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Silent Valley National Park is situated in the Kundali Hills, along the Western Ghats. This park is surrounded by the Nilgiri Forests in the north and Nilambur Forests in the south. The Palghat Forests and Attappadi Reserve Forests are located on the western and eastern side of the park, respectively.

This park is located at an average elevation of around 3600 ft above sea level. It provides a home to different animals like elephants, tigers and lion-tailed macaques. This park was threatened in the 1970's due the construction of a Hydel Power Project. Environmentalists protested on a wide scale and it led to the re-notification of the Silent Valley. Afterwards, it was raised to the status of a National Park in 1984. Later in 1986, the park was included in the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve as its core area.

This national park is home to 34 species of mammals, more than 150 species of birds and about 200 species of butterflies. Around 1000 species of flowering plants are found in the park, out of which, about 110 species belong to the family of orchids. Over 400 species of moths and 128 species of beetles can be spotted in the forest area.

River Kunthi that originates from the Nilgiri Hills flows through the forest. The Nilgiri wood-pigeon, Malabar parakeet, grey-headed bulbul, broad-tailed grassbird, rufous babbler and white-bellied shortwing are some of the resident birds of this park.

The park is inhabited by the great Indian hornbill, which is counted among the rare and endangered bird species of India. One can also spot tigers, leopards, sambar, wild boars and gaur.

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Bhushavali Natarajan5.0/5

38 reviews

A must visit for every nature lover

First things first, why is silent valley, called Silent Valley? Even in the most dense forests, in the deepest woods, its never silent, even in the middle of the night, coz of the screech of the crickets!!! But here at Silent Valley, there are no crickets, so its silent, except for the hustle of leaves or birds singing. In the middle of night after the birds retire for the day, its dead silent except for the leaves! That's why its called the Silent Valley.The forest is filled with Lion Tailed Macaques! The main reason for the extensive presence is due to the availability of its favourite food. Its called the Vedippila in Malayalam. The particular fruit that the it loves is here for 3 of the 4 seasons year long. The fruit is somewhat similar to Durian. Should be a variety of Durian. Its very thorny and hard on the outside and when you open it up, its as 5-6 wedges, that kinda tastes similar to Ice Apple! A wild cousin of Durian???Presently there are 20 jeeps and 2 buses that provide transport from the gate to a particular point inside the forest at which they stop at a camping site after which a little trek for 2.5km is required, till the Kunti River. Beyond this point, there is no permission unless you're a researcher!! At the camping site is a 5 floor tall watch tower and wash room facilities. So if you're accompanied by senior citizens who can't trek, they could wait here. Here I can give you a couple of tips. Do not wear perfumes, coz that's not a natural smell in the forest and might disturb the animals. Wear outfits with colors that merge in nature - greens, browns etc. Bright colors have to be avoided. Maintain silence so animals don't go away. The office opens up at 9. So its better to go around 8.30, so get to be the first person to go into the forest. In that case, the chances of spotting wildlife is more. The more the number of vehicles pass the dirt track, more disturbance and more chances of wildlife going away, and less chances of spotting. A jeep is about 1200 bucks. A jeep and guide could be booked over phone prior to visiting the place. If you're not really acclimatized to ghat roads, you may wanna take a medicine to prevent vomiting sensation on the route to reach the Silent Valley.The senior most guide is Mr.Esappan who knows so much about the forest and has spent almost all his life there. And he calls himself a Lion Tailed Macaque coz of his pristine white hair!!!

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  • +1

Rakesh Chungappalli4.3/5

16 reviews

Giant Malabar Squirrel delighted our trip

a big wow! what a trip. it is a deep jungle. you can reach the inside of the jungle by 4 wheel drive jeeps arranged by forest department only. the road is really rough but the journey is the destination. throughout the journey you can see different types of monkeys for Example-lion tailed monkeys. if you are too lucky you can see the Malabar giant squirrel. it is such a fascinating scene!! we were too lucky to watch a Malabar giant squirrel. don't ever forget to take a dslr camera with a zoom lens. if you are lucky and focused you will get a stunning shot of a squirrel. awesome trip.

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Vishnu Menon5.0/5

1 review

Amazing place

the place is just wonderful!!! we will feel that we are in the hands of mother nature. we could see elephants and lion tailed macque even on the way.there is a pure silent stream across the trees

Abhilash Parali3.6/5

2 reviews

Forget yourself in the wild

23 km ride through the forest, hanging bridge across kunthippuzha, watch tower for bteathtaking panoramic view, rain forests with plenty of wildlife. Ideal for nature lovers, be prepared for a 2+2 km soft trekking also.
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