Manas Mandir, Mahuli Fort
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Manas Mandir

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About Manas Mandir

Manas Mandir is also popularly known as Shri Bhuvan Bhanu Jain Manas Mandir Tirtha. It is the famous Jain Temple, which is situated at the base of the Mahuli hills. The temple exhibits a 76 ft dome, huge ceiling and  carvings and architectural work. A number of travellers and pilgrims visit the temple in order to explore the brass statue of Lord Mahavira placed within the temple. Besides, the temple also houses  panchaloha or 5 metals idol of Aadeshwar Bhagwan. Moreover, there is an ancient temple which has statues dating back to around 500 to 700 years and is situated close to the Manas Mandir.

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