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    • Entry: Paid
    • Timings - Opening & Closing: Monday - Friday: 10.00 AM - 7.00 PM , Saturday: 10.00 AM - 7.00 PM , Sunday: 10.00 AM - 7.00 PM , Public Holidays: 10.00 AM - 7.00 PM

Innovative Film City is among most popular tourist attractions as it is replete with modern day entertainment and leisure venues. It is located in the city outskirts, about 40 km from Bangalore city, on the way to Mysore. Spread over an area of 58 acres, this exciting place, with innumerable amusement options, was formally opened in the year 2008.

The place is segregated into three segments, namely the Innovative Attractions, Innovative Style and Innovative Studio. Innovative Attractions feature amusement centres, attractions, museums and entertainment options. Innovative Style activities include shopping, dining, leisure and lifestyle. Additionally, the Innovative Studio has an academy, a studio and facilities for film making.

Tourists also get to see replicas of international museums like Tussuad’s Wax Museum and Jurassic Fossil Museum. Other attractions like Dinosaur World and haunted mansions as well as 4-D games and movies are popular with the tourists. Besides, tourists can also head towards go-karting tracks, mini-golf course and aqua kingdom. Innovative Film City also comprises two amphitheatres, with wide-and-large screen.
Admission Fees: $1.12

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Pratik Mohapatra

  • Connoisseur
  • Pratik Mohapatra
  • Lives in Pune
  • 33 photos
  • 25 Reviews
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  •  30935 readers

"Nice theme park to enjoy good family time"

  • 5.0/7
  • Posted Oct 26, 2015
Right from the entry, you're made to feel like you're in for a larger than life day, with the big sculpted walls inviting you in.

There are a lot of things to do, once you get in. There's the bow and arrow, a magic show, the rural themed micro village, you can also learn a bit of pottery, an old theater where Sholay plays most of the times, etc.

What I liked the most were, the Mirror Maze, which really challenges you, the Ripleys Museum, the Wax Museum, and the Dinosaur Park (which needs more maintenance).

Also there's games like Mini Golf, Net Cricket, Water Rides, Rain Dance, Pool, Roller Coaster, and Bull Ride which are pretty much enjoyable.

There is food and toilet facilities available inside and you can take your camera and click as many photos you like inside. A McDonald's is opening and there is also a bar inside so you're going to find a little bit of everything for everybody.

You can easily spend a whole day, maybe 4-5 hours along with lunch. It's perfect for a family outing.
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Anjan Kumar

  • Explorer
  • Anjan Kumar
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 2 photos
  • 8 Reviews
  •  355 readers

"Plenty of games to enjoy and worth the money paid"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Sep 26, 2015
I had gone there with my family and enjoyed a lot. There are plenty of games to play like go Karting, Wave Pool and lot more awesome games with loads of fun. Dashing Car is one of the best I still remember and also its best place for photography. The money is worth payable
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Sumit Nagori

  • Expert
  • Sumit Nagori
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 11 photos
  • 43 Reviews
  •  4 helpful votes
  •  15918 readers

"Full day picnic"

  • 4.0/7
  • Posted Sep 11, 2015
This place is about 35 kms from Bangalore. This place has a lot of attractions where you can spend your whole day. Though there are many attractions I found the place average and nothing great or a place of must visit. Just an average place if you want to spend one more day of yours.
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Pawankalyan Gk

  • Guru
  • Pawankalyan Gk
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 199 Reviews
  •  430 helpful votes
  •  100753 readers

"Place of huge attractions of water games"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Aug 6, 2015
It is located in Bidadi which is about 90 kms from Bangalore. Several types of Government buses and local buses are available from city Bus Stop and Kalasilalyam. Entrance fee is about 100 per person separate fee is available for each game. We can spend at least one day here. Their are several types of water games. I finally advice travellers to go to this point and play several types of water games.
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  • 2 votes

Anu Naik

  • Scout
  • Anu Naik
  • 51 photos
  • 4 Reviews
  •  57 helpful votes
  •  19362 readers

