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GRT Nature Trails, Yercaud

20th hair pin bend,Salem-Yercaud main road, Yercaud, Tamil Nadu 636602

Ranked 2 amongst 105 hotels in Yercaud

5.8/7 508 Reviews
GRT Nature Trails,Yercaud
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GRT Nature Trails Reviews (508)

2 Reviews | 1 Reader

"Complimentary breakfast was provided"

Posted 8 months ago

The games were arranged by the hotel. The complimentary breakfast was provided by the hotel. I would recommend this hotel for upcoming travellers. The variety of food was not provided by the hotel. I had booked this room by online.

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Alappuzha (Alleppey)
4 Reviews | 45 Readers

"Hotel location was beautiful"

Posted 10 months ago

The overall hotel was excellent. It was the best hotel in this place. All amenities were provided in the room. The hotel location was beautiful. Ambiance of the hotel was wonderful. I would recommend this hotel to upcoming travellers. The behaviour of receptionist was good. I had visited this hotel with my family.

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1 Review | 30 Readers

"Hotel Review"

Posted 10 months ago

I had visited this hotel with my family. The hotel was so expensive. The food was nice. The food service was good in this hotel. The behaviour of the staff’s was good in this hotel.

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2 Reviews | 35 Readers

"Hotel Review"

Posted 10 months ago

I didn’t face any problem in the hotel. The swimming pool was available in the hotel. The best part of the hotel was everything. The vegetarian and non-vegetarian food was arranged in the hotel. I don’t have any suggestion for this hotel. Everything was good. All the amenities were provided in the room. The Wi-Fi was provided in the room. I would recommend this hotel to upcoming travellers. I had visited this hotel with my family.

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2 Reviews | 6177 Readers

"A nature trail indeed "

Posted 12 months ago

This resort has made good justice to its name!! Right from the reception to its restaurant on the top floor, you can see how beautifully they have maintained the flora surrounding it. Very well maintained room. Ours was facing the valley, great open terrace from where you can see Salem city glittering with golden lights when dark. Location of the resort is excellent, can be easily located. Calm and quiet. The swimming pool and game rooms are well maintained and pretty occupied. Food is good but overly priced. Friendly and helpful staff. Star attraction is the skywalk and the view it provides - simply breathtaking!!

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Top Reviews of GRT Nature Trails

1 Review | 874 Readers

"i feel u can do something to improve cell phone si..."

Posted 4 years ago

i feel u can do something to improve cell phone signals.i was obsessed with that issue for sometime as there was no connectivity inside our room.good ambience,excellent location,food i felt was over priced though.the room was neat and the private deck with the valley view was too good at our penthouse.courteous staff ,good housekeeping...we really enjoyed staying with u.

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7 Reviews | 18009 Readers

"GRT Nature Trails Sky Roca is a fantastic place to..."

Posted 8 years ago

GRT Nature Trails Sky Roca is a fantastic place to holiday in Yercaud. We decided to choose Sky Roca, after reading the reviews on HolidayIQ. We stayed at Sky Roca on 3rd and 4th of May 2009. The room booking was done onlineand there were no hassles either during the booking process or during the check in. The ambience of the hotel is great and the icing on the cake is the view. The hotel is built on a ledge and every room has a balcony where you can get a great view of the hills, vallers and the ghat roads below. At night, you can see the lights in the city of Salem below. Overall, we had a great experience at the hotel. The valley view rooms are priced ar Rs.2500, but an additional Rs.1000 is charged as peak season premium. However, we got a complimentary pick up from Salem railway station to Yercaud. And the tariff includes complimentary breakfast.

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2 Reviews | 1699 Readers

"I booked Panorama view room at GRT online, and tra..."

