Hemadpanthi Temple-Mosque, Aurangabad

Hemadpanthi Temple-Mosque

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About Hemadpanthi Temple-Mosque (Religious Place)

The Hemadpanthi Temple Mosque is located in Daulatabad. It is one of the unique religious destinations as the site is used both as a temple and as a mosque.
Both tourists as well as devotees can visit the place to have a firsthand experience of this extraordinary destination. The temple architecture is a prime example of the talent of the artisans of the past.
Hemandpathi Temple- Mosque was originally a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Below the main gate of Kalakot wall, the windowless stone structure has a barrack like appearance, like a mosque.
The temple mosque is open to all and hence people from all walks of life, irrespective of their religion and belief can come and worship here.
Tourists can reach Daulatabad from Aurangabad by local means of transport. The best time to visit the place is during winter. Summers are hot and humid here and hence best avoided.
Chini Mahal, also known as poor man's Taj Mahal, a Jain temple, Jama Masjid, Aurangabad Caves, Sunheri Mahal, Purwar Museum and Daulathabada Fort are some of the other important tourist attractions located close by, and which are worth a visit.

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