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Hazaribagh National Park, Hazaribagh
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Sanctuary
The Hazaribagh National Park is located at a distance of 19 km on the NH no- 33 from Hazaribagh town. This is one of the most renowned Wildlife Sanctuaries in India, standing on a stretch of 184 sq. km amidst meadows and dense tropical forests. The sanctuary has a long road about 111 km that... Read More »
Rajrappa, Hazaribagh
Rank 2
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Religious Place
Rajrappa is an important pilgrimage site of the Hazaribagh District and is situated at the confluence of rivers Damodar and Bhera. This place has a famous temple dedicated to Goddess Chhinnamastka and has idols of Maa Kali, Lord Hanuman and Ashtdhari. During the occasion of Makar Sankranti a... Read More »
Suraj Kund, Hazaribagh
Rank 3
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
Suraj Kund is a major tourist attraction given its unique distinction  of being the 'hottest' hot water spring in India. The spring's waters which have curative properties are always at a temperature of 87 degrees celsius.There are other hot water springs nearby called Ram Kund, Sita... Read More »
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Konar Dam, Hazaribagh
Rank 4
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Dam
Konar Dam is located at Banaso at a distance of 50 km from Hazaribagh on the Vishnugarh – Bokaro Main Road. To reach here, tourists have to take the NH 100 from the main town of Hazaribagh to stop at Vishnugarh, which is around 35 km from the town. From Vishnugarh, a right and then a drive... Read More »
Tilaiya Dam, Hazaribagh
Rank 5
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Dam
The Tilaiya Dam is a project of the DVC that is located on the borders of the districts of Koderma and Hazaribagh. The dam is actually located in Koderma, but the views and landscapes around the reservoir are enjoyed from Hazaribagh. Tilaiya Dam is as a major producer of... Read More »
Canary Hill, Hazaribagh
Rank 6
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Hill
After the lake, the most popular landmark in the town of Hazaribagh is the Canary Hill. This hill is situated in the middle of dense forest and has a tiny lake at its base. To explore this hill, one should either climb the steps to the top or take a car and drive up to a rest house at the top of... Read More »
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Hazaribagh Lake, Hazaribagh
Rank 7
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Lake
The most distinguished landmark of the town of Hazaribagh is the Hazaribagh Lake. This area is most prominent which houses the bungalows of various civil servants, ranging from the commissioner to the judges of the district. The lake is surrounded by AIR station or Urban Haat on the... Read More »
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Silwar, Hazaribagh
Rank 8
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Village
The Silwar village is located on the NH 100 around 8 km from Hazaribagh town. There is an old Temple of Jagannath, a firing range and Hazaribagh Dental College in Silwar. There is a point in Silwar from where tourists can view Equinoxes from March 20 or 21 and September 22 or 23. To... Read More »
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Bhadrakali Temple, Hazaribagh
Rank 9
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Place of Worship
The Bhadrakali Temple is located about 60 km from the district headquarters. This temple is about 400 years old and houses the statue of Bhadrakali. It is located at the confluence of River Mahane and River Vaksha. Read More »
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Narsigsthan Temple, Hazaribagh
Rank 10
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Place of Worship
The Narsigsthan Temple is dedicated to Narsingh, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The temple is located about 6 km away from Hazaribagh, in the village of Khapriama. There is an idol of Lord Vishnu and a Shivalingam. Located near the Narsigsthan Temple are a few more temples that are... Read More »
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Barso Pani, Hazaribagh
Rank 11
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Cave
Barso Pani is located at a distance of around 47 km, at the Jhikjhor Basti located on the Barkagaon- Hindegir Road. The district headquarters is around 50 km and 17 km from Barkagaon block from Barso Pani that remains hidden inside the forest. This place is popular for the semi-formed... Read More »
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Urban Haat, Hazaribagh
Rank 12
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Market
The Urban Haat is located on the NH 33, at about 3 km from the town of Hazaribagh. This Haat has been the result of the efforts of the Jharkhand Government, which displays and sells works created by the native artisans of Hazaribagh and areas of Jharkhand. Two large shops of handicraft from... Read More »
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Salparni, Hazaribagh
Rank 13
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Heritage Site
Salparni, the literal meaning of which stands for “leaves of Sal Tree” is an extended wing of the Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary. This is actually a huge jungle of Sal trees, which is situated on the Ranchi - Patna Road at a distance of 15 km from Hazaribagh. Reaching Saplarni... Read More »
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Megaliths of Hazaribagh, Hazaribagh
Rank 14
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Heritage Site
At Pankuri Barwadih are the megaliths or huge stone observatory used for astronomical purposes. There is a group of megaliths found close to Barkagaon that is about 25 km from the headquarters of the district. The megaliths are arranged in such a manner that two of the most distinguished... Read More »
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Painted Houses of Hazaribagh, Hazaribagh
Rank 15
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Craft
The two art forms practised in Hazaribagh are the Sohraj and Khovar, which cannot be easily spotted in the main town, but can be seen in certain villages like Bhelwara which is is located just before Vishnugarh on NH no-100. Also in villages of Barkagaon where they still practise these art forms.... Read More »
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Sanskriti Museum and Art Gallery, Hazaribagh
Rank 16
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Museum
Sanskrit Museum and Art Gallery is located in Dipugarh, which is a part of the main town only. This museum focuses on displaying and highlighting art forms traditionally recognised in the various districts of Jharkhand. There are various paintings of Kohvar and Sohraj exhibiting... Read More »
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Isco Rock Art, Hazaribagh
Rank 17
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Historic Place
The Isco village is located within the Panchayat of Napo, at a distance of about 45 km from the town of Hazaribagh and 15 km from the block of Barkagaon. This village is renowned for Cave and Rock Paintings of Isco dating back to 10,000 BC to 4,000 BC. This site is very popular for its depiction... Read More »
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Kandaver Temple, Hazaribagh
Rank 18
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Places to Visit in Hazaribagh
  • Type: Place of Worship
Kandaver Temple is located adjacent to Barkagaon – Keredari Road that is presided by Goddess Siddhidatri or Ashtabhuji Durga. This temple is situated in a forest cover and is placed in remote location, making the place quite silent. The idol of this temple is believed to have appeared on... Read More »
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