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Joydada , Gurgaon | 05th January 2012
Cramped in small-town
This is one of the worst airports in the country and must not be counted as an airport to any metropolitan city.
Its crowded, has minimum refreshments and absolutely no elbow space.
The floors are d
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Sumedha , Delhi | 24th February 2011
Was that an airport I just went to?
Kolkata airport is dirty most of the time (on more than 1 occasion I have found bird poo on my trolley); awfully crowded (I sat on my trolley for three hours reading a book) and very very slow. Not m
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Dwaipayan , Kolkata | 06th September 2010
Need to be upgraded immediately
I used Kolkata domestic airport 3 times in Jul'10 and 2 times in Aug'10. The look of the lounge is pretty old need to be upgraded immediately like Delhi Airport. Condition of Men's room is worse. It c
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Neeladri , Mumbai | 17th March 2009
Its pretty good.
I am not biased coz i am flying in and out of CCU airport every month, but actually its pretty good. Reasonably easy to reach along the Rajarhat route. Baggage scan is a breeze and the guys there are
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1 - 4 of 4 Reviews