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Maval Srushti, Pune

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  • Appearance 4.6/7
  • Front Office 4/7
  • Service 4.7/7
  • Room 3.8/7
  • Food & Drink 4.3/7
  • Activities 4.6/7
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Sumit Kumar

  • Explorer
  • Sumit Kumar
  • 5 Reviews
  •  18 helpful votes
  •  1947 readers
  • 6.3/7
  •  Posted Apr 9, 2015
This hotel makes our trip adventurous. This hotel is located between forest. This hotel has many cottages inside the hotel. Road connecting this hotel is nice which is long drive from Mumbai via the excellent express highway. Rooms inside this hotel are spacious and clean. Staff is professional and well mannered.
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Amit Bhalerao

  • Scout
  • Amit Bhalerao
  • Lives in Pune
  • 1 Review
  •  20 helpful votes
  •  3293 readers
  • Verified Traveller
  • 5.1/7
  •  Posted Aug 16, 2014
Overall experience was good. Stay was comfortable. It was a visit with the family. It was conveniently located. Staff members were co operative. Appearance from inside and outside was quite good. They did not book room. Food was taken in the hotel. Food was okay. There was no delay in billing. Hotel did not provide pick and drop facility. Finally destination was value for money for one day.
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Vj .

  • Scout
  • Vj .
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 1 Review
  •  21 helpful votes
  •  6354 readers
  • 6.1/7
  •  Posted Nov 19, 2010
Long drive from Mumbai via the excellent express highway, taking a right from the Kamshet Dam after exiting from the lonavala exit, leads you to a narrow road. Almost cutting you off from the rest of the world. One hour drive from there over looking some beautiful mountain views and the backwaters of the Pawna Dam, small villages and farms and the scenic country side brings u at the gates of Girivan. Its a straight road after to u take turn from Kamshet, keep on looking signs of Girivan. Maval Srushti is a fantastic resort sprawling across 20 - 22 acres of mountainous terrain. The thick green foliage, blooming flowers (roses / lotus and many other) gives a pleasant site to your eyes.

Best Experience: The rustic and jungle like atmosphere totally cut-off from the outside world
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  • Scout
  • Anish
  • Lives in Pune
  • 2 Reviews
  •  31 helpful votes
  •  10800 readers
  • 2.9/7
  •  Posted May 25, 2007
The overall expericence of this place is just OK. The road to reach Maval Srushti is not all that good. The best time to visit this place might be monsoon, but then travelling to this place during monsoon might not be a very good experience.

Best Experience: This place has some good views and is good for a one day trip

Worst Experience: Over all the place doesn\'t have any charm. The food was BAD. Though we were informed that non-veg food was served, only after arriving at the lunch hall were we told that we need a group and have to inform them 1 day earlier to arrange for non-veg food.
Though we didn\'t stay overnight the rooms seenmed to be very small , they are not cottages by any standards. Unhygenic and un inviting.
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  • Scout
  • X
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 1 Review
  •  21 helpful votes
  •  6275 readers
  • 2.0/7
  •  Posted Apr 19, 2007
Their website said they have cottages. They have nothing of that sort (atleast as of Oct 2006 when we went there). Accomodation consisted of little rooms that are in poor condition. We had paid for extra beds (for kids), but they werenít already in place. Upon our arrival, they spoke to us as if they didnít know about the request.

Premises were badly maintained. The construction of various things in the premises was very low-budgetíish and of poor quality (eg. parapet walls, pathways, unpaven driveways, etc). A stray dog roamed about the eating area. We saw 2 dead frogs in the swimming pool. I could go on.

The web site is made impressively, but the place sucks. Donít get misled by the web site.

There was not even a check-in counter. Very unprofessional look and feel and service. They run the eating area like their personal kitchen.

The location (and scenery on the way to it) is very nice, they could have made this a fantastic hill resort. Instead they have totally screwed it up.

Will never go there again. I donít recommend this place to anyone.
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Ronak Shah