"Recommended for friend and family hangout"

  • 4.5/7
  • Posted Aug 12, 2014
It is located just opposite to Wonder La and is a nice place to visit. This one is recommended for family and friends. Maintenance is very well. Only negative point is, camera is not allowed. I had a good time with my friends.
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  • 12 votes

Mr Parvez

  • Scout
  • Mr Parvez
  • 4 Reviews
  •  17 helpful votes
  •  4291 readers

"Good, but nothing great"

  • 4.0/7
  • Posted May 30, 2014
Well I could say that I did not enjoy there as much as I would have expected. Things aren't exactly the same as its there in their website.
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  • 13 votes

Vineet tripathi

  • Guru
  • Vineet tripathi
  • Cityslicker
  • 61 Reviews
  •  319 helpful votes
  •  58522 readers

"Weird combination of museum and adventure park"

  • 2.5/7
  • Posted May 30, 2014
This place did not fulfill my expectations, even partially. The combination of museum like attractions and adventure activities is a weird mix. Moreover, they have provided very ordinary attractions in both the categories. All-inclusive tickets would be convenient for visitors as it is done in Wonder La but they have different categories of entry ticket like only museum and museum + rides. Even then some of the rides are charged separately which makes a visitor feel cheated. It is also located very far from Bangalore and hence visitors need to spend whole day here if they want to cover it completely.
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  • 11 votes

Anish R

  • Explorer
  • Anish R
  • Flashpacker
  • Lives in Delhi
  • 6 Reviews
  •  36 helpful votes
  •  6598 readers

"Fabulous place to go with family"

  • 6.5/7
  • Posted Mar 14, 2014
Very good place for every age. Nice fun. Entertaining and Neat and clean too. The Scary House, Repley's museum and Jurrassic park stand out. Very good place to spend with kids and family for the entire day.
Only low point is that it almost 50km from the heart of city.
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  • 13 votes

Dr sharath

  • Scout
  • Dr sharath
  • Cityslicker
  • 7 Reviews
  •  15 helpful votes
  •  5896 readers

"Lacks creativity"

  • 3.5/7
  • Posted Dec 28, 2013
Yes this is a disappoint for me after as I had expected more. I could not enjoy the place and it needs lots and lots of innovations to be more creative.
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  • 11 votes

Saranya Devanathan

  • Guru
  • Saranya Devanathan
  • Cityslicker
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 711 photos
  • 247 Reviews
  •  1707 helpful votes
  •  216125 readers

"Mirror maze!"

  • 5.5/7
  • Posted Oct 8, 2013
Mirror maze is the main attraction. So long queues in front of it. Anyway we were entertained when they gave gloves for us to wear. I was teasing one old lady whether she is ready to operate.
Maybe because of the long line, one person comes with us and tells us which way to go so that we come out early. I have not seen similar one so far in any other place. The food court was horribly crowded. Thank God, our group had a separate area at the back so that we could eat in peace.The rides like tora-tora, carousal, even roller coaster were terribly slow for safety sake. It takes away the thrill. One can not complete the whole city. We have to go prepared to enjoy few things. For example, the science show starts in few minutes they said. If i would have attended, i would not had time for other attractions. One 5 years old boy in our group enjoyed the beach. Many Bangaloreans would not have been to a real beach. In one place you are given spade and other instruments to dig and find an archeological structure. Waste of time and energy! In the central hall 6 pairs of dancers keep dancing for our entertainment. It is worth sitting and relaxing there to watch it live. My grand daughter found some American ice cream for Rs.50 in the film city which is not available at Bangalore stores. The film city itself is worth seeing, especially the roads with lane markings, court room, air plane. Huge fans are there. i sat in the cockpit to enjoy some air. Frazier's face was there in the wax museum. Cinderella was made with every small details. Indian mythology was less. But for our grandchildren their familiar faces were there.
The parking is on 2 different places. If you wait in the wrong one, you have to keep on waiting. Enjoy the entrance, when others search for your cab.
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  • 16 votes

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