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Build by a Brahmin Zamindar, Sabarna Roy Choudhury, the Kalighat Temple is a place for worshipping Goddess Kali. It is said that the old temple was housed within a small hut. It was only in 1809 when the construction of the present day temple began.

In the 16th century the original temple was set up by King Manasingha. Several thousands of years ago when Lord Shiva was performing his looming dance, more popularly known as Pralay in Hindu mythology, he carried his dead wife, Sati on his shoulder. In order to stop this menace Lord Vishnu sliced Goddess Sati with his Chakra. The body parts of the Goddess fell in several places where Lord Shiva travelled with the corpse.

All these places became prominent attractions of Hindu pilgrimage. Kalighat is believed to be a place where Goddess Sati’s last finger of her left hand was dropped. During Diwali and Navratri, the temple is decorated with flowers and thousands of lamps. People from all over the country visit the temple to offer their prayers to the Goddess.

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Apoorv Khandelwal3.6/5

12 reviews

A holy place with high relious and historic value

The name Calcutta is said to been derived from Kalighat.Kalighat is regarded as one of the 51 Sakti peethas of India where the various parts ofSati's body are said to have fallen, in the course of Shiva's Rudra Tandava. Kalighat represents the site where the toes of the right foot ofSatifell.Note : Do not click any photo in temple premise it's strictly prohibited

Manoj Menon5.0/5

81 reviews

Temple Dedicated to Goddess Kali

Jai Maa Kali!!!These are the words that you will here even before you enter this temple. It has a certain aura around it which you can feel. it is the oldest Kali temple in Kolkata and is thronged by the locals daily. Though the management is very poor in and around this place yet you will be amazed by the sense of spirituality here. There are many shops outside from where you can purchase garlands, prasad and other items to adorn the Goddess. Be careful of the pandits outside the temple as they would trick you a lot. Never take their assistance, infact if you have a Bengali friend, then ask him to take you there.

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Kuntal sen laskar3.9/5

2 reviews

Very Beautiful Temple having old architecture

Very beautiful and old Kali Temple. a Historical place where Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa (Re-incarnation of God) has carried out his leela by praying to Divine Mother Kali as Priest.There are lot of pigeons roaming with pride.People are very friendly, helpful and systematic.

Suvobroto Ray chaudhuri4.3/5

57 reviews

Sacred - Beware of Fraud Pandits

One of the oldest neighbourhoods in South Kolkata, Kalighat is also densely populated and vibrantwith a rich history of cultural intermingling with the various foreign incursions into the area over time.A famous temple Kalighat Kali Temple dedicated to the goddess Kali is situated in Kalighat. This temple was situated on the banks of river Adi Ganga. The speciality of Kali of this temple is the long protruded tongue made of gold. This is a different appearance from the other visualisations of Kali.The temple was initially on the banks of Hooghly. The river over a period of time has moved away from the temple. The temple is now on the banks of a small canal called Adi Ganga, connecting to Hooghly.

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Kamal Dahiya3.9/5

111 reviews

An amazing temple

if you are in kolkata then you should visit this place. this place is near kalighat metro station, best time to visit is early in the morning or in the evening.there are lots of shops near temple, where they offer a pujari who will say you that he will help you in puja of maa kali inside temple and ask daksina later, but every one should confirm daksina price earlier to avoid headache later.don't offer more than 50 rupees.

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Sourav Kundu5.0/5

2 reviews

A place of peace

it's a place of peace... also home of MA KALI GODNESS. VISit that place and checkout the site of peace.... 1st collect the dala from shop near the temple then visit the Temple and do a Puja for ur wealth, health and family.... I just loved that place .... U will also... 1 more thing u have to left ur shoes in any shop... becoz shoes not allowed... that place is totally worth to visit and attractive if u r a god lover.... u can see here many temple and a fresh atmosphere.... visit here and u will know why I'm saying all of these.

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Ami Kothari4.6/5

12 reviews

Ma Kali Temple is revered by many and visitied by all

From a common man to CM has visited this temple for the blessings of Ma Kali. The Pandas - Priests do often chase people, but if u are smart, do not fall prey. Visit the temple in early morning and you can peacefully complete the Puja. Later in day the crowd increases, esp on Tuesday and Saturday. Buy Prasad from nearby shops- Pedas , are a delicacy . Nearby shops offer Suhagan ka Samman as malke up, bangle , sindoor as Marriages are common in Kali Temple.

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Shikha Srivastava3.6/5

2 reviews

Power of Kaaliji

One really has to be in sync with one self to feel the strength and connect with Goddess Kaali, while visiting this place.........But behold yourself and BEWARE of the priests at the temple place and surrounding areas who throng at you the moment you arrive here and try to trick you with every possible excuse, so that you agree for "off-the-line" Darshan. But it is better to wait in the line patiently along with other people and have the Darshan on your own other wise be ready to shell out a few hundreds for your precious time .

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Basab Ray chaudhuri4.3/5

122 reviews

Famous Kali Temple

A popular pilgrimage place in Kolkata . The history of this famous temple goes back to many centuries. It is said that the original temple was a small hut, built by Raja Mansinga in early 16th century. The Kali Temple of its present form is more than 205 yrs old, which was built with the patronage of Sabarna Roy Chowdhry family. Kali temple is one of the 51 Shakti Peethams. It is suggested that pilgrims may visit the temple in the morning. The name Kalighat has come from' kali ' and 'ghat ' , a landing place on Adi Ganga ( since shifted ).The name of 'Calcutta ' has been derived from the name ' Kalighat '. People from all over India visit the temple for prayer before almighty Ma Kali to fulfill their desire.

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Prasanna Rs1.4/5

73 reviews

Be careful regarding your belongings

Corrupt people inside and outside the temple. In the name of Devotion and Prasad offerings, shopkeepers will fool you. Stay away from these people. Always be conscious about your wallet, ornaments. Even the priests inside the temple are corrupt.