Posted 6 years ago

I booked Panorama view room at GRT online, and travelled from Bangalore early morning Saturday, Reached Yercaud at 11:30, through 5.5 hours drive(relaxed). Road is excellent and recommend others who want to drive to fill fuel in TN as its cheaper there, I had filled tank in Bangalore..:(. As I drove up Yercaud and eager to reach resort, entered to a first gate of Hotel and it was a entrance for Restaurant only, Returned to road and entered next Gate with steep down road( nice view). We were well received and as pleasant surprise I was offered Upgrade to Pool View room for unknown reasons, I had read a review in Holidayiq from other user that some rooms get drainage stink, and I was worried, if Upgrade is due to this reason, However I did not experience any stink. Room was spacious with pool view, Also had a large Balcony with Table and chairs for two. Excellent place to relax. Walk to Room is through Metal staircase which passes through a small Wooden bridge with toughened glass floor also very close to well build small water fall and fishes in tank built attached to falls, My son was excited to see fishes and go in pool. This room also has a bigger bath with A large glass window, giving view of Bed. ( I didn't understand purpose of it, However liked it as its different. Room did not have A/C, we did not feel need of it in peak summer. Had nice Stone wall around well designed furnishing. We relaxed in room for few minutes and then went to (unguarded)Swimming Pool. It is located in heavenly location with greenery and at the edge of a valley giving excellent view. One of the best experience at resort. Spent close to an hour and then moved back to room. Hotel staff was waiting outside room, who said Satellite TV is being repaired and Hotel staff was monitoring the repair staff. After then repaired Satellite Dish, We got fresh. I felt Food at resort is every expensive, Hence opted to drive to Yercaud and see other food options, luckily we found a signboard showing path to Saravanabhavan ( Fast food). Got in their and had light lunch ( Although food was good, place was crowded and no service, so may not be liked by many). Then we went uphill to see few places, Places in Yercaud are not that impressive, Place was too crowded and not kept clean. While returning from TOP hill back to town, we saw a Laxmi temple, and this was great place. I recommend everyone to stop by and visit. We tried to go for boating and that was a bad idea, as crowd in boating location was too big and did not want to spend timing waiting there, We returned to resort. Resort has quite nice activities for kids. Son enjoyed the Magic show they had arranged and, played with other kids who were there. After the magic show, We went to Primary attraction at resort- SKY WALK- and Huge Terrance attached to it. This was another best experience at resort, as this Terrace provide view of Salem city lit at night and they have nice seating arrangement to enjoy view. Overall experience of the resort was excellent though Place it was average due to large crowd in every place ( Summer holiday Rush I guess). Breakfast at resort was complementary and it was nice buffet with decent spread. South Indian/ Paranthas and Continental spread. For night dinner, we opted for room service and ordered simple food, but Time taken to serve food was high, Had to remind multiple time to get some part of dinner immediately as son was getting cranky.

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3 Reviews | 9177 Readers

"The SKY ROCA. The resort is relatively new; it..."

Posted 9 years ago

The SKY ROCA. The resort is relatively new; it opened only around December 2007. It is tastefully done with almost every thing one need and more on a holiday. The rooms are very spacious and every room has a view of the Salem city below. The resort has 23 rooms but around 45000sqft of built up area, which means there is a lot of open spaces. The deck just out side the restaurant gives an amazing view at night and the SKY WALK was very famous with us as well children. The promoter of this resort is Mr. V. Sekar; a very famous coffee planter in Yercaud has built this place with a lot of effort. Taking minute details into consideration so has to keep the guests happy all the time. The staff is so well trained, polite and always smiling. They are ready to attend to u at any point of the day or night. We visited the place for our 5 th wedding anniversary celebration, and I just inquired if I could get a black forest cake, to be delivered at 12 am sharp to my room with 5 candles… I wanted to surprise my husband…but was not sure if I’d get a cake in Yercaud with the following specifications………which were too demanding…………….………. Can u believe the manager made a quick phone call and agreed for the cake to be delivered as required. There are three boys at the front office………..Mr. Sridhar, Mr Vijay, and Mr. Dhanraj (who I remember ordered the cake)………………… they work in shifts for day and night. They coordinated among themselves…they ordered the cake, arranged for the candles and it was there in my room at 12 am. And all this was done in utter secrecy…… My husband was surprised to see the cake. ……And I was happy to see him so surprised………the front office people and the staff made our anniversary celebration possible and in a very pleasing way…we both would like to thank them and the staff who were so kind and polite ……..(to my demanding wishes) The restaurant here is the best in Yercaud…with good food which looks like is specially prepared for u, unlike in shevoroys… we had our lunch there on the first day…after driving for 6 long hours……… tired and hungry……….. We had to wait there for almost 30 min for some one to take the order… and when the food arrived………….we were just trying somehow to eat it…shevroys boast of a catering college… but the food was not good enough………they need to improve………… One more thing about this restaurant………UNCLE SAM’S ……………….at the SKY ROCA………… even if you are hungry at night say 1 am……… they are ready to serve you something for your MIDNIGHT FEAST………with a smile………..Sounds lovely and too good to be true………………some more to come………….. Now listen……!!!!!!!!!!!! And when we were ready to check out… I inquired how much I had to pay for the cake and the extra service that they provided………..a voice interrupted…………..and inquired about the occasion…………….. For the cake…………. We casually replied that it was our anniversary………he just asked the manager to put the cake charges in the office account and refused to accept the money for the cake……………..we were surprised……… and actually didn’t know what to do or say…………………there was a man who barely knew us…………….he didn’t have to do any such favors for us (his staff had done enough)………….its his kindness, sensitivity and a BIG HEART which completely won our hearts…………this person was Mr. Sekar…………we d like to thank him again for the lovely stay we had…………….!!!!!!!!!! The atmosphere and the vibes one gets in this resort are so pure and pristine…you are always calm and can enjoy and absorb the beauty of the mountains because u don’t have to tax your mind with other problems like……Where would we go to eat………Would we get food at this hour….Would they return the laundry in time…….. The staff the back office people and the restaurant takes care of all this………..with an eagerness that doesn’t look like it is forced on them………. They do it because they want you to be happy……… and they succeed in this………………… it is the brainchild of the promoter Mr. Sekar………….who has taken pains to set such standards……….. I have written lots and actually have no complains……….but to sum it up………..and excellent place…to stay ……….the rates are not very steep………. For the kind of rooms u are getting…………. For almost similar rates………….. The other rooms we saw were pathetic……..with insects in room…….stuffy rooms……… and dirty sheets and drapes…… …we had taken another couple(our friends) with their daughter along with us… and……. even they agreed with us completely……………. they enjoyed their stay … and our anniversary thoroughly…. SKY ROCA has nothing close to it for comparison in yercaud……………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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7 Reviews | 17588 Readers

