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Kurumba Village Resort, Coonoor

Ooty-Mettupalayam Road, Hill Grove Post, Kurumbadi, Tamil Nadu 643102

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5.9/7 873 Reviews
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Kurumba Village Resort Overview

The Kurumba Village Resort is a Jungle resort that takes approximately one hour from Ooty (35 km). From Coonoor the distance is 14 km, and from Coimbatore it is about 56 km and take an hour and half to reach. The resort is located adjacent to the ghat road between Ooty and Mettuppalayam at the area known as Upper Burliar. Accomodation includes Cottages and Suites.

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Kurumba Village Resort Video Reviews (2)

Samik Mahotra

5 Reviews | 330 Readers

"Kurumba village cottage review"

Overall Rating
5.0 /7
  • 870

Hemanth H Iyer

6 Reviews | 5456 Readers

"Kurumba Village Resort -- Room ..."

Overall Rating
7.0 /7
  • 709

Kurumba Village Resort Reviews (873)

"Great holiday experience"

Posted 20 Aug

It was the best resort I have ever stayed in.Would never forget the hospitality and Love to visit again the rooms were awesome and the resort was beautiful food was delicious and unique the people were very humble warm and welcoming . Room service was great too.

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"Awesome place to stay with group"

Posted 20 Aug

Resort was awesome great view staff was very good location was very good away from city area in nature . But price is high Good place to stay with group, friends & family Provided fun activities like zip line, swimming pool view was awesome Most friendly and helpful staff throughout the stay

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1 Review

2 Reviews | 63 Readers

26 Reviews | 10993 Readers

"Green Retreat"

Posted 2 Jul

As you walk into this lush green serene retreat, you would have left all the humdrum of city life behind. The beautiful clean and spacious cottages located on the hillside have beautiful balconies with an absolute green view of the forests around it. The vegetation is dense enough to hide the cottages from one another giving you complete privacy. The paths around are on a rolling topography and those who find it difficult to walk can move around on a golf cart on request. The staff is courteous and warm. Food have a good variety and is of good quality. There is a spa for a massage and rejuvenation of the both and mind. The highlight is the open pool on the hillside surrounded by the forest. A must place to hang out. A walk around the estate and some rope adventure will keep you engaged. If one likes to totally disconnect and find peace and quiet then this is the place to be.

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Top Reviews of Kurumba Village Resort

1 Review | 59 Readers

"Excellent place to Holiday with Family"

Posted 7 Jan, 2016

The access road itself gives you the promise of what's coming ahead when you go of road ~1/2 km through deep forest to reach a quite and non-intruding (to the nature around) resort. The setting is perfect - misty deep green forests on steep hills, waterfalls in distance over cliffs, and the hint of aroma from the spices grown in the resort as we walked the pathway to our room. I booked a cottage near to Swimming pool and it was good choice. The room is pretty basic, with enough amenities; the balcony is the best - it opens right into the forest down below and giving clear view of the magnificent hills ahead. It was November and bit rainy, so that actually made it even more beautiful as the waterfalls were quite thick and cloud-play adding nice special effects :-) Food is good (not great though) but again, the restaurant setting is so good that you are more involved in the experience of being there rather than being too worried about food. Best thing is the Tea shop they have - great masala and ginger tea. Pool is also nice with gear views. We had a bonfire as well folk dance program. There is a brief spice walk through and during that we also saw a giant Malabar Squirrel. Hospitality of Staff is very good. Overall myself, my son, daughter and wife enjoyed.

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1 Review | 141 Readers

"Appearance of the hotel was very nice"

Posted 5 Jan, 2015

I was very much happy with my stay. Everything was very nice there. I would like to return there again. The hotel was located outside the city. The hotel was not near to the transportation facilities. The hotel was situated in the middle of the market. The location of the hotel was very beautiful and had a very nice environment. The staffs of the hotel were very good, friendly and cooperative. They were quick in attending the request. There was no delay at check-in and check-out. The appearance of the hotel was very nice. The room allocated to me was very neat, clean and very nice. Everything was very good and perfect in the room. It was a very pleasant stay. Pillows, bed sheets, blankets and washroom were neat, clean and well-maintained. They did regular clean the room. They had provided cold and hot water all the time. The hotel served the Indian food and it was good in taste. They had both veg and non veg food. The quality and taste of the food was very good. The hotel had provided some activities. The hotel had organized a sightseeing trip for me. The hotel was value for money. I would like to recommend this hotel to other travellers. I don’t have any suggestion for the hotel improvement.

