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Be among the nature, fresh green environment, cool waters and the birds at the Karanji Kere Lake. It is an immersion place for the Ganesha idols after the festival. Numerous species and breeds of birds like the wild fowls, peacocks, ducks, wild hens, pelicans and the Great Indian Hornbill can be seen enjoying the cool waters of the lakes or in the trees.

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  • Best Time: During DayLength of visit: 2-3hrs
  • Length of visit: 2-3hrsBest Time: During Day
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Reviews and Ratings

Rachna Kumari

Rachna Kumari4.6/5

1 review

Good time spent with family

I visited karanji kere lake and the nature park on 26th of December, 2015 with my family and friends.That place has to offer something for all age groups.My 3 years old son enjoyed his time at the kids play area and was running behind peacocks and birds all the day.We enjoyed a leisure boating trip and then a battery operated cycle ride around the lake. That place is very close to nature midst the hustle and bustle of a city and hence its a good place to reconnects yourself with nature and its beauty.The view point which is a high platform raised at the other end of the lake is a bit far from the main gate and one needs to walk a bit to reach there but once you are up on that, it worth all the pain. It gives a great view of the lake, specially during sunset. All in all, a good place to spend your afternoon and evenings with family and friends.The place is very close to mysore zoo and on The way to chamundi hill so an entire day can be spent by visiting all these place. The boating experience way good and nothing unusual or different. The main attraction of this place is the kids play area which is always filled with lots and lots of smiling, laughing and happy kids. The play area is surrounded by bird enclosures where many beautiful and colorful birds can be seen. There is also an enclosed area where peacocks can been seen roaming around with all there beautiful and galour.

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Pawankalyan Gk

Pawankalyan Gk4.3/5

250 reviews

Good view along with boating facility

It is only lake for a good view in mysore and pleasent minded lake also in mysore. It is about 12kms from mysore busstand and 16 kms from railway station . Here boating facility can be seen . For aboating purpose they take about 15 per person. I advice travellers to go to this place at evening.

Anshuman Talapatra

Anshuman Talapatra4.3/5

80 reviews

Nice lake with beautifull landscape

Nice place for a weekend gateway with your family..Beautifull landscape,quiet place & variety of birds to mention..A great destination for childrens to spend quality time...Sit at the edge of lake and walk around for a one hour break..

Jrbhushan Bhushan

Jrbhushan Bhushan5.0/5

8 reviews

A real place for relaxing

You really want to spread a smile on your children faces? Karanji Kere Lake is the best place for that. Forget your workplace and home a while. While entering, trees at the left and right sides welcome you. Trees that are grown upto enormous heights. If you wish to really put your heart into it, just watch the trees at the entrance itself. There are many varieties of play things in the park for children. What else would children like, other than playing in sand and soil? If you don't transform yourself into a child, while your child is playing or if you want to relax for a while as a grown up, just watch the varieties of birds chirping and welcoming into their cages (oh no, you are not allowed, otherwise you are a bird!). Walk past towards the cages. At the right side you would find BIRDS place. You really wouldn't have seen the birds in such a close view. It is an arm's length distance. If you are worth the birth (at least, it is my feeling!), the peacock would show its feathers, trains during its dance. It is all artificial whoever says it is peacock colour , of a saree or whatsoever. Peacock's neck colour only lies in Peacock. You wouldn't find that colour elsewhere. IT IS REALLY A HAUNTING FEELING, if you see the Peacock's dance ! Words wouldn't suffice the actual feeling. Last but not least, it is a place and feeling that is hard to leave behind.

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Sangbaran Dasgupta

Sangbaran Dasgupta5.0/5

4 reviews

Sight to behold

This is a must watch for all sight seeing people. The serenity, the calmness. Just sit beside the lake and let the atmosphere drench you. Awesome experience.

Amit Aggarwal

Amit Aggarwal4.3/5

35 reviews

Peaceful and Serene place

It is one of the must see places if you are with kids. It is located behind Mysore Zoo. This place is much peaceful, cleaner and less popular / crowded than Ranganthittu. Entry charges are 25/- for adults and car parking is 30/-. It is open from 830am to 530pm.There is a park adjoining Karanji lake with plethora of swings, slides etc for kids of all age group. My daughter totally freaked out. They also have a mini aviary, where birds are let loose inside a big enclosed area and they visitors can get in. It was nice to see birds with at least some freedom and comfort. They also have a butterfly park but I didn't go till there. You can also hire a bicycle to go around the place from ticketing counter. Boating is one of the main attraction here but it is managed very poorly. Even though your ticket has a serial number but it is hardly followed. Everyone huddles around ferry point jostling each other to get in first. Boatman calls people in randomly and there are good chances to slip in the water. If you are with Kids / elderly people you have to be extra careful.Overall a nice place to spend your evenings in peace.

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Amit Verma

Amit Verma5.0/5

13 reviews

A place for walking and jogging

this is the place which is pollution free and where everyone comes for the fresh air..usually its made for walking and jogging it has footpath around the lake which really feels good and here we can see sunset which looks very beautiful ....for childrens parks is also must visit this place

Viveka V

Viveka V4.6/5

5 reviews

An oasis of Greenery

It is a treat to watch a single splendorous tree in a city, just think a hundreds of them right in the middle of the city!. It makes any nature lover go crazy. A visit to this place can break the shackles of the city life and help you fly like a lark! The entry fee of 20rupees is worth every paisa. Must visit place when you are in Mysore.

Saranya Devanathan

Saranya Devanathan3.9/5

345 reviews

Colourful birds just like the paintings

The boating closes by 5:30 p.m. But the bird park closes at 6:30 p.m. Though the birds are in cages, it is nice to watch. Huge avian park is in the lake. It is worth the amount we paid. Rs.20/person. Peacocks were posing nicely, one on the top of roof. Huge cranes, almost my height, were in huge cages. The entrance to the cage is like entering into jail. Oh how many color of sparrows.The boating was only for 8-9 minutes. Rs.25/person. But still we can see many water birds at close quarters. The boat man helps us to identify them. A swan was coming along with our boat.

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Nishitha K n

Nishitha K n4.6/5

521 reviews

Beautiful lake next to the zoo

This is located next to the Zoo. The lake is too big where we can find boating facilities too. Nice place to relax in the evening by enjoying the beauty of nature. Very calm and peaceful place.

Photos of Karanji Kere Lake

Karanji Kere Lake, Mysore
Karanji Kere Lake, Mysore
Karanji Kere Lake, Mysore
Sunset by the lake
Karanji Kere Lake, Mysore
Karanji Kere Lake, Mysore
Karanji Kere Lake, Mysore
Karanji Kere Lake, Mysore