worshiped in this temple is one of the rarest of the 52 Shivlings found on the Shakti Pithas across India. This ancient temple has been mentioned several times in... Read More »
  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Satrikh, Barabanki
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It is believed that Satrikh, originally known as Saptrishi is the site, where the ancestral guru of the Suryavanshi kings, taught the princes. The place is also the ground of reparation of a number of saints. Satrikh was known as headquarter of Sayyed Salar Masood, the brother... Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Dewa, Barabanki
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The town of Dewa, located 42 km from Lucknow and 12 km from Barabanki is a major site of attraction for a number of pilgrims. Dewa is known as the place of birth of Haji Waris, who spread the message of universal love for mankind. A monument has been built at the burial place... Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Badosarai, Barabanki
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Badosarai attracts pilgrims to the shrine of Baba Jagjivan Das, who established the ‘Satnaami’ sect at Kotwa, known as Kotwa Dham. The prime attraction of the place is a pond, where pilgrims take a dip in the months of October and April, when the fair is held at... Read More »
  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Masauli, Barabanki
Rank 9
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Masauli is another sightseeing attraction, famous as the place of birth of Late Shri Rafi Ahmad Kidwai, a politician, freedom fighter and statesman of India. A tomb has been built to commemorate his memory, which is the major point of interest of the tourists. Read More »
  • Type: Historic Place
Bhitauli, Barabanki
Rank 10
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Bhitauli, nestled on the banks of the stream Soti, holds some major historical significance. It is the very site where Raja Guru Bux Singh fought with the British with his army. The site features a fort and some ruins of freedom struggle. Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Kintur, Barabanki
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According to the ancient belief, the term Kintur has been derived from the name Kunti, the mother of the Pandavas. Located around two to 3 miles from the East of Badosarai, the region of Kuntur was formerly known as Kuntapur. The place attracts tourists to offer their prayers... Read More »

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