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12 Hidden Places In Northeast India The World Must Know About

These hidden places in the most pristine locations must be in your bucket list. HolidayIQ Travellers list 12 not-to-be missed places to visit in the northeast.


1. Labrang Monastery

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The monastery houses a Buddhist museum with a large collection of Buddha statues, sutras and murals. A 50 feet-high golden statue of Buddha used to be there in the Tibet Mall. Just below the road, between Phodang and Labrang Monastery, are the ruins of Tumlong, which is another attraction in the north district. 

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2. World's Oldest Surviving Toy Train - Darjeeling-Himalayan Railway

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HolidayIQ Traveller Megha says, “The train takes a very long time to cover the distance but the splendid views it offers makes it worth it. It is a once in a lifetime experience.”

Batasia Loop is one of the most scenic places, between Ghum and Darjeeling, offers a panoramic view of the surrounding areas.

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3. Lady Hydari Park

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HolidayIQ Traveller Ismat Hussain Choudhury says, “Lady Hydari Park houses a mini zoo with more than 50 bird species and 100 wild animals. The park comprises a variety of flowers, especially roses. There is a butterfly museum inside. The park has a kids play ground too. The best time to visit is in the month of April and May when flowers are fully bloomed.”

One of the most important places to visit in Shillong, Lady Hydari Park is designed in the style of a Japanese garden. The landscape is dotted with small ponds, willow trees and rhododendron plants.

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4. Wards Lake - A British Memoir

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HolidayIQ Traveller Dhananjay Dhar says, “Ward’s Lake is beautiful with a variety of colourful flowers, ducks and swans swimming in clear water. Multiple exit paths make it easy to venture out of the park. The cafe inside the park is a must-try. It serves tasty local food and steaming hot soup.”

The lake is an artificial one set amidst lush green gardens in the middle of the scenic hill station Shillong. This horse shoe shaped lake has boating facilities and a bird sanctuary. 

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5. Eco Park

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Initiated by the government of Meghalaya in Cherrapunjee, Eco Park is famous for its several native orchards. It gives you a visual treat with views of the Green Canyons of Sohra as well as cascades located around it. There is a watercourse inside the park and you will have to pass through a bridge to reach the periphery of the canyon. 

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6. Thalon Cave

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900 meters above sea level, the cave might scare you with its darkness but it’s quite interesting. The caves are an attraction as part of the Manipur Tourism Festival and three-week expeditions are organised for tourists. Located at a distance of 80 km from Imphal, the caves can be reached by trekking from Thalon Village.

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7. Loktak Lake- World’s Only Floating Lake

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Characterised by the floating vegetation known as 'phumdi', it is said to be the only floating lake in the world. Besides the fresh water, Loktak Lake is known for its tasty fish. Do pick up some dried fish from the Moirang market located nearby.

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8. Sela Pass

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HolidayIQ Traveller Subhrajit Gupta says, “The two beautiful crystal clear lakes surrounding the snow clad peaks makes this place beautiful. The continuous hide and seek played between the sun and heavy fog makes it mysterious. If you are lucky, you might get a cup of hot tea from the only tea stall.”

At an altitude of more than 13,000 feet, the gorgeous mountain pass connects Tawang to other parts of the country. The pass is open round the year. However, heavy snow causes occasional shutdowns. 

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9. Sualkuchi

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Sualkuchi, the ‘Manchester of Assam’, is known for its rich cultural heritage. Out of all the festivals celebrated, the most exciting of the lot is the boat race event. The town takes on an electric atmosphere during the event, with crowds cheering their favourite team.

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10. Unakoti Hills

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The hills have a place dedicated to Lord Shiva created centuries ago. The place of worship has beautiful rock carvings and murals. The hills offer scenic views of the valley, and there are a few waterfalls to visit too. The month of April also hosts the Ashokashtami Festival, which is a religious festival celebrated by thousands of pilgrims who flock to the attraction.

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11. Touphema Village

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HolidayIQ Traveller TGS says, "The museum is full of unique Naga artifacts. These days, the community kitchen and stadium are used only for the annual village festival which is a must-see. Tuophema tourist resort runs a small handicraft store where you can get exquisite Nagaland style embroidered shawls, scarves, table linen and necklaces."

It is a cultural village where you get to know about traditional life of the Nagas. You can stay in quaint huts, enjoy bonfire dinners, cultural dances and more. The museum inside the village houses an extensive ethnographic collection including wood carvings, musical instruments, textiles, handicrafts traditional artefacts, jewellery and archaeological finds.

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12. Sangai Festival

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Manipur Sangai Festival is a 10-day-long festival. It is dedicated to the State animal - the sangai deer. At the festival, expect to see Manipuri handicrafts, handlooms, sports competitions, music and food stalls. 

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