Weekend Getaways from Pune

93 places to visit around Pune

  • Heritage (34)
  • Beach (24)
  • Hill (21)
  • Pilgrimage (18)
  • Waterfront (10)
  • Adventure (9)
  • Jungle (7)

About Pune Weekend Getaways

With the advent of rapid urbanization, Pune is soon becoming a city that is getting populated and very crowded. Also, with many companies setting up their bases in the city, the urban crowd has shot up over the past decade or so and it becomes hard to get used to the city life that has been adopted in Pune. To get away from all of the noise and bustle, it is important that one is able to take a break and travel to some places near Pune to feel rejuvenated and content; Pune’s nearby places or destinations promises that.

There are many places to visit near Pune which are easily accessible and they must be explored by those who are living in and around the city. The best places to visit near Pune are in plenty but the best place to visit near Pune for the beauty of the outdoors is Lonavala. Places to see near Pune or the picnic spots near Pune are ideal getaways for lazy weekends. There are many hotels in Pune and resorts in Pune where you can choose to accommodate in.

Upto 100 km away

For some great Pune getaways that are within the vicinity or very close to the city, one must not forget to visit Lonavala. Situated at a distance of just 66 kilometres from Pune city, Lonavala has some of the most scenic and greenery for miles that one could only dream off. Surrounded by amazing hills from the Western Ghats, the cool breeze that is ever present in Lonavala make it the perfect location for those looking for quick Pune weekend trips with family or with loved ones. There are many other things to do there, such as trekking, sightseeing and basic rejuvenation for the soul and body.

Another place that is great for getaways from Pune is Raigad that is present around 57 kilometres from Pune. Home to the very famous Raigad Fort, the place is of importance to Maratha culture and history. This is because the Maratha warrior and king, ChhatrapatiShivaji made Raigad his capital when he was crowned back in 1674.

The fort offers some breath-taking views of the surrounding hills and also serves as an excellent location for history and trekking enthusiasts. The fort also offers other attractions such as the tomb of Shivaji’s mother, Jijabai and also a statue of Shivaji. Raigad is perfect for quick getaways from Pune over the weekend.

100-200 km away

Some other great weekend getaways Pune has to offer owing to its proximity to the Western Ghats is the quaint and picturesque town of Matheran. Present at a distance of just 122 km away from Pune, Matheran is the best place for anyone who loves the sounds and sights of nature. It also has some of the most beautiful hills and viewpoints that can put a wonderful weekend into perspective. Lot of people have known to visit Matheran during the summers and leave with a content mind and feeling rejuvenated. There are many points and the area is recognized as an eco sensitive zone which means the only modes of transport in Matheran are horses and hand-pulled rickshaws.

Another one of the amazing places around Pune that one can escape for weekend getaways from Pune is Alibaug, which is about 141 kilometres away from Pune. The place is best suited for those who love beaches as Alibaug has some amazing stretches of sandy beaches that overlook the legendary Arabian Sea. Further, there are other activities that you can immerse yourself in such as visiting the Siddeshwar Temple and the Alibaug Fort that is present in the town itself. There is also a synagogue build near Alibaug for tourists to visit.

200-300 km away

If you have the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend in Pune, waste no time in spending it at Aurangabad. Serving as the perfect location for Pune weekend getaways, Aurangabad holds an important spot in the history of the Mughal Era in India. It is one of the biggest tourist hubs in the country as it is surrounded by the world famous Ajanta and Ellora caves that together are certified UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also the tourism capital of Maharashtra and is a must visit for a weekend trip from Pune.

Another one of the places to visit around Pune that is a great spot for a weekend destination near Pune is Daman and Diu. These Union Territories are surrounded by some beautiful views of the Arabian Sea and can be experienced over a long weekend. They are home to some exquisite Portuguese architecture that has influenced the region during the 1700s and also to some of the biggest ports in the country. Daman and Diu serve as the perfect location if one is looking for a long drive from Pune city and a much deserved weekend break from the busy city life.

Daman and Diu, owing to its Union Territory status has subsidized prices for alcohol and petrol which makes it an ideal weekend getaway for anyone looking to have some good fun. It also has many churches and places to visit where one can relax over a weekend and return feeling refreshed.

More than 300 km away

For lovers of nature and greenery, Dijapur is the perfect weekend getaway in Pune. Tourists can have a brilliant time with family, especially with little ones by visiting the bison sanctuary. The Dijapur bison sanctuary is home to some of the biggest bison in and around the Maharashtra region. The natural flora and fauna is something that one cannot miss and will bring happiness to anyone. Dajipur is the first wildlife sanctuary in Maharashtra. Other animals that one can spot while on a trip here are wild deer, chital, gawa as well as thousands of other species of birds and animals.

Another great piece of ancient history that is present not too far from Pune is the Ajanta and Ellora caves. The cave monuments are home to some of the oldest natural monuments in the world. History and adventure enthusiasts are in for a treat owing to the sensitive nature of the caves. Ajanta and Ellora caves date back to the 1st and 2nd Century B.C. and are said to be the finest surviving examples of art from the country ever.

Pune, being a hub for start-ups and entrepreneurs, can be quite busy and hectic during the week. The ideal weekend getaways from Pune are those that are relaxing and laidback. Known for its automobile and IT industry, the city of Pune is also a beautiful hilly city that has ideal weather.