Weekend Getaways from Surat

111 places to visit around Surat

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Surat Weekend Getaways and Places to Visit

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Weekend Getaways from Surat

From pilgrimage spots, to beautiful beaches, popular travel destinations to hidden gems waiting to be discovered, whether you’re a nature lover or a history buff, we’ve got you covered. This assortment of places to see near Surat to escape hectic city lifeis sure to take anyone’s mind off the daily grind and portray nature in its uncut splendour.One doesn´t need to travel far, these holiday places near Surat have a lot to offer for anyone in need of a weekend getaway from the booming town. Places to visit near Surat or a lovely place to visit near Surat are plenty. There are also many good hotels in Surat where you can choose to accommodate.

  1. 50-100 km away

Valsad has a lot to offer for anyone looking for a weekend getaway in Surat. The small Gujarati district, known as one of the best places to visit near Surat is 95 kilometres from Surat. Surat is only 16 kilometres from Dandi, where Mahatma Gandhi famously began his Salt March. The Saifee Villa Museum exhibiting pictures and artefacts from Gandhi’s life will spark interest not only in history lovers. Fans of religious tours will get their money’s worth on a visit to the Somnath Temple as the place is one of the holiest pilgrimage spots for Hindus. The Tithal Beach, famous for its black sand cover, located on the Valsad coast will satisfy travellers looking for peace and beautiful scenery making Valsad the perfect destination for a weekend trip from Surat nearby places.

  1. 100-200 km away

A perfect weekend getaway near Surat for nature lovers is the hill station Saputara 170 km from Surat. Saputara literally means ‘Abode of Serpents’and numerous images of snakes are worshipped by the local tribal folk. The images of these snakes can be found on shores of the River Sarpagana that flows through town.Saputara is famous for its gardens, namelyLake Garden, Step Garden and Rose Garden. The Step Garden features a unique design where plants and flowerpots with wooden work around it support the steps. One should not only pray to the serpents but also to the weather goods. The Sunset Point is all the more impressive when a clear sky allows a romantic view over the valley.

  1. 200-300 km away

Malshejghat, a Maharashtrian hill station 223 km from Surat, is sure to satisfy the needs of any traveller on a weekend getaway from Surat. At 700 mts. above sea level, Malshejghatis a hot spot for outdoor activity enthusiasts withan abundance of opportunities for adventure sports like hiking, trekking and boating.Malshejghatalso  boasts a diverse wildlife as it is surrounded by covers of dense green forests and the Western Ghats. It is a favourite among birdwatchers, rare birds and even Flamingos can be spotted near the Monsoon lakes. Also popular among tourists is the Shivneri Fort, where Maratha ruler Shivaji was born around 1630 and spent his childhood surrounded by the ancient rocks.

  1. >300 km away

About 340 km from Suratlies the small, picturesque town of Mahesana that enchants visitors on Surat weekend getaways with its charm and serenity. It is known for its religious places like the Modhera's Sun templeSimandhar Swami Jain TempleHinglaj Mata's Temple,Mulnayak Jain Temple and the Swaminarayan Temple. When on a family weekend getaway one does not have to look far for something to entertain the children. Mahesana is home to the first water park in Asia and the biggest in Gujarat.

When on a getaway near Surat, nature lovers will also enjoy the rich bird life atThol wildlife sanctuary where even great white pelicans breed.

Looking for a short break from the craziness at work? Or just making an impromptu plan for the weekend with friends? Whether it’s a beach or some history, a nature trail or a pilgrimage that you crave this weekend, short holiday destinations near Surat will leave you thinking, ‘so much to do, and so little time’.