Weekend Getaways from Lucknow

55 tourist places to visit near Lucknow

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Lucknow Weekend Getaways and Tourist Places to Visit

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Lucknow has number of weekend trip options that many people aren’t aware of. These ideal weekend getaways are perfect for a quick escape. From hill stations like Nainital to historical places like Khajuraho, there are many places near Lucknow worth visiting. Select from the list of options below and pick the one that works for you.

Places to see within 100 kms

Not too far away from Lucknow is the city of Kanpur, strategically located which blends the new and old, is famous for the beautiful flora and fauna that surrounds the place. Kanpur is present at a distance of 93 kilometres by road and has a lot of recreational activities and things to do that tourists traveling to UP can enjoy. Primary to that are the different animals that are present in the city such as the peacock and starling. Also, the Kanpur Zoo has a lot of tourist attractions such as the Indian Leopard, Chimpanzee and other animals that make it an amazing weekend trip.

Another place that is just 33 kilometers away from the city is Barabanki. Barabanki is one of the oldest and most historic places in Indian history and is great for getaways near Lucknow. Barabanki is home to some amazing greenery and jungles that surround the area. It also has the Parijaat tree that is said to have risen from Kunti’s ashes. Besides this, Barabanki has many nods to the Mughal Era that ruled India for over 400 years. The Mughals had a big influence in the state of Madhya Pradesh and Barabanki stands testament to that fact.

Tourist places within 200 kms

A sensational place to visit for weekend getaways from Lucknow is Ayodhya, which is one of the most religious places in Indian history and Hinduism. Ayodhya is the place from where Lord Ram originates. There are many other tourist attractions and sightseeing options that one can visit in the area. The beautiful Sarayu River that flows over here is very beautiful and complements the historic structures present in the place very well, making it an ideal destination to click photos or images. Apart from this, there is Ramkatha Park which conducts varied religious events. Also, there is also the Hanuman Garhi, which is a four-sided fort present in the area that is approachable after a walk of about 76 steps.

Another nice place for weekend getaways in Lucknow is Faizabad, a tourism hub of Uttar Pradesh. Faizabad was one of the first places in Uttar Pradesh that was built by the Nawabs of Awadh and is home to many monuments and building that were present during the time that they used to rule the place. There are also plenty of other places of tourist centers such as the Ghaghra River that flows via the place. Other monuments that are nice for weekend trips from Lucknow are the Tomb of Bahu Begum as well as Gulab Bari. Faizabad is also the place where the historic Indian novel, Umrao Jaan Ada was written.

Places to visit within 300 kms

If you are looking for Lucknow weekend getaways that you can take over a nice, long weekend, Chitrakoot is one of those locations. Distance between Chitrakoot and Lucknow is about 235 kms by road. Chitrakoot has a rich history with the nation. The city stretches back to the legendary stages as it was the place where Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman spent close to eleven and a half years in exile. The place has extreme importance to Hinduism and throngs of crowds gather in the place, especially near the Mandakini River to offer prayers to the Lord. There are other places of interest for tourists such as the Ramghat, Kamadgiri, and Sati Anasuya Ashram.

Another famous place that is situated not too far from Lucknow is Pilibhit, located at a distance of about 264 kilometres by road. Pilibhit is very close to Nepal and is one of the nicer weekend getaways Lucknow has to offer. Pilibhit has plenty of plains despite being located very close to the Himalayan Range and temples. The greenery is spread all over the region and it has extremely nice weather throughout the year. There is also a Dargah-e-Shaji Miyan that was built back in the 18th century and holds importance to Muslims all over the state.

Other weekend getaways around Lucknow

Another spot for nice Lucknow weekend getaways that one can take is a trip to the holiest place in Uttar Pradesh, Varanasi. Whenever there is an opportunity for places to visit around Lucknow, a trip to Varanasi is a must as it holds great importance to Hindus all over the world. One of the best cities in UP, Varanasi has plenty of places to visit such as the Ghats of Varanasi, Jantar Mantar, Ramnagar Fort and the Ganga River. The river is considered to be the holiest river in the country. Varanasi is just the perfect weekend trip that one can take with family.

It is said that a dip in the waters of the Ghats rids one of their sins and they can attain Moksha or peace after a visit to the city. For those who have the opportunity to visit the city, it is best that they do so during the Kumbh Mela time when the entire city is decked in beautiful colours and there are many programs of religious and cultural importance that take place in Varanasi at that time.

If you have the time to take a long drive down from Lucknow, a great weekend place to visit from Lucknow is Jhansi. Jhansi is home to Jhansi ki Rani, who was a great warrior princess hailing from the place. The Jhansi Fort is really something to admire as it dates back to a time when the British were bravely fought in the area. Jhansi is present at a distance of about 316 kilometres from Lucknow and holds great importance in the history of India and her Independence.

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