K. Gudi Wilderness Camp, BR Hills

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K. Gudi Wilderness Camp,BR Hills
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Relax and Enjoy the nature

Posted 9 Oct, 2015

It is one of the property by Jungle Lodges and thus it is slightly expensive, however I cannot complain. First, it is situated in a tiger reserve, how cool is that??? Crazy cool !!! Secondly, you have the entire resort to yourself, because no matter what , even if the the entire resort is full, your privacy will never be encroached on. Third,the safari is all fun, though I wasn't lucky to spot any predator, I loved it.It is for 2.30hrs in the morning and 2.30hrs in he evening. Fourth,the food is delicious, this is one of the best factors in staying in jungle lodges apart from there amazing location and safari. Fifth, the staff do a superb job and I guess all the credit goes to them to make the stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Sixth, the place is spotless and they do not use any plastic there. To discourage the use of plastics they have these water filling machines installed almost everywhere, so that people do no use the mineral water bottles. Seventh, the naturalist there is brilliant. Although for the 2 safaris that we had, we did not have any naturalists with us .*sob*sob* Electricity is provided for few hours during the day and few hours in the evening, it is usually lights off at 10.30pm. They do provide charge lights and torches in the room. They also have the entire itinerary written in the reception as well as in the rooms. Not to forget, the rooms are immaculate and the washroom spacious. This isn't a luxurious property, but who need luxury when the nature itself is so rich and vibrant. Although, I would suggest that they have some kind of fence or boundary so that passer-by's do not stray close to the property. I had an superb time in K Gudi Wilderness camp and would highly recommend it.

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100 Reviews | 6791 Readers

Beautifull location in the midst of wilderness

Posted 4 Oct, 2015

nature at its very best. this is nestled about 4.5 hours from Bangalore. took the kanakpura road via t narsipura. most of the road is great but the scenery picks up last 40 mins when you enter the hills and the national park. this is a typical jungle lodges property. decently well appointed , not luxurious but comfortable, food decently good but not large spread or customized, courteous service but not effusive. makes for a very serene setting with tents and jungle guys. safaris are in morning and evening. very nice sitting area and hammocks around the property. we also had a leopard drop in during our visit. would highly recommend people to go here

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10 Reviews | 12133 Readers

An experience to remember in BR Hills

Posted 6 Jul, 2015

The heat, lack of airconditioning and to top it all, the middle of a forest reserve. Now that is a deadly combination that we had signed up for. And mind you, we have never been let down by the Jungle lodges team. BR hills or K gudi as it is better known is not too far a drive from Bangalore - once you enter the forest, the temperatures drop by a few degrees, enough to let you know you have arrived. The entrance had a lovely baby elephant dancing around since she was tethered and wasn't happy about it, a baby chital which was being its naughty self and all these as one entered the resort. The entry to the resort is marked by tall trees, and mud roads, all these leading to your resp. tents aka rooms. Nothing fancy, yet clean and comfortable. Nothing spectacular, yet nothing missing - the rooms are spacious, bathrooms clean and well appointed, basic toiletries and all in place. Beds rather comfortable and ceiling fan that did its job to perfection. The Golghar is where food is served, again the standards for Jungle lodges are met every bit- simple food, variety of veg and non veg food and some yummy desserts. Not only is the spread for lunch and dinner sumptuous, so also is the case for breakfast. Back from a rather eventful safari, the breakfast is laid out in time for one to feast on. Guides that know the jungle inside out - identify the birds like they were best friends and know the paths in the depths of the forest like the back of their palms. Now that is called a good forest stay.

