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Haji Ali Dargah was constructed in 1431, in the memory of a Muslim merchant, Sayyed Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari. Located on an island close to the sea shore of Worli, this shrine is visited by over 40,000 people on all days, particularly Thursdays and Fridays. Being located in the middle of the sea, the dargah remains closed at the time of high tide.

The structure of this dargah symbolises Indo-Islamic style of architecture. There is a narrow pathway from the Worli bay that connects the shrine with the city. It is just a 500 yard walk for the devotees from the bay to the shrine.

Tourists can reach the place by taking taxis, auto rickshaws or buses to the Worli bay and then walking up to the dargah. The nearest railway station is Worli station; hence, people can also board on trains to reach the site. From the station, any means of public transport can be used to reach the bay, from where the dargah is just 500 yards’ walk away.

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Reviews and Ratings

Archana Venur

Archana Venur3.2/5

4 reviews

Beautiful Darga with amazing walk and peaceful vibes

1. There is a 500 mars walk from main road to Darga - accessible only by walk. The pier is built with stones and the same doesn't want side railing. Can be pretty dangerous if it is crowded. Special attention required for kids. 2. After reaching Darga, there are men collecting footwear - it is pretty safe. Please tip them while collecting footwear back. 3. Men and women have separate entry. 4. You can buy 'chaddar' and flowers either before the pier walk or after that. It is preferred that men and women cover their heads before entering. Religious place and modest dressing is mandatory. No shorts, bare shoulders etc. 5. Last but not the least, outside the Darga, when you exit after the pier there is Haji Ali ice cream centre, which serves amazing ice creams and shakes. Seetapal cream is the fave of Mumbai people ( available only in seasons). I has mango with cream which was outstanding. Bit expensive but fresh juice is welcome after long hot walk.

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Mayur Kashyap

Mayur Kashyap4.3/5

12 reviews


The Haji Ali Mosque or Dargah is one of the oldest landmarks in Mumbai as far as I can remember. You can go there only when the tide is low. During high tide the path gets submerged and it is inaccessible. Before entering just ask anybody around and they will guide you about the tide timmings. Its a nice walk to the Dargah although the road can have portholes due to the sea continuously eroding it. Once you enter the gate there is the marble courtyard with the Dargah. The tomb is covered with green and red coloured chaddar. Go a bit further up and just see the endless sea. Its wonderful. At times you may have beggars who will pester you for a few coins. After the visit you can have a bite at the famous Haji Ali Juice centre.

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1 review

Amazing travelling experience at haji Ali dargah.

First time ever see any dargah in River and it was great wow experience. I really love it and i see hole River i walk in Street and love food. In night there are building at night it's looking amazing view. This was never forget traveling experience how many times if i go Mumbai than i will definitely visit this place.
  • Amazing travelling experience at haji Ali dargah.
  • Amazing travelling experience at haji Ali dargah.
  • Amazing travelling experience at haji Ali dargah.

Irshad alam

Irshad alam5.0/5

1 review

Ziyarat haji ali dargah

I'm traveling to banglore to Mumbai for Ziyarat dargah shareef of Haji Ali mumbai this eid,i really very happy for this holiday in Mumbai,wonderful place for peace of mind
  • Ziyarat haji ali dargah

Razaul Siddiqui

Razaul Siddiqui5.0/5

7 reviews

Peer haji ali baba is one of oldest landmarks

peer haji ali is one of oldest landmarks in Mumbai city it,s bounded by ocean and there is a bridge to reach there according to the experience of my friends this dargah was build in 1431

Deepika vinika

Deepika vinika5.0/5

51 reviews

Beautiful ..

The nearest railway station is Mahalaxmi or Mumbai central (both 2.1 km away from Dargah). Its beautiful as it is situated on the sea shore. Do prayers in Dargah then at the backside going through the rocks we can sit there and see a beautiful view. Must see this great architecture.

Yusuf Ali

Yusuf Ali5.0/5

32 reviews

Haji Ali Dargah

One of the most famous place in Mumbai where more than 1000 pilgrims come from different locations in a day to make their wish which comes true. It's in the middle of the sea which makes it more eye catcher.

Harsh Prasad

Harsh Prasad4.3/5

8 reviews


Situated at the sea Haji Ali Dargah is a very beautiful mosque. The path which goes to mosque is really amazing. Various types of shopes are there in the path. It's a must visit place in Mumbai.

Firoz Khan

Firoz Khan4.6/5

4 reviews

Cool and calm place

Haji Ali dargha is very famous place in Mumbai city. At Haji Ali dargha you can find people from different religion visiting to get blessing. this place is stiuated in Arabian sea you have to walk through a passage to reach Haji Ali dargha. yere you can find cool atmosphere at Haji Ali...nearby railway to visit haji ali is Mumbai central. at rainy season.

Khem raj Kashyap

Khem raj Kashyap3.6/5

11 reviews

Haji All Dargah: Great View of Sea

However, the generosity of the worshippers is what draws the poor and infirm to this important religious site..Avoid this Place during high tide. The sea can wash over the causeway and there is a sewerage outfall off-shore.Trust needs to Take care of beautification ... Its lacking in all aspects.Only good thing about this Mosque : Faith of this place & Secondly Beautifully located inside sea with Pathway.Even Police Security is not good enough as compare other public sites of MumbaiHow To reach ; Nearest Mumbai Local Station is Mahalakshmi .2 Km Ride from There taxi will cost you < INR 30 or from Siddivinyank Temple its 6-7 KM taxi will cost you INR 90 Also Very near from Mumbai Central Railways Station.

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