Kollam (Quilon) To Velankanni

(Velankanni To Kollam (Quilon))

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Total distance 505 km
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Sandeep thomas
  • Sandeep thomas
  • 4 Reviews
7/7 Posted 5 months ago
Mode of Transport:Car
It was the best travelling experience. The overall road trip was fantastic. Roads were good. It was bad one for the too hot climate. Otherwise beautiful travel. Loved it. I went with my wife and it was a great experience.. Looking forward to travelling the same route with our whole family soon.
This route has:
  • Petrol pumps
  • Accomodation
  • Food/Dhabas
  • Clear Signages
Car Type:
  • Sedan
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Road/Route Map For Kollam (Quilon) To Velankanni

Driving directions from Kollam (Quilon) to Velankanni
  • Bus
    • Total distance:409 km
  • Taxi
    • Total distance:409 km
  • Flights
    • Total distance:409 km
    • Nearest Airport:Tiruchirapalli
  • Trains
    • Total distance:409 km
  • Hotels
    • Hotels: 24 Guest Houses |
    • Hotel reviews: 1025
    • Awards: 7 of 45 hotels won Best of 2012 award
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