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Nathula Tourist Places

Tsomgo Lake, Nathula
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Places to Visit in Nathula
  • Type: Lake
The Lake of Tsomgo is located about 35 km from Gangtok on the old trade route from India to China, which is on the Gangtok-Nathula Highway. Before the year 1962, the caravans of mules transferred goods through this route. This lake is frozen during the winters because of the extremely low... Read More »
Nathula Pass, Nathula
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Places to Visit in Nathula
  • Type: Heritage Site
Nathula pass is located on the Indo-Chinese border, which passes through Tsongo Lake about 55 km from Gangtok. The pass remains covered with snow throughout the year. The pass was once the trade route between Tibetan and Indian merchants. Nathula pass was the place that witnessed large-scale... Read More »

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