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Exploring the Best of Hong Kong: 7 Iconic Things To Do

A bustling city of seven million residents, Hong Kong has tons of things to offer to every kind of traveller. But some things ... read more

A Photo Guide to a Perfect 3-Day Weekend in Chikmagalur

The resilience and tenacity of anything is tested thoroughly only when it goes through at least some trials. And what better way to test a car than a road trip though the rough terrains of our country?

In collaboration with Nissan, HolidayIQ travellers Kiran Bernarnd Kutinha and Sheena Benedicta went roving though the brilliant landscapes of Chikmagalur. Their mission was to test the #SmarterBolder New Nissan Terrano and its role as the perfect travel car. They captured some amazing photos while on the exciting journey. 

A Photo Journey Through the Historical Monuments and Jungles of Junagadh

Some of life's most important lessons are learnt only when we leave our comfort zones and step into the unknown. One such brave warrior is HolidayIQ traveller Ashutosh Singh, who recently travelled to the forgotten land of Junagadh as a part of our #OnTrailsWithHolidayIQ campaign with Micromax to #DiscoverWithDual5. 

His mission- to capture the surreal beauty of the town’s jaw-dropping architectural oddities and a glimpse of the untamed wildlife at the Sasan Gir forest. Join him and his trusted companion, the powerhouse Micromax Dual 5 on an epic journey.

Benaras: The Mystical Land of Lord Shiva

This article is written by Anuradha Agrawal. Anuradha is a HolidayIQ curator who is a part of our #ByInvitation programme. 

Author Bio: Anuradha has been a corporate slave for a large part of her life. Presently she took a break from work to enjoy and follow her passion for travelling and writing. An avid traveller, she has travelled within India and abroad. She believes she has a lot more to cover. Anuradha wishes to write about her journeys and also wants to hear other traveller tales. 

Caves, Lakes and Much More: 72 Hours in Wayanad

With its lush green forests speckled by occasional waterfall or lake, the backwaters and lagoons, Kerala serves as the perfect respite from the rugged terrain of the other areas in the vicinity. And Wayanad is central to the rich beauty that Kerala provides. HolidayIQ reviewers talk about the must-visit spots of Wayanad.

Spend This World Earth Day in the Lap of Eco-Friendly Luxury

With climate change becoming a major worry for everyone, do something to acknowledge the immensity of the situation this Earth Day. Commemorating the cause, we have listed out some great eco-resorts for you to consider this year. 

12 International Destinations with the Cheapest Air Fare

Not too far from home, these 12 places of South-East and South Asia are the perfect and inexpensive getaways for the year 2017.