Weekend Getaways from Thiruvananthapuram

32 tourist places to visit near Thiruvananthapuram

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Thiruvananthapuram Weekend Getaways and Tourist Places to Visit

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The lovely city of Thiruvananthapuram (or Trivandrum) is known for its rich culture and idyllic beaches. Keeping in mind this city has some tourist attractions inside its folds, those travellers who wish to explore nearby destinations in the weekends have plenty of options.

Here is a list of some of the best weekend getaways near Thiruvananthapuram worth visiting.

Places to see within 100 kms

The petite town of Varkala, located about 43 kms from Trivandrum, offers an eclectic mix of religious sites and scenic beaches. One amongst several weekend getaways from Thiruvananthapuram, it has plenty of pristine beaches with resorts and hotels set atop lush green cliffs overlooking them. However, tourists seeking something a little more spiritual can visit the countless temples and gaze upon some beautiful architecture.

The Kanyakumari district promises an unusual weekend getaway near Trivandrum with plenty of gorgeous temples in store for tourists. However, it is more widely known for being the southern-most point in India allowing tourists to take in a mix of three oceans and some truly breath-taking sightseeing options at the cape point. This weekend trip from Thiruvananthapuram, about 96 kms away, could also involve the Vivekananda rock memorial set within the ocean which is sacred to Hindus and offers access to some iconic structures.

As far as Thiruvananthapuram weekend getaways go, the town of Kollam in Kerala cannot be overlooked.  Standing testament to the beauty of the state, it has plenty of boating and cultural tours. Included in holiday places near it are the Munroe Islands which has plenty of tours through the splendours of nature it has to offer, and the Palaruvi falls reached via a trek through the jungle and are an amazing site to behold. Distance between Kollam and Trivandrum is around 64 kms by road.

If you are looking for tourism places around Trivandrum then the historic Padmanabhapuram Palace must not be missed, located at just 60 kms by road. This 16th century beauty was home to the Rajas of Travancore and visitors can take a peek into their lives and gaze upon the vintage architecture strewn through its corridors.

The fun need not stop there with Thenmala also lying amongst the list of possible weekend getaways near Trivandrum. Located about 72 kms from Trivandrum, the Palaruvi waterfalls in this region delight tourists as they live to their name and look like falls of milk cascading amidst lush greenery. Tourists can also visit other places around Trivandrum such as a dam, a wildlife sanctuary, zoo as well as a variety of temples.

Tourist places within 200 kms

Prime amongst getaways near Thiruvananthapuram is Alleppey, situated 155 kms by road. No visit to Kerala is complete without a stay or at least a visit to the famous backwaters. Forget the chaos of city life while you float down a river in a charming houseboat in a

resplendent locale. You can also take boat cruises or take in a cheerful water carnival which are a quite a vibrant site to behold.

Kochi, another one of the tourism places around Trivandrum situated about 198 kms by road, is an immensely diverse tourist spot with everything from religious sites to a posh marina. This attractive city has several forts remaining from British colonial times and even

has a man-made island named for the British Viceroy of the time. You can also visit the Dutch palace – Mattancherry, built in traditional Kerala architecture by the Portuguese before being presented to the Raja at the time.

Perhaps, you are seeking getaways from Thiruvananthapuram that also offer respite from the sweltering heat of the city. Vagamon, which is located at a distance of 182 kms, fits the bill perfectly as this tiny plantation town sits nestled amongst the hills with a cool climate.

Places to visit within 300 kms

The widely known Guruvayur temple is of immense significance to Hindus and historians as it is a 5000-year-old shrine dedicated to the deity Krishna. This wonder of traditional Kerala architecture allows you and your family a chance to pray at an ancient altar and witness a truly beautiful and traditional Malayali creation. It is located at a distance of 284 kms by road from Thiruvananthapuram.

The district of Idukki, situated about 233 kms away, promises a cooling respite having pleasant weather throughout the year, with plenty of towns worth visiting. It has several hill stations such as Munnar and Ramakkalmedu, offering an assortment of tourist spots such a spice farms, trekking through plantations and forests in addition to visits to reserves and dams making them perfect places to click few photos/pictures. Also amongst the Thiruvananthapuram weekend trips one can take in this district is the Thommankuthu Falls which has delighted several visitors with its cascading waters that fall past the seven steps into a gorgeous pool.

Another possible weekend trip near Trivandrum is Thrissur, 283 kms away, which is home to plenty of activities catering to a myriad of tourist interests. You can indulge your religious side or seek spirituality at any of the numerous temples in this district which each has an identity of their own. The Athirappilly waterfalls are a scenic stop within Thrissur that give you a glimpse into the beauty of God’s own country. The Snehatheeram beach is ideal for anyone looking for a relaxed day in the sun or water allowing you to laze and take in some gorgeous sunsets.

Other weekend getaways around Thiruvananthapuram

The state of Kerala continues to thrill those looking for weekend getaways around Trivandrum with Palakkad which is located 335 kms away. It has plenty of temples that range from ancient to modern architectural styles as well as several reserves and dams allowing you to indulge in nature’s immense beauty.

Anyone interested in nature is sure to love the Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, situated 394 kms from Trivandrum, which is an expansive sanctuary for wild cats. Visitors are allowed to stay in tree-top houses, go boating, trekking and see the big cats at a designated area all under supervision.

Kozhikode, located at a distance of about 372 kms, is a sleepy town in Kerala that is proving to be immensely popular amongst tourists, both Indian and international, for its location on the coast. It has a variety of pristine beaches as well as choices such as the Thusharagiri waterfalls and the Pazhassi Raja Museum and Art Gallery.

Finally, you have Mahe, situated 436 kms away, which is a tourism destination not to be missed amongst Thiruvananthapuram’s getaways. This stunning island was once home to the French colonials and this intermingled prevails today with plenty of temples, sandy beaches and even theatres to visit.

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