"Good experience"

Posted 5 years ago

Rating explanation: Destination: Yercaud is a beautiful hill station with jungles. There are not many 'formal' tourist attractions and I liked it that way. The quiet hill ambience is attraction enough. Location of Hotel: The location is the prime attraction of the hotel. Since the hotel is built on the slope, there is a fantastic view from the balconies. The pool-side rooms will see more of forest and the rest will see more of the valley. Boking and front-office: Bookings & front office is okay. Not bad, but nothing exceptional either. Service: The Service was a mixed bag. We had to call repeatedly over couple of hours to get our used-plates taken away. The hotel later clarified that we can keep the used plates outside the room. However, when we ordered food or drinks, delivery was prompt. So overall I do not feel very bad about their service. Delivering food to hungry souls is much more important than cleaning up left-overs. The Room : Our room (704, pool view) had a minimalist decor about it. There was minimum possible amount of furniture which I liked. It left a lot of empty floor space which gave a very spacious feel. The wi-fi access was almost absent in the room. I went out to the play area to get access. The web surfing was very slow. I am not sure whether it is the wi-fi connection or my primitive-handheld that needs to be blamed. Mobile connection was completely absent (airtel and vodafone) and I cherished this freedom. Food: Food & drink was okay. The breakfast buffet was nicely spread. I would have liked more of non-veg and continental items but won't make a big issue of it. The same could be said about lunch and dinner items. Activities: My favourite activity was to sit on the balcony and stare at the forest and valley. The prime attraction of the hotel is a terrace garden overlooking the valley. The terrace garden has a big lawn, glass bottomed balconies and delightfully placed benches. One can enjoy the entire evening just watching the changing colours of the sky till sunset. The way Salem city lights up in the evening, is a treat to watch. Hotel has arrangements for more energitic activities too and that is where difference of opinion crops up. There is this hyper-active event of bonfire and dance and music for 2 hours in the evening. People with quite taste may not like it. Eco-maniacs may resent the intense sound pollution of pristine natural ambience.However couple of hours of noise did not seem a big issue to me. The guests, who danced and shouted their way to glory seemed to enjoy like hell. The hotel might consider hosting the party in closed banquet halls so that freedoms of both the parties (freedom to make noise and freedom to enjoy silence) is maintained.

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GRT Nature Trails Overview

GRT Nature Trails is located on Salem - Yercaud Main Road. The hotel is 200 km from Coimbatore International Airport. The nearest railhead is Salem Railway Station, which is 30 km away. GRT Nature Trails provides sightseeing and trekking packages for the guests. The nearby places of importance include Yercaud, Lady?s Seat, Pagoda Point, Kiliyur Fal....
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