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3 Reviews | 1792 Readers

A refreshing experience in a well-maintained camp

Posted 8 Jun, 2015

The camp is within the BRT Tiger Reserve, and is accessible through this narrow winding road. The road to the place has a few markers and boards to the camp, but its easy to get lost while passing through villages. Its location on Google maps is spot on, so keep that phone handy. The camp is built on the hill side and has tents (more like spacious canvas rooms) and brick cottages built on stilts. Its description as a wilderness is quite a misnomer, its far from basic, with the tents and cottages having tiled bathroom with running water. I would recommend staying in a tent, as each tent has a hammock and sit-out in front, and opens up to the valley. Its beautifully misted over in the morning, and the perfect vista for the early morning tea. It very quiet and peaceful, and there is electricity for just 4 hours in the day and the weather remains pleasant and cool even in June. The service is excellent, and very well organised. This isn't a resort, so there's no a la-carte restaurant or swimming pool, and is ideal for a quick weekend getaway. Alcohol is also strictly prohibited. They have hammocks and a jungle gym, but its not a place for kids, as there are no holiday activities or games to keep them occupied. The meals are homely and rustic, served buffet-style under a thatch roofed 'Gol-Ghar'. The service is excellent, and everyone wears a smile and constantly checks to see that you're comfortable. The package for each night includes 2 safaris, one in the evening and one early morning, and it very well organised. The safari jeeps were prepped and ready to leave at the indicated time, and the accompanying naturalist took his time to explain the resident animals of the reserve, and made sure everyone was able to spot an elusive mongoose or woodpecker. The reserve has an abundance of birds, we saw serpent eagles, woodpeckers, thrushes and owls, and abounds with deer, boars, langurs and elephants. The deer and boars aren't shy and frequently enter the camp compound. The reserve boasts of 60 resident tigers, but we were only able to spot a tiger's pug mark. The dense foliage also makes it difficult to spot a tiger or leopard. Overall, an excellent and refreshing experience. The camp is very well maintained and they've maintained it as a rustic wilderness haunt, which makes it perfect for a quiet holiday.

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5 Reviews | 4863 Readers

Great place amidst forest; real forest experience

Posted 10 Feb, 2015

The camp is very nice. We stayed in wooden cottages which were the far end. The hungle experience in the night is absolutely thrilling. We could hear the barking deer and once we heard a loud noise which sounded like tiger. It was just scary and exciting too. The safari was excellent and ee spotted a leapord which gave us fee good poses too. The food is homely and neat and the service is good too. The best part is there are 2 jeep safaris and ee spotted few wild indian gaur and elephants too. I would definitely go back.!!

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8 Reviews | 3182 Readers

One must stay intheir life time atleast once

Posted 8 Sep, 2014

what a resort...staying very near to the nature in the laps of forest..in the midst of deers,elephants...going back to good olden days..i can never forget this experience ...excellent resort with excellent food...and i should not forget to stay about the security they give to the people in that forest is awesome.They arranged a trekking and wild life safari daily 2 times and it is at its best.We cannot get such tasty food even in a 5star hotel...its like going back to ramayana times and staying in parnasala for getting out of all our concrete life tentions...very relaxed...

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Top Reviews

1 Review | 5437 Readers

September was the time we decided to visit K Gudi....

Posted 18 Mar, 2006

September was the time we decided to visit K Gudi. Well, the hills and forests would be green and it was a special occasion for my wife and me! Our drive from Bangalore was memorable, with wonderful views along the way and the cool morning breeze quickly set the tone for the trip. After an enjoyable drive, we reached the resort by noon. It was a welcome break and the resort itself was well planned and maintained. We had chosen to stay in the \"log hut\", which is a cute little cottage mounted on log stilts. The other options are tented cottages and standard rooms. The cottage was cozy and clean with basic facilities. To set the record straight, this is an eco-tourism resort, so there are a few things we need to accept 1. There is no power throughout the day. The genset would be switched on between 6.30 pm and 10 pm and again in the morning between 5.30 am and 7 am! 2. The water has to be used \"economically\" - there are pointers to let us know how much water is wasted by us using it carelessly. It makes us conscious of the fact that the things we take for granted everyday is to be respected ! Well, sometimes I overdid this by using this as an excuse for skipping a bath, much to the dismay of my wife :) 3. If one wishes to participate in all the activities offered by the resort such as the jungle safari, elephant ride etc., one is expected to be on time. The friendly staff makes sure that you have very little excuses to offer by offering wake-up calls with tea/coffee and biscuits. 4. Do not have high expectations of the food on offer. Yes, it is very tasty and appetizing, but may slightly vary on the quality front! The hot and spicy \"rasams\" were a big hit in the cold evenings! 5. If a chilled beer is your way of \"chilling out\", you could be slightly disappointed. Although beer is available, it is not exactly chilled- thanks to the power factor ! 6. This is a very quiet place and music is not allowed in the resort...the only other sounds we heard apart from our breathing was that of the chirping birds.

