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Namdapha Tourist Places

Hornbill, Namdapha
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Places to Visit in Namdapha
  • Type: Sanctuary
Hornbill is a site situated within Namdapha, which is famous for spotting four hornbill species, namely white-throated brown hornbill and great hornbill. Besides hornbill, tourists can also spot white-tailed flycatchers, streaked wren-babblers, large scimitar babblers and pied falconets. Read More »
Deban, Namdapha
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Places to Visit in Namdapha
  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Deban, situated on the north bank of the Dihing River, is the main tourist attraction in Namdapha National Park. Serving as the headquarters of the forest department in Namdapha, Deban is the only site in the entire park where permanent accommodation can be found. It is a popular birdwatching... Read More »
Haldibari, Namdapha
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Places to Visit in Namdapha
  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Haldibari is a forest department designated campsite, which is located 3 km away from Deban. Originally known as the permanent forest department patrolling camp, the site is known for bird watching and wildlife spotting, like minivets and orioles. Other bird species that can be seen are... Read More »
Bulbulia, Namdapha
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Places to Visit in Namdapha
  • Type: Sanctuary
Bulbulia is located about 2 km away from Hornbill and is famous as the site of a sulphur-methane spring. The site is popularly known as Lisu as Aji-polo, which means the ‘place of bubbling water’. On the path leading to Bulbulia, where spot grey peacock pheasants, capped langur,... Read More »
Firmbase, Namdapha
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Places to Visit in Namdapha
  • Type: Sanctuary
Firmbase is a former army camp site, which is situated at the confluence of Namdapha and Dihing rivers. Tourists visiting the site can spot sambar in the extensive grasslands. White-bellied herons, wild dogs, small cats, bears and even tigers can be spotted at this site. Read More »
Moti Jheel, Namdapha
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Places to Visit in Namdapha
  • Type: Sanctuary
Moti Jheel, located in the buffer zone of Namdapha National Park, is a small natural pool. Located in Gibbon’s Land, the pool can be approached via the path, which runs through deciduous and semi-evergreen forests. While walking on the path leading to the pool, tourists can catch glimpse of... Read More »
Miao Mini Zoo, Namdapha
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Places to Visit in Namdapha
  • Type: Zoo
Miao Mini Zoo is home to animal species like hoolock gibbons, Assamese macaques, stump-tailed macaque, pig-tailed macaque and slow loris. Tourists visiting the zoo can also spot Himalayan palm civet, porcupines and leopard cats. This zoo is located just opposite the Field Director’s Office.... Read More »
Rani Jheel, Namdapha
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Places to Visit in Namdapha
  • Type: Sanctuary
Rani Jheel is a popular birdwatching spot, where tourists can spot white-winged wood duck occasionally. Surrounded by evergreen forests, the lake is ideal site for spotting gibbons. It is also a campsite, where tourists can camp for overnight stay. A walk from Hornbill will take 4 to 5 hrs to... Read More »
Miao Museum, Namdapha
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Places to Visit in Namdapha
  • Type: Museum
Miao Museum exhibits collection of animal specimens of Namdapha and surrounding areas. This museum is managed by the Namdapha Park authorities and is situated near the Field Director’s Office. Visitors can see the specimens of several snakes and frogs along with the bird skins, mammal pelts... Read More »
Miao Reserve Forest, Namdapha
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Places to Visit in Namdapha
  • Type: Sanctuary
Miao Reserve Forest is located towards the west of Namdapha National Park. This reserve forest is ideal for birdwatching, as tourists can catch a glimpse of wreathed and rufous-necked hornbills. Streaked Wren-babbler and Golden-crested Myna can also be spotted in this forest. This... Read More »
Raja Jheel, Namdapha
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Places to Visit in Namdapha
  • Type: Sanctuary
Raja Jheel is a forest swamp, which lies between Hornbill and Firmbase. The main attraction of this pool is the diverse birdlife that can be seen on the way. Read More »
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