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Bheemeshwari Adventure & Nature Camp Video Reviews (2)

Ruchika Sharma

5 Reviews

"Nice 1 night getaway from banga..."

Overall Rating
6.0 /7
  • 766

Santosh Rao

89 Reviews | 6585 Readers

"Great view,decent facilities,se..."

Overall Rating
6.1 /7
  • 636

Bheemeshwari Adventure & Nature Camp Reviews (92)

38 Reviews | 3967 Readers

"Beside the river in a tent! "

Posted 5 Oct, 2016

Bheemeshwari is located about 100km south of Bangalore, just beside Cauvery in the midst of a forest. There are 2 locations here. One belonging to the forest dept and one with tourism dept. The tourism dept one is called the Jungle Lodges. The forest dept. One is being used by all private players. The day kick started with 2 rope activities. One was channel / river crossing. Well, there wasn't much water in this channel of Cauvery. Nevertheless, the effort was quite much. There was safety with tie up from waist. Even if the hand loses grip, I wasn't gonna fall down. Gloves were given to protect hands. Legs were in a loop to keep the body horizontal. And we were supposed to pull ourselves with the strength of the hands to the other end of the rope and come back. The complete effort was on the biceps. The length would have been about 25m. The next was to climb a vertical rope. Here the entire effort was on one leg with which the rest of the body was to be pushed upwards. After so much effort, any food would have been fine. But the food provided was pretty good with 2 poori, subzi, rice, dal, raita, veg fried rice, papad, pickle etc. For being in the middle of a forest, that food was totally unexpected. That night was fantastic. We visited the neighbouring Jungle Lodges and managed to sleep for some time on the net bed tied at about 25ft from ground, gazing at the stars, feeling the chillness of the wind, with no pollution at all. Wild boars were a common sight here, but they seem nice. I spotted quite a few grazing by. Later that night, we had opted for tents instead of concrete structures... The tents were meant for 2 to sleep, but then when you're out with friends, who wants to sleep. The tents were great - waterproof and provided with 2 sleeping bags. Chit chatting till post midnight, after we retired for the day, one of our friends, popped his head out of the tent at about 3am only to spot a wild boar next to the tent Here are some tips for this place. Here again the last 20km the road is super pathetic. A jeep would be the best vehicle to drive on this road. Be super careful when eating. Monkeys can come in from nowhere, and take food right out of your plate! If you're staying in tents, better wake up by 6 before the monkeys start jumping on the tents from atop the trees. Take good shoes for trekking. Carry cash - there are no atm-s in the middle of the forest. Cell phones do not pick signal here. If you take alcohol at night and get high, there's every chance that you might fall into Cauvery & drown.

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1 Review | 209 Readers

"Wonderful experience & nice place"

Posted 2 Apr, 2016

Had a wonderful experience. Enjoyed each and every activities. Specially trekking with my best person. Activities over there can be extended. Overall, it was the happiest moments. Bheemeshwari jungle resort, a place where you can have a thrilling experience.

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12 Reviews | 3123 Readers

"Average food "

Posted 13 Dec, 2015

This place is approx 2. 30-3. 00 hours from Bangalore, close to the river. Pretty adventurous considering crocodiles are in close proximity. Did all the adventure activities and it was fun, it wasn't very overwrites like other resorts close to Bangalore so we were able to enjoy without any issue. Food looked very average but the quality and taste turned out amazing. Best to visit with a small group of people.

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19 Reviews | 9770 Readers

"Lots of activities, well-organised facilities"

Posted 10 Dec, 2015

Located about 100+ kms from Bangalore, the Jungle Lodge at Bheemeshwari is a great mix of adventure activities and relaxation. Their Stay Package has a couple of hours of adventure activities (rope walking, zip lining etc) and river activities (coracle ride and kayaking) packed in a two-hour slot. This is followed by an evening of barbecue and a trek the following morning. The staff is very well trained to handle the activities and also very attentive during regular service. Overall, a great place to go for a night stay with the entire family. Kids would love all the fun and adventure for sure.

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3 Reviews | 1029 Readers

"Trucking is arranged at this hotel"

Posted 10 Sep, 2015

I stayed in this hotel for a relaxation purpose with my friends on March 2015. Overall experience was good in this hotel. It was convenient to locate the hotel, but little interior from the main highway. This is a good budget hotel It was an AC cottage. Vegetarian and non- vegetarian food was served, it was good in quality and in taste. Many activities were arranged in this hotel. Trucking was available at this hotel. Boating was arranged. The room allotted to me was made of wood; I had a good lake view.

