Weekend Getaways from Thane

110 places to visit around Thane

  • Heritage (37)
  • Beach (28)
  • Pilgrimage (22)
  • Hill (21)
  • Waterfront (10)
  • Adventure (8)
  • Jungle (7)
  • City (6)

Thane Weekend Getaways and Places to Visit

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Weekend Getaways from Thane

Travellers visiting Thane or residents of the Thane city have a plethora of places to visit near Thane for a perfect vacation. This array of places to see near Thane to escape the routine of everyday will help one clear their minds and feel refreshed. Places near Thane are situated close by to the city making it convenient for one to plan a perfect weekend getaway and also there are many good hotels in Thane.

  1. 50-100 Km away

The Gorai Beach is situated about 35 kilometres from Thane and is the perfect weekend getaway in Thane.  Accessible by ferry, the villages situated by the beach provide the perfect combination of serenity and tranquillity that one needs from the city life.
Gorai is a perfect location for those looking for a place to visit around Thane, owing to its proximity and easy accessibility from the city. It’s also considered one of the best places to visit near Thane.
Another interesting piece of information about Gorai Beach is that it is situated close to the famous theme park, Essel World. So a fun-filled weekend getaway from Thane is guaranteed. It’s also makes for one of the picnic spots near Thane.

  1. 100-200 Km away

One of the most sought after weekend getaways near Thane is a trip to the Rajmachi village. Situated 101 kilometres away, on the rugged Sahyadhri hills, Rajmachi is the perfect place for trekking enthusiasts. For those looking for adventure and some unchartered exploring, Rajmachi provides the perfect backdrop for an amazing Thane weekend getaway. It also serves as a beautiful picnic spot near Thane. Surrounded by waterfalls and lush greenery, it can help one discover an adventurous side to them over a weekend.
Further, there are also other activities for trekking fans, as Rajmachi is located near Shrivardhan and Manaranjan Forts.

  1. 200-300 Km away

Another great weekend getaway near Thane is Mahabaleshwar, situated about 235 kilometres from the city. Cited as the source of the legendary River Krishna, Mahabaleshwar is one of the most evergreen and scenic locations in all of Maharashtra. It is the perfect Thane weekend getaway, especially during a long weekend. There are countless places to explore at Mahabaleshwar such as the Krishnabai Temple, Venna Lake, Elephant Point and the Lingmala waterfalls.
Mahabaleshwar is a beautiful place that one can visit with friends and family and come back feeling refreshed and content. It is also home to the Pratapgad Fort and was the summer capital of Maharashtra during the British Raj. This makes it one of the more sought after weekend getaways Thane has to offer.

  1. >300 Km away

If you have the opportunity to take a long weekend off from Thane, Ganapatipule is the perfect place to spend your holiday. Regarded as a historical city for Hindus, Ganapatipule is a great getaway from Thane. The village is located near Ratnagiri and is a wonderful option for those looking for Thane getaways.
A trip to the beautiful Ganapati temple coupled with a trip to the Jaigad Fort – which offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea is mandatory.

For someone living a hectic life in the city of Thane, a small break from the hustle and bustle of the city is a must. For those who are looking fora break from the city life, they are luckily situated in the midst of some amazing locales and scenery. All one needs for a great weekend getawayis to visit some of these places over the weekend and feel rejuvenated and revitalized from all the city noise.