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11 Reviews | 37618 Readers

The Experience at the resort was simply thrilling...

Posted 9 Mar, 2006

The Experience at the resort was simply thrilling & great, I must thank jungle lodges for outstanding experience. As a nature lover I traveled their with great expectation & I was simply thrilled. The staff there was simply informative & courteous. Wildlife was simply great as we did not spot a tiger as our luck wasn’t great. But we spotted Plenty of Dears, Bears, Bison, Elephant & various types of birds. As nights crawl in the jungle takes it’s own color & every little things near u started to change dramatically. The sounds come from jungle were scary but exciting. The standard of Log-huts we stayed in were in great shape & surprisingly in very good condition. Surprisingly compared to our stay in (KSRTDC Mayura Hoysala was total put off). The food here was good in taste but above all served with great affection & served really fresh & hot. Resort here was very well kept. Only one thing to be added in their service is the road signs while traveling should be more in numbers & more informative & also in ENGLISH. The booking staff at Bangalore were not so informative. The experience here was Great & recommended the jungle lover to go this place than kabini b’cause it’s the only jungle resort in side the wild. MUST MUST GO PLACE. Thanks.

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5 Reviews | 5436 Readers

Being repeated guests to Jungle Lodges Properties,...

Posted 5 Sep, 2012

Being repeated guests to Jungle Lodges Properties, Hubby & myself decided to visit KR Gudi this time after seeing the Monsoon offers advertisement. The booking was easy & simple as usual. That was really great to utilize the 40% discount offer. As our kid was 3+ years only they did not costed for him. JLR never disappointed us so far and it was true this time as well. Being tiresome and bored with Bangalore Mysore highway , we decided to take Kanakapura Road via Kollegal. As a Normal practice I called the Camp Manager to check on the best route and he guided us through a different good rood which saved us few kilometers and the time. Journey was excellent. After the Temple towards the camp, An Elephant and a calf came out of bush right next to our car. The road was really narrow but was really exciting. The road from BR temple to KR Gudi camp is good. We could see lot of Elephant dung so thought that Safari would be more promising. Staff welcomed us and helped us to reach the cottage with our Luggage. It would be good if they introduce welcome drink. The reserved Log hut for us was located slightly above the other Log huts and cottages. Room was well maintained. Every hour was really precious for us. Lunch was excellent; every item in the menu was delicious. King fisher, Black Shouldered Kite (BSK), Hill Maina was few birds which we could spot. Black Hare was which I saw first time in Life. A Malabar Squirrel was half upside down and finished eating leaves from a twig in front of us. A herd of Indian Gaur was behind the salt Lake. In a different route an Indian Gaur jumped up high on a rock in front of us. Barking deer is not as common as spotted deer’s. Naturalist showed us a Parasite tree it was almost eaten up by one more Tree. Naturalist and Driver somehow wanted to show us Tiger and a Leopard or at least an elephant but their efforts went in vain. My search for Tiger would go on for my entire Life. We had to be happy only with the Elephant dung’s. Naturalist was quite informative on Forest, Animals & their behavior. Evening Snack & Tea was followed with Safari. Wild show and Camp fire was good. Table Tennis is available for those who are interested. Dinner was quite delicious, staff exhibited good hospitality. They do not mind serving food to table for guests. We were pretty excited about the total darkness after 10pm in their property. We wanted to get the real experience of Jungle in the late evenings. Lantern were provided to every cottage. Lanterns were hung in Lamp posts next to the path. Few meters away some eyes were sparkling in dark, gave a feel to me that they were questioning us for entering their territory. From the torch light, we could make out hundreds of Deer’s and Wild Boars roaming around and below our cottage. A lizard had managed to come under the roof. Total Darkness everywhere but Animals and birds were not quiet. Morning’s fog , chirping birds & Safari was astonishing. Elephants were spotted from distance. A friendly deer roams inside the property , it likes to visit the cottages. Please be watchful on its horns however he was harmless. Children from nearest colony was friendly to include my kid to play with them, they were quite generous to share their hand made wheeler with my kid. Hot water was available from 6am. It is worth to peek in the small temple inside the property for Kyathe Devaraya. After Mouth watering break fast we started packing up. Tip box is available is front office for the generous clients who are really satisfied with the ambience and Service of JLR staff.

