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Reckong-Peo is mostly preferred by travellers. The go to destination for types of travellers, be it family, kids and couples, Reckong-Peo is, however, mostly preferred. The best season or months to visit places in Reckong-Peo are April. There are 6 tourist places in Reckong-Peo, which can be explored by travellers. Local attractions can be visited at any time of the day, be it early morning, afternoon, evening or night, as suitable for travellers. Sightseeing in Reckong-Peo can be done by travellers, which will take half a day or one day, but to see all sightseeing places, travellers need to stay in Reckong-Peo for 2 days to 3 days.
Travellers can also download's Reckong-Peo Travel Guide to learn about places to visit in Reckong-Peo, browse through photos & pictures, explore Reckong-Peo using a map, and read sightseeing reviews. Recently reviewed tourist attractions in Reckong-Peo, which are great places to visit, are Kalpa. Reckong-Peo can be visited in summer, monsoon or winter.

Reckong-Peo Tourist Places

  • Type: Offbeat event
Kalpa, Reckong-Peo
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Places to Visit in 9 Reckong-Peo
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Kalpa is a popular attraction and is home to two chief hotels of the Kinnaur Region of Himachal Pradesh, namely the Tourist Complex and Hotel Kinner Kailash. Kalpa is the chief village of the Kinnaur Region set at a height of 2,768 m above sea level. Tourists come here to get... Read More »
  • Type: Market
Reckong peo Market, Reckong-Peo
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Places to Visit in 9 Reckong-Peo
  • Type: Hill
Kinner Kailash, Reckong-Peo
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Places to Visit in 9 Reckong-Peo
The Kinner Kailash Peak has a 79 ft tall rock formulation, that appears like a Shiva Linga. It is a popular pilgrimage spot and it should be noted that this Shiva Linga changes colour throughout the day. Kinner Kailash is usually considered as one of the mythical residences of... Read More »
  • Type: Temple
Chandika Temple, Reckong-Peo
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Places to Visit in 9 Reckong-Peo
The Chandika Devi Temple is located at a distance of 3 km from Reckong Peo in Kothi. This temple is in the village of Kothi and is devoted to Goddess Chandika, who is worshipped with great respect by the locals. It is believed that she was the daughter of the demon Banasur,... Read More »
  • Type: Hill
Bhaba Valley, Reckong-Peo
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Places to Visit in 9 Reckong-Peo
The Bhaba Valley is a popular destination of the region and is located on the Bhaba river. The Bhaba Valley is popular among the trekkers, writers, poets and nature lovers, for its picturesque landscapes. Read More »
  • Type: Sanctuary
Wildlife Sanctuaries, Reckong-Peo
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Places to Visit in 9 Reckong-Peo
There are three wild life sanctuaries located in Reckong Peo, namely the Lipa- Asrang Sanctuary, the Rakchham-Chhitkul Sanctuary and the Rupi- Bhaba Sanctuary. These sanctuaries are home to a variety of wildlife, including species like yak, ibex, leopard, red fox, goral, blue... Read More »

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