Tendong Hill, Namchi

Tendong Hill

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About Tendong Hill

Tendong Hill is around 8530 ft high and is considered to be a dormant volcano. The name of this hill, derived from the Lepcha dialect, means ‘The hill of the raised horn’. According to legends, when the land was drowned due to floods, the horn rose miraculously to rescue people. This hill was a place of rest for Buddhist Lamas, who spent years in meditation. Tourists come to Namchi for trekking and the view from the top of the hill.

Damthang, located at the foot of the Tendong Hill, is a starting point for trekking and is located at a distance of 13 km from Ravangla. The trek to the hill top is 6 km long and goes through dense forest, rich in flora and fauna, home to 90 species of birds, Himalayan bears, leopards and red pandas. The Tendong Hill is also considered as a sacred place and Lepchas worship it on the occasion of Lho Rham Faat. A small monastery and a three storied watch tower are situated on the top of hill.

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