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Kapil Muni Temple, Sagardwip
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Places to Visit in Sagardwip
  • Type: Place of Worship
The temple of Kapil Muni is situated on the Sagar Island of Sagardwip and is dedicated to Kapil Muni, one of the sages of Hindu legend. Most of the temples of Sagardwip were destroyed by a tornado, which also included the Kapil Muni Temple of Sagar Island. However, in 1961, the chief minister of... Read More »
Sagardwip Beach, Sagardwip
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Places to Visit in Sagardwip
  • Type: Beach
The Sagardwip Beach is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the town of Sagardwip. This is a silvery and calm sea beach that provides an ideal weekend gateway. The beach forms a part of the islands of Sunderbans in the estuary of River Ganges. The most popular feature of this beach is... Read More »
Sagar Lighthouse, Sagardwip
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Places to Visit in Sagardwip
  • Type: Monument
The Sagar Lighthouse is situated at the Sagardwip Beach, near the port of Beguakhali, in Sagar Island of Bengal. This lighthouse is known for providing a panoramic view of the beach, as well as of the sunrise and sunset at the place. It also forms a part of the Sagar Marine Park; and the port of... Read More »
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