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Located adjacent to the Himalayan Mountaineering Institute, the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoo is a unique Zoo. It is situated at an altitude of 2133.5 meters against the glorious background of the majestic Kanchenjunga.

The zoo specializes in breeding animals adapted to alpine conditions, and has successfully bred the Snow leopard, the critically endangered Himalayan wolf and Red Panda while in captivity. Spread over an area of 44 hectares, the zoo attracts over 3 lakh visitors every year.

The high altitude wild life park is home to the Siberian Tiger, Himalayan Black Bear, gorals (mountain goat), deer, panther, llama and a variety of endangered birds. If you are an animal lover who has always fancied adopting a fluffy panda or a Himalayan cat, this is your chance. The Zoo has embarked upon a mission to involve the community in animal welfare. You canm adopt one of the zoo's animals and pay for its upkeep. A really novel idea and a great way to go Green!

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Reviews and Ratings

Jai Kishore

Jai Kishore5.0/5

8 reviews

Zoological park

The zoological park visited on 10th January 2018 was amazing, the animals found in cold places is there in zoo, the animals houses was amazing, all types of animals was there that can't be viewed in Delhi and plane area. The animals visited like Lal Panda, Black panther, various types of reptiles.

Nayan mukherjee

Nayan mukherjee4.3/5

2 reviews

Wonderful zoo

Enjoyed the zoo visit immensely.There is a very cute bear and loved the act it puts up.There are many rare animals like snow leapord and black panther needless to mention the red panda...when we visit we encourage them to take nore care and concern for nature.So I feel everyone must visit the zoo.

Rajesh kumar

Rajesh kumar4.6/5

18 reviews

Rare Animals and Birds

We reached by car.It is on the hills.It takes some energy.At the bottom there will be many shops available for refreshment.Zoo is properly maintained.We saw snow leopard,red panda,snow wolf,black panther and many other rare species.It is really good to see most rare species.Red panda is more active.
  • Rare Animals and Birds
  • Rare Animals and Birds
  • Rare Animals and Birds
  • Rare Animals and Birds

Avik _bongyatra

Avik _bongyatra5.0/5

34 reviews

A fantastic experience

The zoo is an elaborated one and have varities of animals..It's well maintained and the ticket is also nominal..But what I felt is that it should expand the number of animals a bit from it's current version..A variety of rare species and Himalayan animals are preserved over there.. Right from Red pandas, snow leapord to Bengal tiger, Bear etc. are all there....Overall a tourist paradise to say the least..

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Rapolu Nikhil

Rapolu Nikhil5.0/5

14 reviews

Superb park

Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park is a 67.56-acre zoo in the town of Darjeeling in the Indian state of West Bengal. The zoo was opened in 1958, and an average elevation of 7,000 feet, is the largest high altitude zoo in India.I visited this park two years ago. I saw many animals which are first time to see.many animals and birds

Ashish Shukla

Ashish Shukla4.3/5

107 reviews

Nice zoo

It was a nice zoo.. There were many kinds of tigers in the zoo.. The key highlight was red panda which didnt come out of his burrow as it was raining.. Overall a nice experience.
  • Nice zoo
  • Nice zoo
  • Nice zoo
  • Nice zoo

Swakhar Pachal

Swakhar Pachal5.0/5

109 reviews

A great mountain zoo.

The zoo is one of the best sightseeing places of Darjeeling. It is famous for a lot of rare species of animals like red panda, snow leopard, clouded leopard, black panthar, tiger etc. The zoo is very clean and surrounded by big trees. It is a walking distance from Darjeeling chowrasta. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park homes for a lot of birds and animals. So, it is a big treat for any wildlife lover especially who want to discover some rare animals.

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  • A great mountain zoo.
  • A great mountain zoo.
  • A great mountain zoo.
  • A great mountain zoo.

Kausik Mandal

Kausik Mandal5.0/5

36 reviews

Marvelous Sightseeing . .

We entered the place with not much with anticipation, but it was really a worthy visit to this place. We have came over few zoos in our touring life, but this time we enjoyed most. It seemed to us that the animals & birds all are staying in their own houses. The natural ambience made the atmosphere perfect for the visitors too. The main attraction is red panda. But a variety of birds and animals is the very good return of time & money.

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  • Marvelous Sightseeing . .
  • Marvelous Sightseeing . .

Gurjot Singh

Gurjot Singh5.0/5

5 reviews

Nice and tidy Zoo

It is a good place to visit if you are an animal lover.This zoo has some very unique birds and animals. Tiger is a main attraction of the zoo.There are many outlets for snacks and refreshments.It is not a big zoo, so anybody can enjoy a small visit.

Suvobroto Ray chaudhuri

Suvobroto Ray chaudhuri5.0/5

57 reviews

Gives different experience

I have been to this zoo a number of times. It is one of the well maintained zoo that I have visited till date. Walking uphill and down hill while watching animals in the open gives a different experience.

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