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About Thusharagiri Waterfalls

Thusharagiri Waterfalls, situated in the Western Ghats, is thronged by several tourists. Two streams, originating at the Western Ghats, meet here to form the Chalippuzha River. The name of the attraction, Tusharagiri, means...Read more on Thusharagiri Waterfalls

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Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Coastal Malabar
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Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the Annamalai Hills in Palakkad. This wildlife sanctuary covers a wide spread area of 285 sq. km, which has many rosewood, sandalwood and bamboo trees. This sanctuary is famous for the Indian bison, which is also known as Gaur. Besides, it is the... Read More »
Kappad Beach, Coastal Malabar
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Kappad Beach is quite famous as Vasco da Gama landed at this beach on 27th May 1498. Vasco da Gama discovered the sea route to India and reached this beach along with 170 men in three vessels. Local inhabitants call this beach as Kappakadavu, which also features 800 years old temple on the rock.... Read More »
Marari Beach, Coastal Malabar
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Marari Beach on the Malabar Coast is a popular tourist attraction, which got its name from Mararikulum, which is a local fishing village along the Arabian Sea. Travellers coming to this beach can enjoy sea surfing, boat cruise in backwaters, water skiing, deep sea fishing and many more water... Read More »
Beypore Beach, Coastal Malabar
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Beypore Beach is situated on the banks of Chaliyar River in the Kozhikode district. This beach was one of the important fishing harbours and maritime centres of ancient Kerala. There is a boat building yard at this beach which is known for the construction of Uru, the traditional Arabian trading... Read More »
Meenkunnu Beach, Coastal Malabar
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Meenkunnu Beach, which is lined with coconut trees, lies in the Kannur District. Meenkunnu is mainly a combination of two Malayalam words meen and kunnu. The term meen refers to a fish and kunnu means a small hill. This beach is an extension of the Payyambalam Beach which is just 2 km from the... Read More »
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