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1 Review | 1134 Readers

"My stay was comfortable with my family"

Posted 7 Aug, 2015

I went over there with my family in the month February. This hotel was easy to locate and it was close to city. The staff members in the hotel were helpful and they were on time in services. There was no delay in check-in and check-out. The appearance of the hotel was good. The room allotted to me was well with all required amenities in working condition. There was no activities by the hotel management. The stay in the hotel was value for money and I will recommend it to other travellers.

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17 Reviews | 5525 Readers

"Peaceful location and good stay"

Posted 18 May, 2015

Full of time pass. No time to get bored kinda place. Have a lot of fun things to do and if nothing else you could just sit peacefully next to the river to think. A must go if you like doing outdoor stuff. The food is OK but the place makes up for the lack of variety.

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Top Reviews of Bheemeshwari Adventure & Nature Camp

7 Reviews | 21156 Readers

"My Family (hubby, my 2yr old kid and me) reached b..."

Posted 27 Apr, 2011

My Family (hubby, my 2yr old kid and me) reached bheemeshwari at 1.30pm. We were actually stuck in Bangalore traffic and got delayed by 1.5 hours. Roads were better and indications were pretty clear to reach the property. We were welcomed with a drink, a staff member took over the luggage guided us to our Log hut. Location is awesome, Climate was very pleasant. The Log huts are very close to water and there are swings in front of every cottage. My kid is fond of swing and he enjoyed a lot. Golghar is covered with net to avoid monkeys. There was a huge crowd in dining area, Dining is not very spacious but table and chairs are placed outside the dining hall. Lunch was not that great, few items were not that tasty. After a small break we went for coracle ride and the guide was giving good amount of information on River Cauvery. As Wind started blowing more we dropped Kayaking and went for adventurous activities. There are some adventurous activities conducted by Outback Adventures. All activities are completely safe, secured and thrilling as well. We enjoyed “Zip line”, Guides instructed us on managing the safety locks and the belts. I had a feel of flying like a bird in the air. From one tree point I was moved to another tree and came back to the center position and got down on land from 40 feet height. We were more thrilled as it was getting dark. We just relaxed on the net and gazing the Sky. The River flowing sound, bird chirp and wild animals noise was giving us the feeling that we are in mid of jungle. That is a sanctuary area and many wild animals are available in that forest. Barbeque party was good. Both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Snacks were served. This comes with the package. Dinner was good and really better compared to Lunch. People were very less for Dinner. The evening went on very well. I could get milk for my kid and they did not charged anything for that. AC and the geyser were not working. We reported to manager that a worker was pulling a ladder below the elevated cottage and we noticed that some wires were pulled with the ladder. This helped them to rectify the problem fast. Next morning tea was served to the cottage at 6.30am. We chose flat trekking and found some elephant drop in the forest. The trek was not that interesting and we decided to do some adventurous activities in resort itself. As fishing is stopped in Fishing Camp, Parallel walk is added to the package. Parallel walk needs lots of concentration and we need to balance our body on one line of rope. Our hands need to get the support from one more rope which is tied in parallel to the rope which we are walking. Our body cannot be pushed back and balancing needs to be done from shoulders. I wished I could have had two hearts to be bold enough to look down. Once I finished the parallel walk I had two choices- one is to slide down in Zip line and reach back to land in one minute or come back to land through Burma loops rope. Burma loops need very high energy level. In this activity your body needs to be balanced in legs and hands are required to move continuously with your body. I think I used my guts which I had accumulated in my life so far. Take it from me, work pressure and office tension is nothing in front of this. Still, I enjoyed and I would love to do it again. I can say that our stay in Bheemeshwari was memorable only because of these adventurous activities. We rushed for breakfast and few items were good. I have visited few Jungle lodges, the staff and ambience was very good in other resorts. Somehow in Bheemeshwari I feel that staff members needs little more supervision. They need to be accurate and friendlier. Nobody bothered to ask for our feedback during our check-out and no staff turned up to pick our luggage. I recommend this place for Day visit and people who are interested in adventurous activities. 1,650 is really worth for Day Visit. We had stayed there by paying 7,700 for pair and still paid 1000/- for adventurous activity.

