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Khardung La Pass is the only road access to the Nubra Valley and is considered as the highest motorable road in the world. The pass is at height of 18,380 ft above sea level and is situated 37 km north of Leh. Khardung La Pass, also known as K-Top, is a gateway to the Nubra and Shyok valleys. Maintained by the Border Roads Organisation for most of the year, the pass remains frozen in the summer.

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Rohith Sivashankar

Rohith Sivashankar4.3/5

35 reviews

One of the highest roads in the world

Khardung la is a pass located on the way from leh to nubra valley and even though the sign board says that it is the highest motorabe road in the world it can be said as the highest civilian accesible motorable road as mana pass is higher dan khardung la however is not accessible for common people. There is a temple on the top along with couple of hotels. There is a cycle shop at leh town takes you to khardung la top and lets u cycle down back to leh town at a cost of 1500 rs. A must try for all mountain lovers

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  • One of the highest roads in the world
  • One of the highest roads in the world
  • One of the highest roads in the world

Arnav Mathur

Arnav Mathur5.0/5

78 reviews

Good place to feel being on top

Been There, Done That!Khardung La Pass is one of the many achievements of the INDIAN ARMY and BRO(Border Roads Organisation).The experience standing on the highest motor-able pas in the World is simply out of the world! And when the road was constructed by my fathers unit , the feeling of pride is to another level altogether.The level of Oxygen on K Top is very less and it is advised not to stop there for more than 20 minutes.The maggi and hot cup of chai experience is something which will be remembered forever. Dont forget to go to the souvenir shop , the Beer Mugs and Plates look really good in your drawing room as a showpiece.TIP:If you are heading there by a 4 wheeler, keep the window open just a little bit so that the air continuously comes in and your body automatically gets acclimatized.

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9 reviews

Road towards the sky!!

The roads to the pass has the most amazing views one can seen anywhere in the world. At one point it seems like going toward the sky.Though the journey is not that easy. It is the world highest pass on the highest motorable road of the world(18380 feet).We drank a lot of water on the way to keep us oxidized.It is not advisable & written in clear words to not stay more then 20-25 minutes there. Its not good for our health because of less oxygen & cold.

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Nikunj Prajapati

Nikunj Prajapati5.0/5

4 reviews

World's highest motorable road

World's highest motorable road, kudos to BRO and Indian army. Destination is beautiful indeed but journey is breathtaking, specatuclar. Natural beauty at its should start this journey in early morning, so that by noon you can reach khardungla pass. for bullet riders, you must take extra pair of jacket, Witter bottle and built in camera helmet is possible . take a break at army canteen and enjoy Maggie with beautiful snow capped mountain. You should not wait for more than 10mins on Khardungla as it may dangerous to health. Enjoy your ride and enjoy the real beauty of nature.

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Drprakash Goswami

Drprakash Goswami5.0/5

2 reviews

World highest motor-able road 18300 feet

awesome place for adventure lover approx 40 km from leh city on the way heading to nubra valley KHARDUNG LA PASS locatedfeet got numb inspite of having tough insulator bootsu can ride bullet 550 cc or if have good stamina can give chance for bicycle head was spinning n dusk view was very pretty

Abhijit Sarkar

Abhijit Sarkar5.0/5

39 reviews

The highest motorable road of the world

Dream come true to stand at the highest motor able road of the WORLD..feel really thrilling although bit tough to breath. Its only 40 kms from Leh but the roads take you up slowly as we become more acclimatized as we move up. Hats of to bikers who scale this road and its only possible who dares. Met many women bikers who trailed along with us to the top and we really feel proud when we shake hands with them at the top. Yes one has to be mentally prepared / physically acclimatized to start this journey.Tips:@Start this journey on 3rd day of your visit@On the way sip water intermittently.@Don't hesitate to stop and release body fluid frequently.@Slow breathing helps@Keep windows slightly open of your vehicle even if its cold outside.Cover your head when moving out of vehicle@After reaching the top make a short stop (not more than 10mins) @Descend as fast as possible if one start feeling headache / nausea. (Reach South Pullu or Khardung village for any medical assistance)@Military Medical help available at top@Natures call facility available at top (mostly filled with ice)@Small canteen and souvenir shop also available. (avoid this and follow your vehicle drivers instruction)All is well when one keeps cool and enjoy the natureBack problem persons avoid sitting on last row of your vehicle.

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  • The highest motorable road of the world
  • The highest motorable road of the world
  • The highest motorable road of the world
  • The highest motorable road of the world

Gd Paul

Gd Paul5.0/5

6 reviews

A place covered with snow

Khardung-La pass is world's highest motorable road about 17000 Feet, mostly covered with snow, and after reaching Nubra valley we saw most beautiful and peaceful place.