Weekend Getaways from Nagpur

37 tourist places to visit near Nagpur

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Nagpur Weekend Getaways and Tourist Places to Visit

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Nagpur is a picturesque city that attracts nature and history lovers alike. No wonder, then, that most holidays can be made in its nearby locations – if not within. For travellers who wish to head to nearby places for day-long tours or on weekends, have number of choices. So, pick your choice from the list of these weekend getaways from Nagpur.

Places to see within 100 kms

Wardha is a small town that is nestled away from all of the noise and bustle of the city and is perfect for those who love quiet getaways. There are many ashrams that are set up in Wardha for a calm weekend trip near Nagpur. These ashrams have been set up over the past century or so. There is also a museum that shows innovations and technologies with regard to the rural sector of the country.

Another famous picnic spot near Nagpur is Ramtek, situated just 48 kilometres away from the city. Ramtek is home to one of the most historic Lord Ram temples in the country. It is believed that Lord Ram spent some time in Ramtek during his time in exile and the temple is a testimony to that. There are also many Jain temples that have been built in Ramtek that provide the ideal location for anyone who wishes for a short-day trip around the city of Nagpur.

Tourist places within 200 kms

For those who have time for weekend getaways from Nagpur that are within the 200 kilometre range, they should waste no time in visiting Tadoba Andhari Tiger Project, situated at a distance of just 131 kms by road. The famous wildlife park is home to many of India’s endangered and indigenous animals such as the Indian tiger, leopards, sloth bears, hyenas, spotted and other animals. The park stretches for miles and the safari trip is something that needs to be taken to spot the tigers in the park.

Another great place for weekend getaways in Nagpur is Seoni in Madhya Pradesh. For lovers of the classic children’s book, Jungle Book, Seoni is the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling. The jungles are home to some of the rarest and amazing species of flora and fauna in the country and can refresh anybody who is looking for a nice getaway from the city life of Nagpur. Seoni is also home to some great and quiet villages and hamlets around the area where one can spend a nice weekend with the greenery and beauty of Seoni.

Places to visit within 300 kms

Another one of Nagpur weekend getaways is Pachmarhi located about 257 kms by road from the city. Pachmarhi is a famous hill station in Madhya Pradesh which is also known as the Queen of the Satpuras. The forests that surround the hills are known to have some amazing medicinal herbs as well as fresh, clean and cool air missing from the city life. Pachmarhi is also home to some great waterfalls and sightseeing options that one can visit whenever they get the opportunity. Being one of the important cities of India for tourism, it is also a great place to click a few photos or images.

Other great places for weekend getaways Nagpur has to offer for tourists, especially the ones who enjoy sightseeing and love nature at its finest is Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, located about 273 kms from the city. Jabalpur is known for its superb rock formations and water bodies that surround it and make it an ideal picnic spot for a nice and enjoyable weekend with family or with loved ones. Apart from this, there are also boat ridings and waterfalls to look forward to. For people who love history, Jabalpur is known to be a sacred place for Jain pilgrims as there is a Pisanhari Ki Madiya dedicated to Jainism.

Other weekend getaways around Nagpur

For getaways from Nagpur that are best visited when one has time for a long weekend is Hingoli in the state of Maharashtra. Hingoli is at a distance of 329 kms from the city and is a holy place of worship. Hingoli has many incredible stone carvings and temples that can be visited by tourists apart from other rock formations that one can take time out from their hectic city life to visit. Hingoli is a place that had importance during the British Raj as it was of crucial strategic importance. The farm house that was used as a base during their rule is still present to this day.

Other Nagpur getaways that one can take on a very long weekend from the city are a trip to Raipur in Chhattisgarh. The journey is about 300 kms but it is one that can be taken if one has a lot of free time. Raipur is home to some famous attractions, temples and darshans that are of great importance to Hinduism. Besides, a nice change of scene from the city is always good and Raipur will be able to provide a nice getaway from the city.

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