Weekend Getaways from Cochin

51 places to visit around Cochin

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  • Pilgrimage (15)
  • Hill (11)
  • Jungle (10)
  • Beach (9)
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About Cochin Weekend Getaways

Weekend Getaways near Cochin

For those living in the city of Cochin for a long time, only recently has the city seen rapid urbanization and the influx of a lot more people in the city. This leads to a little congestion and sometimes work can get really hectic. Since Cochin is located in Kerala, there are plenty of places near Cochin itself that one can visit and plan a long weekend holiday. Cochin’s nearby places or Places to visit near Cochin are aplenty. The ideal place to visit near Cochin for those who love the outdoors is Alleppey, known for its beautiful backwaters; it is one of the best places to visit near Cochin. Wayanad is a great place for a picnic spot near Cochin. Places to see near Cochin provide solace for the busy urban dweller. You can book hotels in Cochin and resorts in Cochin via HolidayIQ  for a luxurious stay!

  1. 50-100 km away:

One of the best spots for weekend getaways near Cochin is Alapuzha or Alleppey. Present just 54 kilometres away from Cochin, it is the best place to go for anyone who has had a stressful week and wants to just unwind. This is because of the beautiful and serene backwaters that are present in the area and for those staying overnight; a stay at a boathouse is a must. The boathouse lazily passes over the backwaters that are surrounded by miles of greenery and coconut trees and is the perfect way for anyone who wants some peace and quiet from the city noise. There are also many home-restaurants that offer some traditional breakfast and food, so do not miss out on them too.

Another great place for getaways near Cochin is Guruvayoor. Present 95 kilometres away from the city, it is a great place to visit if one is an ardent fan of travel and tradition. The world-famous GuruvayoorDevasom is present in the town and is one of the biggest and most visited temples in the state. It is surrounded by some beautiful and lush greenery and sends out some really positive vibes for anyone who wants to spend a calm day away from the city. Guruvayoor is best visited when there is the festival of Onam as the entire temple is decked in beautiful and vibrant colours and there is also an Elephant show to complement the entire festival.

  1. 100-200 Km Away:

Munnar is one of the best and contrasting locations for weekend getaways Cochin can offer you. Present just 130 kilometres away from the city, Munnar is regarded as one of the most beautiful places in South India and places around Cochin owing to the beautiful hills and lakes that are present in the place. This is also a great place to get away from the heat of Cochin as Munnar temperatures rarely go above 25 degrees. This cold climate, coupled with some stunning views of the Western Ghats along with some good food is the best way that one can spend a weekend trip from Cochin.

Another place for Cochin weekend getaways is Thekkady. The place is famous for the tiger reserve that is present as well as the beautiful natural scenery that surrounds the place. There are a few lakes in and around the city and they are covered by some long and green trees that provide the perfect place for a trekking trip. For anyone who is looking to trek or hike, or even spends a weekend with nature away from Cochin, Thekkady reserve is the best place for one to do so. Present at a distance of just 163 kilometres away from the city, there are also other activities such as Kathakali dances and traditional performances to whet the appetite of any art and leisure lover.

  1. 200-300 Km away:

Sticking with the theme of naturally beautiful places in Kerala that are great for weekend getaways in Cochin, Wayanad is one of those places that pop up for anyone who wishes to spend some quality time with the lush greenery present in the state. Present 260 kilometres away from Cochin, Wayanad is the best place to visit during a long weekend. With winding and endless rows of tea and coffee plantations to go along with the amazing hills and trees. Do not forget to savour some of the local food as well as coffee and tea.

Varkala is one of the most beautiful places to visit around Cochin for those looking to mix it up with one of the most beautiful beaches in South India. It is the best place in fact, for weekend getaways from Cochin owing to the great drive down and almost breath-taking view of the Arabian Sea. One of the most striking features about Varkala is that it has one of the biggest cliffs in the South of India that overlooks the beach below. Also present are a lot of foreigners who love the place and have set up base in the town. There are many activities such as playing beach sports as well as sitting around and chilling with close friends as well as making new ones at Varkala. It is about 162 kilometres from the city.

  1. >300 Km Away:

If you have the luxury of spending an extremely long weekend and are looking for hilly terrain to trek outside of Kerala, Coorg is the perfect place for you to unwind and relax amidst some of the best tea and coffee plantations in the country. Cochin weekend getaways are far too many, but a slightly different one is something that you will remember for a very long time. Present in the state of Karnataka, Coorg is 329 kilometres away and will leave you wanting for more.

Another place to visit over a very long weekend away from Cochin is Kanyakumari, which is about 301 kilometres away from the city. It is home to some of the most historic temples in the city and can be accessed easily car owing to its proximity from the city. Kanyakumari also has some excellent beaches and the Tamil Nadu seafood is something that cannot be missed while on a trip to Kanyakumari.

The people of Cochin, however, do have beaches where they can go and unwind. However, if you live in the city and are looking for a nice weekend getaway just so that you can come back feeling refreshed and energized, there are many places around the city that you can visit and enjoy with family and friends.