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Mata Vaishno Devi Temple is one of the holiest pilgrimage sites for Hindus, which is positioned at an elevation of 5,200 ft in the Katra district. The shrine is a cave temple, dedicated to Goddess Shakti in the form of three natural rock formations, called the Pindis that represent the three goddesses. These are Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Kali and Goddess Saraswati and are positioned at a distance of 91 ft inside the cave.

The temple is located on Trikuta, a three-peaked mountain that is around 12 km from the base of the mountain. It is believed that the temple is nearly a million year old. The holy cave of Vaishno Devi is 98 ft long and has symbols of various Gods and Goddesses of Hindu mythology.

On the mouth of the cave, there is a rock symbol of Vakratunda Ganesha. Along with the Ganesha symbol, the symbols of Surabaya Dec and Chandler Dec are also carved in the temple.

According to the legend, Bhairav Nath, an evil was beheaded by the Goddess at the entry point to the holy cave. The rock formations along with sites of Dhaka and Laundry Beer are the chief attractions of the cave.


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Vaibhav Saxena

Vaibhav Saxena5.0/5

7 reviews


This was my fifth trip to Vaishno Devi, this time with friends in January, and as always I enjoyed my trip, darshans were very comfortable. Compared to the crowd I found in Jun 2017 it was pretty smooth for me. We started chadhaai at 4 PM and by 8:30 PM we were at Bhawan, some of us took bath and and did darshan at late night, after this we had dinner and started for Bhairo Nath and reached there in 1 hour or so. From Bhairo Nath it took us again 4:30 Hrs to come down and by 6 AM we were in Katra.Views are nice while doing chadhaai, one suggestion , one should never take stairs as it will make you drain off very fast, better go by the road , after Adhkumari it is a bit comfortable. Old people may prefer taking Helicopter services if they are running at that time.Jai Mata Di !!!

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Debasis patri

Debasis patri5.0/5

3 reviews

Jai Mata Di!

Eternal feeling drags me and my family to the shrine of Mata Vaishnodevi every year. This was my 11th visit to the shrine. There is no Best season to visit. Get Maas blessings throughout the year. If you like trekking this is the best place. 12.5 km from Katra you can use the stairs, can avoid the stairs, take a pony ride, take a helicopter and even sometimes can use the battery operated cars to cover the distance. Stop by to take breathtaking photos, have hot Rajma Chawal. Visit Bhaironnath to complete pilgrimage and for a great view of snow capped mountains. Jai Mata Di!

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Pradeep Ramachandran

Pradeep Ramachandran5.0/5

225 reviews

Wonderful place

wonder full place...before plan to mata vaishnav devi temple pls choose except june to feb 1st week. during the time rain and later winter will my case I have chooses feb last week and it was good time. if any old age people pls book helicopter well in advance it will come up and down around 2300 Rs.temple will open 24 hour's and we will get darshn as well.we opted horse from ban ganga and it will take around 1500 up and down. if you want to go barurn baba it will take 300 Rs extra.from ban ganga to bawan temple by house it will take 4 hours and around 13 kms. alm the way path is well maintained and neat and clean thanks to shrine board.i started from ban ganga around 4 pm and came back around 2 AM. get good darshn with less time. locker is getting is very difficult abd it looks more than 45 mins for me.

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  • Wonderful place
  • Wonderful place
  • Wonderful place
  • Wonderful place

Abhishek Anand

Abhishek Anand5.0/5

38 reviews

Jai Mata Di - Just be there

this is one place dat i had been longing to go and i was lucky dat i cud make a trip to visit one of the most holy place with my entire family. der is nothin new dat i can describe here but wud wna tel u ppl.... u shud visit it atlst once in ur life time if not more...

Prasad Hariharan

Prasad Hariharan4.3/5

12 reviews

With a little hardship and lot of faith

Its not easy to get Devis darshan that easily..I had been here in July and it was raining profusely ..helicopters were cancelled and i had to trek all th parents were also there with me was not at all easy ..all pre planning failed but in the end we made it fro the evening aarti and it was very fulfilling ..please dont book in the months from june to sept can be very difficult ..lockers ..srorage can be difficut to get ..keep in a store where they sell prasad..including your chappals and valuables..bargain and then hire ponies those people can loot you off your money..

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Ravi kant Chawla

Ravi kant Chawla5.0/5

2 reviews

Vaishno Devi

Such a beautiful ambience feel like heaven when you enter the hotel fine dining is the best in Van Durga Villas at Katra. This is a good choice of hotels in Katra (J & K). Fully Enjoy With Family.Thanks for Specially All Hotel Staff. Very Good Services.RK Chawla.

