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Charminar is a famous landmark of Hyderabad. It is considered as a fine example of Cazia style of architecture and is made of granite and lime-mortar. Located towards the heart of the city, Charminar was built in 1591 by Mohammed Quli Qutub Shah.

Charminar has four arches, which in earlier days faced the royal streets. The minarets, which stand on the corners, are about 56 meters high. These minarets have double balcony. There is also a mosque towards the western side of the fort, on the roof.  

There are about 149 steps that lead to the top of Charminar Fort.  Tourists can have a bird's eye view of the bustling city of Hyderabad from here.

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Manoj Kumar

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  • Manoj Kumar
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  • Posted 3 weeks ago
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Thejasvi. Bhat.

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Anil Kedia

  • Tourist
  • Anil Kedia
  • Lives in Jodhpur
  • 2 Reviews
  •  10 readers

"400 years old monument" new review

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted 1 week ago
For a 400 year old monument, it is good and maintained. Climbing the stairs is a bit tricky but fun. The children loved the view from the top. Lots of shopping for wife. And good places to eat Hyderabadi biryani.
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Pranjal Begwani

  • Tourist
  • Pranjal Begwani
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 1 Review
  •  14 readers

"Hyderabad's Icon and A Must Visit" new review

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted 2 weeks ago
Charminar is bang in the middle of a very crowded but a pretty, antiquated Old Hyderabad with bustling bazaars. It stands tall, is visible from quite some distance, is in the middle of a thoroughfare and is most notably an icon of Hyderabad. If you visit this city, you know you must head here.
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David Prakash

  • Tourist
  • David Prakash
  • Lives in Pondicherry
  • 4 Reviews
  •  75 readers

"Grand old monument" new review

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted 3 weeks ago
The old monument is grand and a real attraction is not only the monument but also the sat around it which is buzzing with activity. Excellent for shopping and food specially the hyderabadi biryani :)
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Ram Sri

  • Tourist
  • Ram Sri
  • Lives in Bhongir
  • 2 Reviews
  •  30 readers

"Excellent place to visit" new review

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted 4 weeks ago
Charminar is a great place to visit and it was a memorable moment for me and family also. It's near to makkah masjid also and it's special for ladies because there are lot of bangle shops and it's very colorful city. When I saw charminar, I feel that experience.
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Lionel  H.

  • Tourist
  • Lionel H.
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 11 Reviews
  •  1 helpful vote
  •  2335 readers

"An iconic old charm, not be missed" new review

  • 4.5/7
  • Posted 4 weeks ago
Constructed way back in the 15th+ century the Charminar is one of India's most recognized structures of India located in the heart of the old city of Hyderabad. It is a must visit for anyone visiting Hyderabad. One can climb up to the top of the Charminar using steep narrow steps. Once on top one can have a good bird' eye view of the old city around. However a word of caution the steep climb is not at all recommended for the elderly and obese individuals. Visitors have to pay a nominal entrance fee I, think it is around Rs. 10/- per individual. The place around the Charminar is always buzzing with activity. One can do a lot of shopping at a much cheaper price tag, huge shopping market arena be it jewellery's, clothing, pearls a must buy but only through genuine Govt. Authorized outlets/shops. Bottom line a place worth visiting atleast once.
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Tushar Patoliya

  • Tourist
  • Tushar Patoliya
  • Lives in Ahmedabad
  • 32 photos
  • 32 Reviews
  •  121 helpful votes
  •  11530 readers

"Charminar - religious cum food street"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted 2 months ago
Charminar, as name suggests four pillars and heritage structure, religious importance of the place is that combination of mosque and mandir which connects the two religion.

Food Street is another amazing part, fruits, biryani, dosa almost everything.

Don't forget to try dosa which is located on the left of Charminar when entered from the main gate.
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Rakesh shukla

  • Tourist
  • Rakesh shukla
  • 3 Reviews
  •  332 readers

"Known as Old City"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted May 25, 2016
Charminar is historical building & is being spoilt due to locality. Perfect Example which shows Unity & Brotherhood in India- mandir & masjid both situated in same structure. Surrounded by Local Market of street food, junks, jewellery, clothes etc. It is Adjustcent to Biggest & Famous Masjid of India/Hyderabad. Road Construction going on in complete area, traffic jam is small thing if you want to visit.

Charminar should be converted into paid Museum or Restaurant or Government Office.
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  • Tourist
  • Saivenkata
  • 1 Review
  •  379 readers

"Nice view from top"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted May 19, 2016
It's been pleasant to see the place. One of the great place we have in the Hyderabad. I like the view from top, nice view of the city. It's been great to see.
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Arnab Ganguly

  • Tourist
  • Arnab Ganguly
  • Lives in Kolkata
  • 8 photos
  • 5 Reviews
  •  18 helpful votes
  •  1414 readers

"Charming Charminar!"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted May 10, 2016
The place is chaotic as well as serene at the same time. There's an unpredictability in this structure. The unpredictability, the unknown which gives you hope. A structure so old, yet it's head held high bringing the city of nizam's together-Hyderabad. "Charminar"-The name itself has "Charm" in it and believe me, the name justifies the charming scenario of the place.

Be it the heart melting lassi or the overwhelming kebabs. It's a foodies paradise and when it comes to women and their love for accessories-it's the right place :)

Often charminar is put to custody for the unmanageable traffic anr improper planning of the place. There had been questions and it will continue to persist. But one has to be there to put those apart and experience the amazing engineering. When engineering meets social customs-magic happens.

An Untold story.
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  • 1 vote

Sandeep Reddy

  • Scout
  • Sandeep Reddy
  • Lives in Hyderabad
  • 7 Reviews
  •  28 helpful votes
  •  9197 readers

"Good to see the Symbol of Hyderabad"

  • 7.0/7
  • Posted May 5, 2016
Good to see Charminar, huge structure, only thing is it is surrounded by moving vehicles all the time. They are trying to renovate this little when we visited. Can go during the day also, but to avoid the traffic and to have a good peaceful view of it from outside, it is good during late nights.
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