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Posted 3 months ago Aug 11, 2015
Mode of Transport:Train
As there is no direct train to Rameswaram, Pick Parasuram Express (Train No. 16649) from Trivandrum, and get 22622/Kanyakumari - Rameswaram SF Express from there. Since the journey is during night, sightseeing is Zero. Just sleep well in the train. Pick auto rickshaw to the temple, which is roughly 2 km. They may charge Rs. 70. Bus charges only minimum amount. Start on Friday and return on Sunday. Kanyakumari may also be clubbed along with this trip.
Train name (Train no): Cape Rmm Express (22622)
Tickets booked:
  • 7 days prior
This train has:
  • On-time
Boarding Station: Trivandrum Central
This station has
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  • Medical facility
  • Prepaid auto/taxi
Last Station: Rameswaram
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Neha Chohan

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Neha Chohan
Posted Jun 7, 2015 Jun 7, 2015
Mode of Transport:Car
Often the best laid plans are the impromptu ones. So on the eve of a long weekend, five of my friends made an instant decision to drive down from Trivandrum to Rameshwaram for an overnight trip. Rameshwaram is well-known all over the country for the famous temple, but we discovered soon enough that it's one of the best places to take a road trip as well.

The route we decided to take was Trivandrum-Nagercoil-Tirunelveli-Tuticorin-Rameshwaram, covering about 372 kms with google maps as our only guide. Our group consisted of few seasoned drivers, an amateur driver, a person who claimed to know driving from video games experience, and finally a person who has promised to learn driving real soon! All in all, a great gang; all of whom are road trip fans. We started at 5 am from Trivandrum with the intention of reaching Rameswaram for a late lunch.The first leg of the journey from Trivandrum to Nagercoil was least comfortable with a single lane highway, unexpected traffic at that early hour, and no sunlight. However, start-of-trip enthusiasm, excess caffeine and the bumpy roads kept us awake and going. We crossed Nagercoil by 7.00 am which, by all means, was a decent start.
After a few kilometers past Nagercoil, we joined the NH 7, which is a smooth and wide 4 lane highway. Here, driving was effortless, or as my friend put it, a brick on the accelerator and a steady steering wheel will do. Here we did the usual road trip shenanigans- blasting the carefully chosen ludicrous collection of songs, singing at top of our voices, useless bantering, waving to anyone who would wave back at us, and of course, enjoying the changing scenery around. So busy we were waving at an amused kid in another car, that we missed the exit from Tirunelveli to Tuticorin via NH 7A. Then we had to turn back and take the next closest exit that google maps showed us to meet the East Coast Road. As it turned out, it was hardly a road; it passed through several small villages, wasn't tarred in someplace, was narrow, potholed and the locals had covered some patches of the road with maize for threshing. We had no choice but to run the car over the maize, irking several people on the way. However, we did see a beautiful lake just adjacent to the road and stopped to enjoy it for some time. After what seemed like an eternity, we joined the East Coast Road for the last leg of the journey.

By around 12.30 pm we reached the most anticipated part of the drive the Pamban bridge, the second longest sea bridge in the country connecting the island of Rameshwaram to Indian mainland. When we reached the start of the bridge, the view of the sea on both sides of the bridge was beyond imagination. It was a multiple shade of brilliant, splendid blue green, a color we thought existed only in edited photographs. We couldn't stop staring at it. No photograph that we took could do justice to the sight before us.

We reached Rameshwaram by around 1.30, checked into a hotel and then went out for lunch. We spent the evening visiting random stretches of uninhabited beaches, roads with lakes on both sides and finally the temple in the night. In the temple, different stories in Ramayana were painted on the walls and the significance of the temple was explained. After the temple visit, we came back to the room to rest for the night and replenish energy for the main part of our trip which was planned for the next day.

The main attraction for us there was Dhanushkodi, the furthest settlement on the island. It is situated at the southernmost tip of Rameswaram. Washed away in 1964 cyclone,it is almost a ghost village now with a very small living population. Being just 20-30 km away from Sri Lanka, it is said that one can see the lights from the Sri Lankan mainland from here. No wonder the place is believed to be the location of legendary Ram Setu. Reaching Dhanushkodi tip is possible only by a 4x4 drive as we literally have to tread through sand, water and waves. With that intention, we booked a jeep to take us there starting from the hotel at 4.30 am. The experience of standing in the jeep and driving over the sea water was amazing. We reached at a time when the village was just waking up. There was a well on the beach with sweet water, an old run down church, and an abandoned railway station. The tip of the land where it was surrounded by sea on all three sides was still 3-4 km away. The jeep driver refused to drive all the way there. But we had absolutely no intention of coming back without reaching the very end.
So we treated the entire distance through the beach on foot to reach the tip. It was the most beautiful stretch of beach I have ever seen. It felt like it was untouched by humans, not a soul in sight for as far as we could see. The waves with clearest water lapped at our feet and we could see blue and green color for miles and miles on both sides. It truly was a walk to remember. As we neared the tip, we were lucky to see a hovercraft of the Indian Coast Guard move across the sand and finally enter the waters for a patrol. Finally we reached the extreme end. It was one of those moments when nature leaves you speechless and all you can do is stand and experience the surreal beauty of the surroundings. I can't find any word to describe that spot. We all sat there for quite a while mesmerized by the view before us.

The return journey took its toll on us since we hadn't even carried bottled water and the sun was scorching hot overhead. We returned back to Rameshwaram by 11.30 am, had a sumptuous early lunch and started the return journey back to Trivandrum tired, but happy.
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