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Rangareddy is mostly preferred by travellers from Mudabidri. The go to destination for types of travellers, be it family, kids and couples, Rangareddy is, however, mostly preferred by Couple, Single. The best season or months to visit places in Rangareddy are February, October, November, December. There are 13 tourist places in Rangareddy, which can be explored by travellers. Local attractions can be visited at any time of the day, be it early morning, afternoon, evening or night, as suitable for travellers. Sightseeing in Rangareddy can be done by travellers, which will take half a day or one day, but to see all sightseeing places, travellers need to stay in Rangareddy for 2 days to 3 days.
Travellers can also download's Rangareddy Travel Guide to learn about places to visit in Rangareddy, browse through photos & pictures, explore Rangareddy using a map, and read sightseeing reviews. Recently reviewed tourist attractions in Rangareddy, which are great places to visit, are Anantagiri Hills, Chilkur, Shamirpet Lake, Shilparamam, Durgam Cheruvu. Rangareddy can be visited in summer, monsoon or winter.

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Shilparamam, Rangareddy

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Rangareddy Tourist Places

  • Type: Village
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Shilparamam, Rangareddy
Rank 1
Ranked 1 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
Average Rating
5.9 / 7 1
4 Ratings & 3 Reviews
Shilparamam is an architecturally significant village of the Rangareddy District. This village is spread over a total area of 50 acres and is situated in the town of Madhapur, which is also known as the Hi-tech city. This village displays ancient and exquisite arts and crafts... Read More »
  • Type: Village
Chilkur, Rangareddy
Rank 2
Ranked 2 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
Average Rating
7.0 / 7 1
2 Ratings & 1 Review
The Village of Chilkur is a small village situated in the premises of Himayath Sagar Lake of Rangareddy District. This village is not only a scenic spot, but is also a religious site due to the presence of a large Balaji temple at the place. Situated close to the Sagar Lake,... Read More »
"Famous Balaji Temple"Feb 27, 2016
  • Type: Picnic Spot
Anantagiri Hills, Rangareddy
Rank 3
Ranked 3 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
Average Rating
6.0 / 7 1
1 Rating & 1 Review
Anantagiri Hills are popular sightseeing as well as picnic spots in the Rangareddy District. These hills form a part of the Anantagiri Hill Range and are a popular hill station and an upcoming summer resort. This place mainly comprises ancient cave like structures and several... Read More »
"Beautiful places"3 months ago
  • Type: Lake
Shamirpet Lake, Rangareddy
Rank 4
Ranked 4 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
Average Rating
6.0 / 7 1
1 Rating & 1 Review
The Shamirpet Lake is a huge lake situated in the Shamirpet Mandal of Rangareddy City. It lies at a distance of 42 km from Hyderabad and is a famous weekend gateway providing fresh air and solitude. Several guest houses present near this lake also facilitate accommodation for... Read More »
  • Type: Lake
Durgam Cheruvu, Rangareddy
Rank 5
Ranked 5 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
Average Rating
4.8 / 7 1
21 Ratings & 14 Reviews
Durgam Cheruvu is another significant lake of the Rangareddy District. This lake is the most unspoilt and the quietest one in the region. Its surroundings include unique rock mounds, whose presence here marks the boundaries of the plateau of this lake. The... Read More »
  • Type: Picnic Spot
Himayath Sagar, Rangareddy
Rank 6
Ranked 6 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
The Himayath Sagar is a picturesque picnic spot situated at 24 km distance, from the city of Hyderabad. The word ‘sagar’ associated with this lake means ‘ocean’ in Sanskrit and describes well, the massive expanse of water in it. The water of this lake... Read More »
  • Type: Place of Worship
Maheshwaram, Rangareddy
Rank 7
Ranked 7 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
Maheshwaram is a popular pilgrimage centre situated in the Rangareddy District. The main attraction of the place is the ruins of an ancient Shiva temple. Apart from this temple, the place also comprises two fortresses namely Shiva Ganga and Vishnu Ganga, along with a Kacheri... Read More »
  • Type: Religious Place
Keesaragutta, Rangareddy
Rank 8
Ranked 8 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
Keesaragutta is a unique hillock situated in the district of Rangareddy, which is famous for being home to a thousand Shiva Lingams. This hillock is famous as one of the places where Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva. An ancient temple is also present within its premises, which... Read More »
  • Type: Offbeat Attraction
Dhola Ri Rani, Rangareddy
Rank 9
Ranked 9 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
The Dhola Ri Rani is a popular and unique resort, situated 22 km away from the city of Hyderabad. This resort has been built in the form of a Rajasthani village. Its premises comprise a temple and an amphitheatre of performing arts, called the Ghoomar-Jhoomar. Apart from this,... Read More »
  • Type: Theme Park
Ocean Park, Rangareddy
Rank 10
Ranked 10 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
Ocean Park is an amusement and water theme park, located in the centre of the plateau of Rangareddy District. This water park offers activities like sliding, rafting and carousels in the wave pool. It is spread over 20 acres of landscaped gardens and is a popular weekend... Read More »
  • Type: Sport
Runway-9, Rangareddy
Rank 11
Ranked 11 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
Runway-9 is another significant attraction of the Rangareddy District, popular for adventure sports. This place provides India’s first state-of-the-art go-karting facility. This place is spread over a total area of 5 acres in Kompally, on the National Highway 7. Runway-9... Read More »
  • Type: Dam
Osmansagar Dam, Rangareddy
Rank 12
Ranked 12 of 13
Places to Visit in Rangareddy
The Osmansagar Dam is one of the biggest dams in the state of Andhra Pradesh. This dam was constructed across River Musi, in 1920. This dam is a popular site due to its surrounding gardens and placid expanse of water. Read More »
  • Type: Religious Place
Sanghi, Rangareddy
Rank 13
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Places to Visit in Rangareddy
Sanghi is a temple complex built by the Sanghi Family, in the Rangareddy District. This temple has been built completely in marble and was sculpted by the renowned craftsman Sri Ganapathy Stapathy. This temple complex, collectively called as `Paramanandagiri’, comprises... Read More »

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