Abhishek Singh

Abhishek Singh4.3/5

74 reviews

Fastrack visit to Vaishno Devi Shrine

It was a very hectic trip I had to complete within 2 days from Mumbai. Boarded a late night flight to Delhi and then morning flight to Jammu from Delhi. Landed in Jammu by 9 am. Got an auto from outside airport gate to bus stand, paid Rs 100, almost 15-20 mins ride. The buses and shared cabs are available at bus stand, which drops at Katra. Buses are cheap, 60 bucks each but it takes around 2 to 2.5 hours.After reaching Katra I headed straight to the hotel and spent some time relaxing. Due to time constraint I decided to keep my mobile, belt and wallet at the hotel as these things are not allowed at the Bhavan (Main Temple) entrance and one need to stand in queue for getting lockers there. Please check the Shrine Boards website for detailed information before planning your trip.The day was bright and sunny and the temperature was around 30 degrees, surprising to feel heat in October. Hence, I decided to start at 4:30pm. The starting point is Banganga (around 1 to 1.5 km from Katra bus stand).I already had online (saved time) parchi booked which is must to carry to get an entry at Banganga. The parchi is issued free of cost online and offline by the Shrine Board. Better do not purchase prasad and chunnis from the foothill as it is expensive and a burden to climb with. Moreover, the shrine board has Bhaint (for purchasing Prasad and chunnis at official rates) counter at the entrance of Vaishno Devi's Temple (Bhawan) at the hilltop. Along the way there is counter where one must stamp the online parchi to authenticate the further journey. The most of the stretch is covered with the shed and the pathway is well laid. There are other options available to climb such as one can hire a pony, pithhu or palki. For a pony from Banganga to Bhawan, the charge was Rs 700 if I am correct. The official rate chart for all these are displayed at several locations, I saw people negotiating as well.There are numerous shops such as eateries, tea/coffee stalls, pharmacy, massage centres and shops for puja related stuffs, etc. The Shrine Board has its restaurants on the way at several locations. The rest rooms are provided at various locations along the climb. Lathis are also available at shops for Rs 20 each which when you return can get you back Rs 10. Just after travelling a km I started sweating like a hell as it was hot. Then I changed my strategy, I decided to take a break of 5-10 mins for every km reached, kept hydrating myself and took stairs wherever possible. The stairs are provided at several locations with the mention of number of steps. On the way up, do enjoy the scenic view of green mountain ranges and the distant view of Katra. Beware of monkeys, do not carry eating stuff or eat in open, they won't hesitate to accompany you. First stop is Charan Paduka which is at around 1 km from Banganga. After around 6 kms climb I reached Adhkuwari. There was a huge crowd and the people were awaiting their turn for the group numbers which was displayed at the entrance to get an entry for darshan. This place was bit crowded as many people were resting at this point. I had to skip Adhkuwari and I continued further.There are accommodation facilities provided at different locations, for further details you may like to go through the Shrines website. Even one can confirm and book their accommodation online (most of the online bookings are required to be done 4 days in advance)After further 3 km climb,I reached at Sanjhichhat.The temperature was getting lower with every km climb up. infact the cold wind actually made my journey comfortable. Depending upon the weather, one may chose to carry woolen cloth or shawl. During interaction with locals, they told that from mid of October till February the temperature goes down significantly. During peak winter, the temperature at Bhawan reaches to minus level. The Sanjhichhat, the highest point, isthe location where helicopter drops and from here on one has to cover around 2 to 3 kms walk till Mata's Shrine. Infact this section is easy to cover by walk.. It was such a relief and joy to reach the Bhawan. At the entrance of Bhawan, there are cloak rooms, helicopter booking, enquiry counter, Prasad counter where you can buy prasad and chunni, restaurants, etc. No leather belts, wallets, electronic gadgets and other belongings except prasad are allowed inside the temple, and it is to be deposited at the cloak room. I already kept all such stuffs at hotel except shoes which I put it on the open racks kept just before entry to the cloak room. There are designated bathing Ghats located near the temple The security guy asked me to produce the parchi which he collected. It is very important to keep the parchi without which security do not permit the entry. Just after the entry in to the temple building, the coconut (part of Bhaint) was collected by the Shrine guys instead provided the tokens in return. As it was Navratri (2ndday), the Bhawan premises and the temple was decorated with flowers and lighting beautifully. On that night, it took around 2 hours to get the darshan of the Mataji's Pindis, it was just 3-5 seconds glimpse. Felt blessed and happier. On return from the Bhawan, there are donation counters and Prasad counter. By producing the tokens provided earlier I collected the coconuts from the prasad counter and left the premises with the satisfaction of Mata's darshan.Next destination is Bhairon ghati which is further 2 kms from the Bhawan.On return it was relatively easy walk, took stairs wherever possible. With few breaks I returned to Banganga within 2 and half hours. It was 3 am by then. I had a flight to catch from Jammu on the same noon so I was in hurry. At the exit of Banganga, the autowalas demanded Rs 250 to drop at Katra Bus Stand which is just a few kms away. I with fellow devotees shared an auto and paid 50 each and reached hotel. Slept for few hours and then left Katra by cab which took 1.5 hours to reach Jammu airport and reached Mumbai by night. Thus this beautiful journey ended and became a part of wonderful memories.

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  • Fastrack visit to Vaishno Devi Shrine
  • Fastrack visit to Vaishno Devi Shrine

Aditya Parida

Aditya Parida4.3/5

2 reviews

Excellent visit to Mata Vaishnu Devi Temple

I had an opportunity to visit Mata vaishnu Devi temple after 27 years during 26 sep 2016. I could see the overall improvement and good work undertaken by the Shrine Board for the benefit of the yatris. All major portion are covered with nice path and the path is cleaned regularly. Though the battery cars are disturbing yet tolarable. Only disturbances created are by the tractors and mini trucks carrying construction materials, which need to be regulated and shifted to the lean hours as they were driving at a speed not bothering for the yatris.The weather was nice and cloudy with little rains. The darshan was good and yatris are overall happy. It is a trip to be experienced !!

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  • Excellent visit to Mata Vaishnu Devi Temple

Sunder acharya

Sunder acharya5.0/5

4 reviews

Spiritual experience

We recently visited Vaishno Devi Shrine. It was a very good experience for us. The shrine was very clean and well maintained and excellent support in all kinds.We stayed at the IRCTC guest house which was very ideal for us. Due to bad weather we did no get helicopter ride uphill but still we visited the shrine on horses and had a very fulfilling experience.

Swateek Jena

Swateek Jena4.6/5

33 reviews

Nice place

The only reason why you might want to visit Katra. The Shrine Board has made good arrangements of food and shelter along the way so that devotees don't face any trouble through their journey.

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