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6 Reviews | 8590 Readers

"A place where birds sing & clouds descend on you"

Posted 2 May, 2015

Wanted to spend 4-5 days in total serenity, calmness away from maddening crowd amid the sounds of nature and Kurumba Village has all this! Morning to night and back till morning only sounds you hear are bird songs, creepy insects talking to each other and a waterfall stream flowing right in the property. In the middle of night the water gushing down creates a Zen like atmosphere. While in there, a heard of wild elephants constantly wanted to enter inside and greet the guests were relentlessly kept away by resort staff - to keep guests safe. The resort has 3 category of rooms - Jacuzzi suites, Kurumba suites and Kurumba cottages. It has a lovely swimming pool with stunning views. A good recreation room with table tennis, carom, pool tables and host of toys and games for kids. They have a very good restaurant which keep dishing out yummy breakfast, lunch and dinner day in day out. Best is they have a small hut which opens at 4. 30 pm- Tea Shop. One of the chef serves snacks (choice of Bhajjis and pakodas) with hot tea, coffee and milk preparations for kids. The entire staff is extremely friendly and ready to help for anything you need. They arrange different activities by 6 pm to 8. 30 pm (like magic shows, party games, kids games, live music, etc. ) to keep guests entertained. All the staff like front desk, restaurant staff, chefs and the GM of the resort are very friendly. My special recommendation for chefs and (a new joiner) Mr. Dinesh (who kept kids and guests entertained). I stayed here from 25th to 29th April and enjoyed every bit of my stay. Now about accommodation- Every suite or cottage have a stunning view unless a cottage whose sit out is fully engulfed by plantation trees. If you are young and don't mind walking up and down 8-10 times a day (for breakfast, lunch, dinner, swimming pool visits and resort activities, etc. ) then any type of accommodation would suit you. If you like to pamper yourself and won't mind cost then Jacuzzi suit is 'the best' with luxury and stunning views from Jacuzzi tub. One can opt for suites near to reception or swimming pool if you don't want to walk up and down or you are travelling with parents or infants. Kurumba cottages are down the hill but some cottages offer stunning views of waterfall-stream flowing right next to it.So decide as per your need. This place is about 15 km from Coonoor city so you can reach Coonoor by road in about half an hour time depending on the traffic. A place where one can connect to oneself by listening to chirping birds, gushing water from the stream and descending clouds on the Nilgiri mountain. Final take: Resort has a great location, amazing views, extremely friendly staff, good yummy food and it is for someone who wants to be in the middle of nature and away from crowded typical city hotels. Worth the amount spent.

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2 Reviews | 10393 Readers

"Their tagline says ‘In the lap of nature’ but I fe..."

Posted 28 Mar, 2007

Their tagline says ‘In the lap of nature’ but I feel that a more appropriate one would be ‘In the lap of heaven’! That’s right; Kurumba Village Resort (KVR) is truly a heaven on earth. My wife and I spent 4 days at KVR during our honeymoon and it would only be fitting to say it was the best 4 days of our lives. The trip to KVR from Ooty took us around 1.5 hours. The roads weren’t great to brag about but as soon as you reach KVR, there will be nothing in you minds but awe. Set in the midst of a spice jungle, KVR welcomes their guests in their spacious lounge cum reception. Their staff is one of the friendliest ones I’ve come across. The Room: Once we had officially checked in, we were lead to our lovely room. The walk to the room indeed is worth mentioning, with all the spice trees surrounding you. As you walk down the long fight of steps, the sight of a really blue swimming pool excites you. My wife was overjoyed at the fact that they had a swimming pool in the middle of a jungle! After a 3 minute walk, we finally reached our room. We had booked an independent suite (Room 115) and I’m sure we got the best room in KVR. Our suite was a two storey one, with a large bedroom upstairs and a spacious living room downstairs. Our bedroom had a king size bed and the view through the French window was simply amazing. Our bedroom overlooked the forest and we had a stream that flowed right next to our suite. The constant gushing of water relaxes you and makes you realize that you are indeed in the middle of a jungle, a heavenly jungle. For Rs. 5,500 a night (All inclusive including food, taxes etc etc), this was much more than we had wished for. In fact, my wife even suggested that we apply for a job in KVR, even if the work involved washing the dishes or picking up trash, just so that she could stay there forever. The Weather: We visited KVR during the 2nd week of December and the weather was simply awesome! KVR, situated between Ooty and Coimbatore, has the best of both the weathers. It isn’t as cold as Ooty nor is it as hot as Coimbatore. The pleasant weather at KVR, at least during the time we were there, was the best that anyone could wish for. The Food: The walk to the dining hall from our room took around 5 minutes. Our room was right at the bottom of the resort and climbing up the steps was a little tiring. Nevertheless, with spice trees shading the pathway, we enjoyed our walk everyday, and by the time we reach the dining hall, we had already built a good appetite. The dining room at KVR is build on stilts and the view of the mountains/valley from the dining hall is simply stunning. The food offered was really good too with a lot of varieties to choose from. The staff was even willing to make piping hot egg dosas for us in the morning. For lunch and dinner, you could choose from a variety of rice, noodles, vegetable dishes and 2 non-veg dishes (Chicken/Fish/Mutton on rotational basis). As I write this review, the thought of the food at KVR makes me hungry. The Facilities/ Activities: The swimming pool is one of the best features at KVR. The pool was amazingly clean with clear blue water. The view from the pool, overlooking the mountains, was simply splendid. Even though it is not a temperature controlled swimming pool, the water wasn’t that cold to swim in. We took many a dip in the swimming pool in the warm afternoons. KVR has a very good games room, with many games like carom, pictionary, pool table, table tennis etc. They also have a play room for children with toys, play houses etc. KVR also took us on a guided trek along the mountains. We weren’t really able to get very adventurous on this trek because my wife hadn’t brought her sneakers and she found it very difficult climbing rocks using her slippers. One of the best things about our visit was that there weren’t many guests at the resort during the time we were there, and hence we found it more peaceful and relaxing with fewer people around. But the resort was totally booked from the 3rd week of December onwards, but that was the time we checked out. How To Get There: KVR arranges pick ups and drops on very reasonable rates. We had requested to be picked up from King’s Cliff, Ooty and KVR arranged it for a reasonable fee of Rs.600. Our drop back to Bangalore from KVR cost us Rs.3,750, which I felt was cheaper than private taxis. So in conclusion, I can confidently say that you would not be disappointed with KVR and if anyone of you is planning your honeymoon, this is one of the best places to go. Check out all the pictures I\'ve attached and see for yourself. Try and visit this place during the 2nd week of December if you like a more peaceful setting with fewer guests around. By the way, my wife and I will be at KVR again this year in December, to celebrate our first wedding anniversary :-)

