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Himmatnagar is mostly preferred by travellers. The go to destination for types of travellers, be it family, kids and couples, Himmatnagar is, however, mostly preferred. The best season or months to visit places in Himmatnagar are February, October, November, December. There are 6 tourist places in Himmatnagar, which can be explored by travellers. Local attractions can be visited at any time of the day, be it early morning, afternoon, evening or night, as suitable for travellers. Sightseeing in Himmatnagar can be done by travellers, which will take half a day or one day, but to see all sightseeing places, travellers need to stay in Himmatnagar for 2 days to 3 days.
Travellers can also download's Himmatnagar Travel Guide to learn about places to visit in Himmatnagar, browse through photos & pictures, explore Himmatnagar using a map, and read sightseeing reviews. Recently reviewed tourist attractions in Himmatnagar, which are great places to visit, are Kankariya Lake. Himmatnagar can be visited in summer, monsoon or winter.

Himmatnagar Tourist Places

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Kankariya Lake, Himmatnagar
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Places to Visit in 9 Himmatnagar
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Kankariya Lake, built by Sultan Qutb-ud-Din in 1451, is the biggest lake in Ahmedabad. Earlier, the lake was known as Qutub Hojj and Hauj-e-Kutub. This lake has an island garden in the centre, with a summer palace called Nagina Wadi.  The Kankariya Lake is a famous... Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Vaktapur Teerth, Himmatnagar
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Places to Visit in 9 Himmatnagar
Vaktapur Teerth is among the famous pilgrimage sites of the destination and is situated on the Himmatnagar-Idar Highway, near the Vaktapur Village. This teerth is surrounded by a beautiful mango orchard. It has idols of Bhagwan Chintamani Parshwanath, Nakoda Bhairavji and Shri... Read More »
  • Type: Museum
Calico Museum, Himmatnagar
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Places to Visit in 9 Himmatnagar
The Calico Museum, established by Gira Sarabhai in 1949, is one of the most popular and finest textile museums in the country. The museum exhibits a wide collection of woven fabrics. Some of the fabrics displayed in the museum date back to the 17th century. Apart from fine... Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Gurumandir of Mandevsuri, Himmatnagar
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Places to Visit in 9 Himmatnagar
Gurumandir of Mandevsuri is among the well known tourist attractions of the region and is recognised for being the place of composition of the Jain stotra of Laghu Shanti. A small temple with a statue of Padmavatidevi, is situated nearby. Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Shri Mehsana Teerth, Himmatnagar
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Places to Visit in 9 Himmatnagar
Shri Mehsana Teerth is an ancient temple, constructed in the 15th century. Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Hathee Singh Temple, Himmatnagar
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Places to Visit in 9 Himmatnagar
Hathee Singh Temple, constructed in 1850 A.D., is famous for its beautiful architecture. The temple has been named after Seth Hathee Singh, who was a Jain trader. It is dedicated to the 15th Jain Trithanakara, Dharmnath. The temple is a double storeyed building, having a... Read More »

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