Hotel Aaditya, Rewa

Hotel Aaditya, Rewa

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1 9 Ratings & 5 Reviews
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  • Destination 5.5/7
  • Location 5.7/7
  • Appearance 5.6/7
  • Front Office 5.9/7
  • Service 6/7
  • Room 5.8/7
  • Food & Drink 5.4/7
  • Activities 5.2/7

5 traveller reviews for Hotel Aaditya

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Nishant Singh
  • Nishant Singh
  • Lives in New Delhi
  • 1 photo
  • 4 Reviews
  • 5.8/7
  •  Posted 5 days ago
I am stayed in this hotel for 7 days. From 20th March to 27th March in 2015. I like the service provided by them. They provided free WiFi, television and also very nice breakfast. They charged very less and some times they also give discount. They charged me Rs. 3000 only. I love the hotel because of it's facility.
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Mohit Shukla
  • Mohit Shukla
  • Lives in Rewa
  • 2 Reviews
  • 4.9/7
  •  Posted 3 months ago
Good residential facility with good food and makes you feel comfortable. There is peace which can make you happy and your mind will be happy. With good accommodation facility, amazing to travel in Rewa. It was very awesome journey. We enjoyed a lot. There is too much fun. Hotel accommodation is good. Roads are good and journey was good.
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Poornima Rajput
  • Poornima Rajput
  • Lives in Indore
  • 2 Reviews
  • 6.2/7
  •  Posted Sep 10, 2014
I stayed at this hotel for 7 days, from August 7 to August 13 in 2014. I liked the service provided. The amenities provided are quite classy. Recommended for a good stay, in Rewa.
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Ravi Singh
  • Ravi Singh
  • 2 Reviews
  • 6.1/7
  •  Posted Sep 4, 2014
I stayed in this hotel for three days. I didn’t expect this type for hotel in Rewa city. Since my purpose is to visit Rewa waterfalls, so i will stay here. When i enter watchman give smile and said "welcome”, sir. They will charge 500 per day only. And provide all facility like a star hotel. My suggestion to you that if you visit Rewa then always stay in that hotel.
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Babu Prasad
  • Babu Prasad
  • 1 Review
  • 5.3/7
  •  Posted Mar 29, 2013
It is O.K The management is keen to run the hotel well.

Best Experience: The reception received us well and provided the room immediately as we were very much tired.

Worst Experience: nothing
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