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1 Review | 1947 Readers

"hi... it was really hectic working schedule and to..."

Posted 19 Mar, 2010

hi... it was really hectic working schedule and to tire me more (mentaly) my hubby was on bed suffering from a slipped disc. A break was much in need.. i couldnt think of any other destination other than the beautiful river based Bheemeshwari. I had known about the place earlier as i had shot for a movie there and totally had fallen in love with.. And more over i couldnt have taken my husband for a more farther place, cause i tole u he was unable to travel for more than 2 hours sitting with his disc slipped.. And i slipped into his driving seat..Our Romantic ( obviously emotional ) journey headed towards Bheemeshwari.. Oh...What an experience it was.. We started from Bengaluru may b at around 5pm.We have to book earlier in the main office in M.G.Road.. we reached the place by 7.30. Cottages or log huts r really fabulous there.. it gives u an entirely different feeling.. away from the city scenario..had dinner..went to the room with our dreamy eyes opened..stayed awake till mid night chatting.. could see the crocodile pass by just below our ht.. i was scared to death.. But not my better half.. he Said \' i\'m married to one\'... Ah...what a compliment.. as tough and large as one alligator. next day got uo late.. went to the Elephant safari... and in the day light i was looking totally different to my husband.. he was just wondering by seeing ONE ELEPHANT SITTING ON THE OTHER.... it was so much fun..came back had yummy lunch.. we couldn\'t goto safari or river rafting as my hubs had already rafted his bach.. hahaha... i know... poor joke.. and checked out in the evening with tears in my eyes as it was a wonderful experience with my lovely husband..after one and a half months bed rest (seriously not rest rather punishment) i could see him full of smile and life which this beautiful place gifted.. Thanks to Jungle Lodges.

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2 Reviews | 1503 Readers

"Fine restaurant with delicious food, good stay "

Posted 24 Dec, 2014

The stay in the hotel was very contented in location as we didn't find difficulty to reach the place. The staff were very tactful and always quick to respond. The appearance of the hotel from inside and outside was fine. The rooms were neat, clean and very good in maintenance. All the amenities in the room had fine working. I had a river view from the room. The food in the restaurant was very delicious in taste and it was in both veg and non-veg which were served in buffet. The quality of the food was also very fine. There was no delay in check-in and check-out as it prompt. They had organized a sight-seeing. The money was slightly costly but valuable for the hotel and it can also be recommended for other travellers.

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3 Reviews | 5821 Readers

"When i booked for Bheemeshwari, i didnt realise th..."

Posted 31 Jul, 2011

When i booked for Bheemeshwari, i didnt realise the place could be so beautiful.As i stay in north Bangalore, the place is just one and half hour travel. As we reached we were welcomed by monkeys :) and they were ready to carry our bags as well but we didnt let them. We checked in the tents which even has a dressing room & a clean bathroom & was very impressed with the cleanliness of this place.As we had rats running in our stomach;s we immediately got ready to attack our lunch.... Lunch seemed very home made & tasty & had a lot of varieties catering to need of all ages in our group. After half an hour, we got ready for coracle ride & rafting.Yes we did spot a crocodile far away :) then we sat on the sand & built sand castles. It was so calm & serene, i wished i could sit there forever just watching the ripples in the water surrounded by mountains & a clear sky. the evening ambience was splendid with the campfire surrounded by chairs & barbeque I just couldnt keep my hands of the chicken leg pieces.They were grilled just abt right.....yummmmmmmm !!!! next day morning we had an option of going trekkking & we skipped it & instead lazed around on the hammocks.There are a lotta options for the kids & adults to play around like the swing, balancing log, angling etc. The service was good the manager who looks after the lodges, did come & enquired as to how we liked the place etc etc & took care of all our needs If you are trying the Jungle lodges, i do recommend Bheemeshwari for a whole new different experience

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1 Review | 3544 Readers

"Location was excellent, so was the Food and the st..."

Posted 18 Mar, 2006

Location was excellent, so was the Food and the staff to serve. They were very good and cooperative. Proper route map to be given and proper signages to be given. Reached the camp thro Hulgur village and found the roads very bad especially as we were encountering the bends down hill. Thanks to Asif, camp manager, who told us to return thro Mutati- Sathanur road. This road was very good and the view and drive was very excellent.

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