  • Expert
  • Ronak Shah
  • Highlander
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 220 photos
  • 28 Reviews
  •  66 helpful votes
  •  104707 readers
  • 6.5/7
  •  Posted Aug 27, 2006
If I had to mention our (My wife & Me) experience at Maval Srushti in just one word - Excellent. It is truly a 20 acre mountain paradise (as advertised by the resort owners). If you are a nature lover & like to be with nature this should be your ideal weekend gateway just one hr. from Pune & around 3 hrs. from Mumbai. Situated at height of 2800 Ft. (around 400 ft. more than Lonavala) the best time to visit this resort is during monssons as the pvt. waterfall (the best part of the resort) can be enjoyed during this season only. You can reach the waterfall & explore this big property with well marked treks which is another plus point of this resort. We also found thousands of plants, flowers & trees in the resort, in fact not a single area has been left without any plantation. The resort is a photographers delight as we found out (Photograhy being our new found passion) & spend most of our time clicking pictures, getting wet in the waterfall & enjoying three hearty meals in a day of Maharashtiran Veg. Cuisine. The resort also has two swimming pools one at the upper level & the other one at lower levels. It also has play areas for children & other activities include table tennis. The rooms do not have T.V. which is a plus point as you tend to spend more time with nature instead of exploring the idiot box. To sum up our experience at Maval Srushti, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay in the company of nature & minus T.V., Mobile (No mobile network), Newspapers, No vehicular traffic (Excpet for those visiting the resort) etc.,

Best Experience: Our entire stay was the hightlight & it was truly one of the best experience we had. There were no. of best experiences which I would like to share.
1] The Waterfall is the best attraction of this resort. We stayed at the resort for 3 nights / 4 days & each day we paid visit to this waterfall which can be approached through three different levels. The only negative part about this waterfall is that it is active only during monsoons (But that is in nature\'s hands). Also being a pvt. waterfall as it falls in the resorts own area outsiders are not allowed, which leaves entire waterfall to the guest of the resorts. In fact during early morning two of us were the only visitors to the waterfall that means we get to enojoy the same entirely.
2] Another good feature of this resort is that it does not allow smoking & drinking of alcohol - which keeps the trouble makers out of this resort.
3] The resort being eco-friendly has a no. of water tanks for storage & through out the year the water is supplied to the guests from this water tank. Hence the rain water is utilised at it\'s fullest.
4] The season being monsoon & the hot water facility being run on Solary Energy which is ineffective during this time, the resort has installed LPG based water heaters which is good. As a hot water bath is must after visiting the waterfall. The staff (room service boy) was very co-operative in delivering hot water buckets to our room.
5] Another of our best experience was at the dining hall. We being consumers of Stricly Jain food, the lady looking after the day to day work of resort (You may call her the manager - Ms. Chaya Joshi) took excellent care of our food habits & instructed the cooks about the same. Also she made a point that everyday we get different variety for breakfast & also looked after that vegetables were not repeated any day during our 4 day stay. If the crowd is more she herself sits down to help the cooking staff. Also everyday fresh vegetables were brought from nearby villages & Pune. The other staff is also very courteous & helpful.
6] On last day upon request our chek out time was extended from 11.00 AM to 4.00 PM, which is a sign of their excellent hospitality.
7] I came to know about this resort through India Resorts & then I visited Maval Srushti\'s website & after visiting the resort found out that everything mentioned in the website is exactly the same at the resort.
8] On the first day we found out that bathroom light of our room was not working & within 15 minutes of bringing the same to the notice of the resort staff it was rectified.
9] To protect insects & mosquitoes from entering the room all the windows in our room were fitted with nets & also Goodnight was provided.
10] We had uniterrupted power supply through out our stay with the help of generator as there is not govt. power here during monssons.

Worst Experience: Worst Experiences - Not exactly worst but still would like to mention:
1] Although the resort arranges for pick up to & from Pune (at extra cost) the resort vehicle did not come to pick us up at Pune Railway station & also did not drop us at railway station. We had to reach to the vehicle by taking a rikshaw.
2] The room & bathrooms although clean could still do with some makeover. For eg. We stayed for 4 days & found that to keep clothes & other luggage there is no space or cupboard. Although a door mat is provided at the entrance of the room it is not useful in cleaning the legs (most of the time your legs are wet) & whole room gets wet because of this as we have no option but to enter the room with wet legs.
3] We were not able to use swimming pools (two of them) as the water there was not clean. This may be because of the monssons.
4] The utensils (especially glasses & water jugs) used for serving food were not 100 % clean. This is one area where they need to improve.
5] Although we were more than satisfied with the food being served but a little bit of variety in food will do a lot of good for the resorts non-maharashtrians guest.
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  • Scout
  • Prafulla
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 2 photos
  • 1 Review
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  •  8396 readers
  • 2.1/7
  •  Posted Jun 28, 2006
If experience about Nature & Surroundings is left behind, rest of the things including Resort Management, Room Service, Food, Cleanliness was one of the worst things i ever seen in Nature Trail.

Best Experience: Only the Place itself, Greenery, Mountains and Climate was Good.

Worst Experience: How many do i have share. The list is endless.........

1. No Room Service available at all. Dirty plates were kept outside of my Room for 3 days (it belongs to the people who already checkedout, before we arrived there.)

2. Food quality is not upto the mark.. and also it was short in our case. we had to wait long when they cooked it again...

