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Auroville, Pondicherry
Rank 1
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Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Auroville City is considered to be a ‘City of Dawn’ that is situated around 8 km from the main town of Pondicherry. It lies on the East Coast Road and was founded by Mirra Richard in 1968. This city was designed by the French architect Roger Anger with the purpose of achieving human... Read More »
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Raj Niwas, Pondicherry
Rank 2
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Places to Visit in Pondicherry
Raj Niwas is known as the ‘Palais du Gouvernement’, which was built during  18th century. It is now the residence of the Lt. Governor of Pondicherry, which is open to common public. There is an old court inside the complex, which houses the Legislative Assembly. The monolithic... Read More »
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Villianur, Pondicherry
Rank 3
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Places to Visit in Pondicherry
Villianur covers an area of around 65 sq. km and is situated near the main town of Pondicherry. This place has an old Sri Gokilambal Thirukameshwar Temple, which represents an amazing architecture style. There is an annual car festival held at this temple, which attracts large number of... Read More »
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Manakula Vinayagar Temple, Pondicherry
Rank 4
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Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Place of Worship
The Manakula Vinayagar Temple is a beautiful, huge temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is situated just behind the Raj Niwas. This temple was built around 5 centuries back and the idol of Lord Ganesha is locally known as Vellakkaran Pillai. Vinayaka Chaturthi and the 18 days celebration of... Read More »
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Nedungadu, Karaikal
Rank 5
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Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Religious Place
Nedungadu is famous for housing an ancient shrine named Sri Tantonreeswara Temple that is believed to be constructed during the Chola period. Several architectural excavations were conducted at the site in 1948, which resulted in discovery of bronze images of various gods and goddesses.... Read More »
Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Pondicherry
Rank 6
Ranked 6 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Religious Place
Sri Aurobindo Ashram was founded in 1926 by Aurobindo Ghose. It is the famous place, where Aurobindo preached his ideas about peaceful community. This ashram comprises several buildings and there are around 1,200 members along with 400 students living in this centre. It is segregated into varied... Read More »
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Kottucherry, Karaikal
Rank 7
Ranked 7 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Place of Worship
Kottucherry, located on the northern side of Karaikal, is famous for an ancient temple of Sri Kodeeswaramudayar. The temple premises house a statue, a broken ‘kuthuvilakku’ and some other vessels that were discovered from Perumal Koil Maidan in March 1972 and are presently used for... Read More »
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Pondicherry Beach, Pondicherry
Rank 8
Ranked 8 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Beach
Pondicherry Beach is a popular beach, which is a perfect venue for enjoying the cool breeze and relaxing after a tiring day. This is a secluded beach which is surrounded by cafeterias, resorts, cottages and restaurants offering traditional cuisines. It is also an ideal place for sunbathing,... Read More »
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Pondicherry Museum, Pondicherry
Rank 10
Ranked 10 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Museum
The Pondicherry Museum is situated in the Bharathi Park and is known for its unique collection of sculptures. There is a big gallery decorated with statues, along with the archaeological findings dating back to the Arikamedu Roman Settlement. The museum also has a wide collection of snail shells... Read More »
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Arikamedu, Pondicherry
Rank 11
Ranked 11 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Historic Place
Arikamedu is a result of extensive excavations carried out in the town, which was once a prominent trading centre between India and Rome. There are remnants of wine jars, Roman coins and other important things found at this site. It is believed to be a Roman settlement that is around 2000 years... Read More »
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Navagraha Temples, Karaikal
Rank 12
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Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Temple
The Navagraha Temples, dedicated to nine grahas in Hindu mythology, form a group of nine different temples that are located in and around Karaikal. Featuring the architectural styles of the Chola Empire, the grahas enshrined in the temples are believed to have association with the nine celestial... Read More »
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Bharathi Park, Pondicherry
Rank 13
Ranked 13 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Park
The Bharathi Park is also known as the Government Park, which houses the Aayi Mandapam or the Park Monument. This park is surrounded by Government Hospital, Pondicherry Private Club, the Legislative Assembly, Lt. Governor’s Palace and Ashram Dining Room. Once called as ‘Place du... Read More »
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Chunnambar Boat House, Pondicherry
Rank 14
Ranked 14 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Chunnambar Boat House, the popular boating venue, is famous for its backwaters and lush greenery on either side. Tourists can enjoy boating at the Boat House situated near the Chunnambar River. This site is located at around 8 km from the main town of Pondicherry and can be reached by bus, taxi... Read More »
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Promenade Beach, Pondicherry
Rank 15
Ranked 15 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
Promenade is around 1.5 km long, which run along the Pondicherry beach in the town. This long stretch has statues of Jeanne d’Arc Dupleix and Mahatma Gandhi, the heritage building ‘Mairie’ and War Memorial built by French. It also has 27 metres tall Old Lighthouse, Gandhi Thidal... Read More »
Romain Rolland Library, Pondicherry
Rank 16
Ranked 16 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Romain Rolland Library is one of the oldest libraries in the country, which was established in 1872 and was previously called as Bibliotheque Publique. The name was changed to Romain Rolland, who was a French scholar and a close associate of Mahatma Gandhi. There are more than 315,000 books kept... Read More »
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Plage Paradiso, Pondicherry
Rank 17
Ranked 17 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Beach
Plage Paradiso is commonly known as the Paradise Beach, which is located at Chunnambar. This place is situated close to the main town of Pondicherry and is known for the golden sand, cool breeze and beautiful sunrise that attracts travellers coming to Pondicherry. Beach volleyball, water sports... Read More »
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Karaikal Ammaiyar, Karaikal
Rank 18
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Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Religious Place
Karaikal Ammaiyar is a small shrine, which is dedicated to Karaikal Ammaiyar, the only woman out of the sixty three Nayanmars. Constructed by Malaiperumal Pillai in 1929, this temple is known for the huge idol of this lady saint. Popularly known as Goddess Punithavati, this woman and the episodes... Read More »
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Dharmapuram, Karaikal
Rank 19
Ranked 19 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
  • Type: Place of Worship
Dharmapuram is situated on the west of Karaikal and is famous for housing the shrine of Sri Yazhmurinatheeswarar. It is believed the temple was visited by Thirugnanasambandar, a saint, who sang a Pathigam in praise of the enshrined deity. Read More »
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French War Memorial, Pondicherry
Rank 20
Ranked 20 of 59
Places to Visit in Pondicherry
French War Memorial is situated at Promenade of Goubert Avenue in Pondicherry. It is mainly a gravestone that is dedicated to the defence personnel, which died during the First World War. On 14th July, an annual remembrance is organised at this memorial site to honour the soldiers who died during... Read More »
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