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About Karnagarh (Village)

Karnagarh is a village located around 10 km north of Midnapore Town. One of the prime attractions of this village is a stone fort that is in ruins presently. One can see the remains of the surrounding walls, barracks, temples and water tanks at the fort. According to historical records and the architectural patterns of the temples, it is believed that these were built by Raja Karnakeshri of the Keshari Dynasty.

In the southern part of the village, many 17th century temples can be seen. These temples are of almost the same height and are placed side by side, separated by a fence. The Anadilinga Dandeshwar and Devi Bhagavati Mahamaya are the important attractions of this region. The complex of this temple can be entered through three stone gates, amongst which, the western gate leads to a yogimandap.

Built in the typical architectural style of Orissa, the Dandeshwar Temple stands 60 ft high and 20.6 ft long. Instead of a deity, this temple has 8 ft pit called as Jonipith. Towards the left of the Dandeshwar Temple lies the Mahamaya Temple that is dedicated to the Mother Goddess. The middle part of the temple, Jagmohan, is made in Saptarath Pida style. The Garbhagriha is made in the Saptarath Shikhar style. The temple enshrines a statue of Goddess Mahamaya in a muslin sari.


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