3. When we booked Resort, we were promised that Food & other things will be available anytime, anywhere at no extra charge, but duing our stay, I felt, that, I am in Dharmashala, where timing for breakfast, food etc are fixed, which is surely not applicable for Resort.

4. As concern with safety issues, almost rooms allotted to us has a gap between door and tiles, which allows insects, snakes to enter in the room in night time. Photos is attached herewtih.

5. we were promised that, swimming pools will be ready with fresh water, but we visited there, only one swimming pool was in use, other was not in use. when asked for explanation, they said that it will get filled with water today (24th evening), but till the time we left, it was in the same condition.

I feel this is more than enough, otherwise, we were 35 people, who stayed there and each of us has a big list for this...

May be... some of them, may share their experiences........
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Vinay Pandey

  • Connoisseur
  • Vinay Pandey
  • Highlander
  • Lives in Pune
  • 13 photos
  • 22 Reviews
  •  163 helpful votes
  •  68508 readers
  • 4.6/7
  •  Posted Nov 9, 2005
Maval Srushti is very nice place for people who love to be in splendour of nature. The flowers, plants, butterflies and mountains will live you with a feeling of bliss! Very good for health too as the environment is absolutely unpolluted. Those interested in photography will never know how time flies by!

Best Experience: Morning walk through the pathways of resort and evening walk on the main road from resort to Ganpati temple and back is truly relaxing experience.

Worst Experience: Mosquitoes at night. Overall management is not quite satisfactory.
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M.kantharaj Shetty

  • Scout
  • M.kantharaj Shetty
  • Lives in Mumbai
  • 1 Review
  •  20 helpful votes
  •  8245 readers
  • 2.6/7
  •  Posted Oct 4, 2005
The rooms were awfully unhygenic. The tarrif too was not as advertised.

One couldnt get closer to nature here as the rooms had roaches and lizards. I had to spend a sleepless night after a rat bit my fingers while I was asleep.

Best Experience: NONE
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Anuradha Miraji

  • Tourist
  • Anuradha Miraji
  • Cityslicker
  • Lives in Bangalore
  • 9 photos
  • 4 Reviews
  •  51 helpful votes
  •  24790 readers
  • 5.0/7
  •  Posted Aug 24, 2005
I came across Maval Srusti through Indian Resorts Survey, which led me to the website. I fell in love with it - the website was so well designed complete with a location map though the tariff was not available but u cannot expect everything right?
As 15th August was booked, my husband and me opted for the next weekend - Saturday being a holiday on account of Parsi New Year.
It\'s a hour ride from, Kothrud Pune and the road are best suited for a bike ride with negligible pothholes and minimum traffic.
Once there, we were escorted to our room facing the valley. The resort is on top of a hill and the view of the valley is awesome, surrounded by thick forest. This resort is a project by the Joshi\'s - contributing their bit to conserving the nature as there are several variety of plants planted all over; no campfire allowed as it requires cutting of trees and closer home - no smoking or drinking or television or tape recorder.
And that is precisely what gives you time and peace to enjoy a game of table tennis, carrom and a relaxed swim.
Food is Maharastrian complete with a sweet dish and I should say dinner is better than lunch. Afternoon snack and tea are welcomed, specially if you are visiting on a cloudy day.
The room service is plesant, already with a smile on their faces.
The highlight other than the games is the beautiful waterfall , which comes after over a 100 steps is a trek with beautiful plants and flowers along the way. We even caught an ant-hill. Photographers, nature lovers, garderners or just about anyone - one place beautiful to occupy anybody - and don\'t forget to stand a while and smell the nature all over you.

Best Experience: The trek up and down was beautiful - saw some beautiful flowers and plants. Also mixed with other visitors at a game of table tennis. The experienced of riding up a hill and living in a thick forest was just wonderful - something I always wanted to do. the clouds were touching the hill - tops but then they got the rains as well. Got some beautiful pictures.
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Maval Srushti Overview

Maval Srushti is located in Hotle village. The property is 50 kms away from Lohgaon, Pune Airport. The nearest railhead is in Lonavla, which is 40 Kms away.

Rooms and Amenities at Maval Srushti

The hotel has 25 standard Non-Ac rooms. The amenities provided by Maval Srushti are Car rental, Swimming pool, Conference hall, Laundry service, Car parking and Foreign exchange. The hotel has a pure vegetarian in-house restaurant.

Facilities at a Glance
Conference Facilities
Laundry Service
Parking Facility
Car Rental
Travel Desk

Maval Srushti Address

Near Pavna Dam, Pune
Maharashtra - 411030

Maval Srushti belongs to

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