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The infamous Magnetic Hill is located near the Leh District in the state of Jammu and Kashmir in northern India. A landscape chiefly dominated by mountains and valleys, Leh has been growing in popularity as an adventurer’s destination. The opportunity to witness the natural beauty and brilliance of the towering mountain ranges, crystal clear rivers, and lakes birthed from the glaciers of the Himalayas is definitely a reason to visit the Leh-Ladakh region on a leisure holiday.

The Magnetic, or ‘gravity’ hill, as it is popularly known, is special because of the optical illusion that it creates to the observer. The tapestry and layout of the surrounding area, coupled with the surrounding slopes, create an illusion that the downhill road from the top is really actually uphill and objects and cars on the hill appear to be rolling uphill, in defiance of gravity. 

Though there are speculations and claims of supernatural forces at work, the factor contributing to the illusion is an entirely obstructed horizon. Without a view of the horizon, the slope cannot be accurately judged leading to this particular visual.

However, it pays not to listen to the scientific explanation and visit here to experience the “magic” and have some fun! Visiting the beautiful region of Leh Ladakh and reaching here is definitely an exciting day for all travellers.

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Video Reviews

Optical illusion at its best

Ladakh (Leh)

Magnetic hill

Ladakh (Leh)

Review and Ratings

Nitin Kumar4.3/5

9 reviews

An illusion

It has a very beautiful illusion which most of us think that it is true. Even nobody has judge it till now after so many research. Please spend some time and ride a bike to find the magic.

Sanjeev Gupta1.1/5

54 reviews

Not really Magnetic Hill

This point is a short distance ahead from the Gurudwara Pathar Sahib. Does not actually look like there is magnetic power in the hills. It seems that the road is sloping towards the hill. Water dropped from bottle at the marked point also flowed in the direction of the hill.

S.m.bega Raaj3.6/5

145 reviews

Good place to visit

“Magnificent Views all round !!!” I went this wonderful Hill on 25th April 2016, it was a very long day as I planned to visit many places in a single day, I covered 6 Monasteries ( Spituk - Likir - Alchi - Lamayuru - Rizong - Basgo ) one Gurdwara, Sangam, Magnetic Hill, Moon Land and Hall of Fame while coming back, my day started as early as 7.30am and completed all the above mentioned places very easily and returned back to my hotel at 7.30pm. Coming back to Magnetic Hill, the whole environment combines in such a way that it resembles as if the road is on an uphill, but actually it's on a downhill, it's an optical illusion created by the whole environment. In fact the whole journey was absolutely stunning with fabulous views all round, must visit for all age groups, I took some marvelous photos and videos to cherish. Happy travelling ... Enjoy !!!

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Vikas Baiplawat3.6/5

1 review

Feel the Power of Nature

i was in leh last summers.. visited so many places on of my fav. place was magnetic hill... u can feel the power of nature.. just park ur car iside the marking which is on road .. nd ur car starts moving automatically towards the hill.. its feel so amazing.. must visit this place

Sumit Sen4.3/5

538 reviews

A magical ride through the magnetic hill

This amazing hill lies on the highway connecting Srinagar to Leh via Kargil. Many tourist flock here to see cars being pulled uphill automatically and hence it is known as the Magnetic Hill. If you are one driving the care, you can understand that the car is actually pulled up to some extent or rather the uphill drive becomes easier than necessary.

Siddhartha Ganguly4.3/5

2 reviews


The magnetic hill was a treat to watch. It had been used in movies also. So awesome this place is, due to magnet effect, the car will move freely without any driver

Sekhar Sekhar3.9/5

4 reviews

A scientific place

you would need to first know what has to be done as there wont be any guideline on what to do. so get in touch with the driver and find out the magic. it seemed to be some magic which was good enough.

Gautham Gugulothu5.0/5

2 reviews

One of the Kind experience

This is a must visit place if you visit Leh. The magnetic hill exposes you to a rare phenomenon which wont experience anywhere else in the world. We reached the hill early in the morning and had a chance to see the miracle on a first hand basis. We were traveling by a toyota innova with 6 people inside. We just switched the engine let miraculous mountain do its job.

Raj Rana5.0/5

13 reviews

Stunning Place

No words Coming from my mouth,when you there you are feel like your vehicle is attracted by hills and even you also felt that way someone is trying to pull you back.I just loved this place,even very beautiful place and stinning view.

Shilpa Mantri5.0/5

9 reviews

Its magical

you park your car in the box made on the road and you will experience your car is moving on its own at a decent speed. Its truly magical. One of its kind.