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3 Reviews | 11678 Readers

My wife and me rode to BR hills over a weekend. We...

Posted 4 Jan, 2008

My wife and me rode to BR hills over a weekend. We reached K Gudi resort in the late afternoon. This place truly stands out. The place is the closest to what you can call a jungle resort. 20kms on either side, there is no human settlement. The air is so fresh that you really feel like breathing. There is no electricity (only for a couple of hours). The huts and tent houses are awesome. The food is simple and good and you feel at home. The open restaurant is great and you almost dine with wild animals. We had ours with a few wild boars. As the sun goes down, you here all the eerie jungle sounds and you here them through out the night. Unfortunately, when we went the Jungle Safari was off and we were given some 20% discount because of this. We were informed about this before hand. The service was good throughout. we stayed in the log hut. The log huts are at the end of the settlement and you are almost 50m away from the nearest tent. Just remember to take a good book along, for the hammocks are provided for that purpose only. The tariff at 1900 per person including taxes and the safaris is truly worth it.

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2 Reviews | 7702 Readers

Heaven on earth. Breathtaking view of the BR Hills...

Posted 19 Mar, 2006

Heaven on earth. Breathtaking view of the BR Hills range from the balcony of the Loghut. Weather was perfect to have a great Romantic holiday. Couldnt have asked for more from mother nature. The mist and cloud cover on top of the hills were beautiful and a welcome sight to greet every morning of yours at the hills.

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K. Gudi Wilderness Camp is ranked #2 among the 9 hotels in BR Hills with an average rating of 5.7 out of 7. It is one of the among 1-star Nature Camps in BR Hills. It is part of the "Jungle Lodges & Resorts" chain of hotels in India. On HolidayIQ, it has a total of 16 photos and 54 text reviews and is rated top for its Location, Destination and Service.

The online booking price of the hotel ranges between Rs 8,000 to Rs 12,500 per night. The hotel offer 17 rooms to check availability or to avail complimentary breakfast, we recommend contacting the hotel to check if the final tariff includes it.

The ambience and the location of the hotel makes it a suitable option for variety of travellers. Couple (40%) and Family (27%) are the most common type of travellers that like to stay here. 47% of guests enjoy the hotel's natural surroundings, whereas 33% have rated the ambience as relaxed.

Although the hotel is a suitable stay option throughout the year for travellers, book your accommodation in the months of Apr, May and June for the best experience.

K. Gudi Wilderness Camp is located at Punajur State Forest .

The hotel ensures you are well taken care of during your stay.

Other amenities include Restaurant, Laundry Services, Travel Assistance and Parking Facility. For checkin and checkout time, we suggest contacting the hotel.

If you are in need for airport transfers or require a car for sightseeing around the city or you have to do an early check-in, then we recommend contacting the hotel directly and requesting for these additional services. All of the available amenities ensure your stay is enjoyable and free from any hassles.

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