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4 Reviews | 521 Readers

"Well-maintained rooms; courteous staff"

Posted 22 Jun, 2014

Here are a few things I'd like to get out of the way first. I traveled in the month of May 2014 with my family (wife and two kids - age 6 and 1) for a three nights stay at this resort. I flew from Chennai to Coimbatore (1 hour) and took a hotel booked taxi (one and half- two hours) to get to the resort. This place is best to visit during Summer or any other non-rainy season as the travel uphill and to the resort can be a bit tricky with pretty much no one following any road rules. I was told that Jan to May and Sept-Oct are good times to visit. In May it is hard to find any waterfalls or for that matter any water bodies which may not be the case in Sept-Oct. The resort has 22 cottages out of which only two are jacuzzi villas. I booked the jacuzzi villa which comes with a hall, a very spacious bedroom, a big balcony that looks out at the mountains and thick forest vegetation and a spacious bathroom with a huge jacuzzi. Location of the property was good. Food - exceptional, you will not want to leave the resort just for the food. Its a lean menu, but spot on perfection. Game center and a play area for toddlers (snooker, foosball, table tennis). Greenery and all the clean air that surrounds you feels good. The resort showcases local talents from Coonoor or other nearby cities as a daily evening program. We got to witness karakattam by the limca book of records older Mr.Suresh Kumar, some light music and a magic show over the three nights we were at this resort. The events usually happen at 8pm and I thought this was just fabulous of the resort to do. The rooms are well maintained, clean. Room service is good, although some room for improvement here. Easy to travel to Ooty and Coonoor for sightseeing. Fully loaded HDTV with most of the HD channels I watch. Very courteous staff that bend over backwards to make you stay pleasant. So here are the limitations. I wont say that these are negatives, but it goes with the place. The infrastructure for networks, mobile etc is yet to catch on in this village. So please be aware that your mobile phones, data cards will most likely not work. This is not the resort's fault, its just that its remote. They do have wireless at the lobby but works on and off. In my case it was a positive as I had no way to download my office emails. So my full focus was on my family. No internet facility within rooms. If you opt for the jacuzzi villa (I stayed in 117), it takes ages to fill-up cause it is very big, so better be prepared to wait for about couple of hours to get the tub filled. My kids loved the jacuzzi, it has a console like any other jaccuzzi to control its settings etc While you may have done your online booking and paid in advance, this place has no credit card facility as there isn't a stable network/connection into this village. So rest assured, please carry cash to settle your final bills and dues. I was not told about this when I booked or when I arrived at the resort. And I heard from the cab drivers later on that this is something that has happened to many other guests in the past as they were caught by surprise on the day of the check-out. Promoting this feature will surely not get them the traffic, so I am sure that is one reason they do not let the guests know in advance, even though they asked "did no one tell you about our payment process", I only came to know on the day of the check-out. Restaurant: No round the clock room service. The food team works mostly for breakfast, lunch and dinner. They are open for service an hour or two before a late breakfast (8.30am onwards), lunch (1.30pm onwards) and dinner (8.30pm onwards). So you cannot just pick up the phone an order snacks as and when you like. The choice of snacks when available is also limited. The team was kind enough to do some fries and cheese sandwich for my kids but mostly its just local snacks. Billing: The Hotel management system they use is primitive and not integrated with the online portal from which you booked your room(s). So please remember how much you paid, if there is any refund they have to give you etc. I was thrown all kinds of numbers at the time of check-out. Fortunately I was able to log into my mails from the front desk and show them what I have paid and how much I actually owed them. While some of the above limitations did take me by surprise and I could have very easily lost my cool with the front desk at any point in time; I decided to just take it easy and go with the flow of things. I 100% recommend you to visit this place, but I also suggest that you don't impose your city "on-demand" lifestyle here cause you are not in a city anymore. The positives outweigh the limitations. Room Tip: If you are going with a family of four then suggest you take the jacuzzi villa

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