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Raza Library

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About Raza Library

Raza Library is located in  Rampur district of Moradabad division. Established in the late 18th century, it is considered as the heritage site for Indo-Islamic culture. The library was built by Nawab Faizullah Khan, the ruler of Rampur, between 1774 and 1794. The purpose of this library was to warehouse various historic manuscripts and miniature specimens of Islamic calligraphy.

During the reign of Nawab Ahmad Ali Khan between 1794 and 1840, this library grew in status and popularity. All the Nawabs are remembered for being great scholars, poets, musicians, painters and calligraphers. In the year 1855, Nawab Yousuf Ali Khan Nazim, an Urdu poet himself, took charge of the library. He was assisted by the legendary poet Mirza Ghalib.  

Nawab Kalbe Ali Khan, during his reign from 1887 to 1889, also added a collection of rare manuscripts to the library. These manuscripts were from the sacred book of Quran, which was brought back by him from his Hajj pilgrimage.  

After Independence in 1947, the library was managed by a trust until the government took over it’s operations on 1 July 1975.  


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