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5 Places Where You Can Know about the fascinating Culture of South India

5 Places Where You Can Know about the fascinating Culture of South India wikimedia

South India is a treasure-trove of culture and souvenirs of lost dynasties. For a history and culture buff, few places can offer a better experience. We list down some of the most tourist-friendly culture hubs in South India. 

5 Places Where You Can Know about the fascinating Culture of South India:

  1. Hampi (Karnataka)
  2. Lepakshi (Andhra Pradesh)
  3. Bylakuppe, Coorg (Karnataka)
  4. Badami (Karnataka)
  5. Thanjavur (Tamil Nadu)

1. Hampi

source: holidayiq.com/travellers/Raghav-Bhawsinka-3351589

Hampi was known to be one of the most prosperous cities at its peak. Remains of the grandeur still exist and will take you back in time to the glorious era. HolidayIQ traveller Shazneen says, " When we talk of Hampi as a tourist destination we are taking of several things to do and places to see. The most talked about is the Hampi ruins, spread over a considerable area. Depending on your interest you could spend from one day to even a week there." 

2. Lepakshi

source: holidayiq.com/travellers/Mohit-Agarwal-3848245

Situated in Andhra Pradesh, Lepakshi is a wonderful place to know about the Vijaynagar empire, Qutub Shahis and the Mughals. Having been passed on to various dynasties, this place is a great example of confluence of cultures. HolidayIQ tourist Animesh says, "We visited Lepakshi during a weekend. It is one of one day trips from Bangalore and a good drive as it falls on Bangalore-Hyderabad highway. It one of heritage sight with a temple and big Nandini statue. It is also famous for a hanging pillar in the temple." 

3. Bylakuppe

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source: holidayiq.com/travellers/somak-sarkar-95034

Bylakuppe is a whole different place when it comes to exploring cultures because more than ancient Indian culture, it is a showcase of Tibetan culture, being the biggest Tibetan establishment outside Tibet and is a very calm place. HolidayIQ traveller Ronak says, "Bylakuppe, a short drive from Siddapura in Coorg, is the centre of a Tibetan monastery and town. It's a great place to soak in the authentic culture and heritage of Tibet. The monastery has some authentic Tibetan artwork and paintings. The main highlight, though, is in the form of the 3 colossal statues of The Buddha in the monastery.If you're in the mood for picking up any souvenirs, there are plenty of shops around the monastery selling curios."

4. Badami

source: holidayiq.com/travellers/Ranganatha-Gowda-1780313

Known for rock sculpture and temple architecture, Badami is home to numerous historic sites like, Badami Fort, a Buddhist Cave, an archaeological museum and a series of four cave temples built by the Chalukyas. HolidayIQ tourist Ravishankar says, "A place worth visiting for its temple architecture from 5th to 8th Century AD. The Cave temple architecture from the red sandstone hills are exemplary and highlights the skill and craftsmanship of the people of that era.


5. Thanjavur

source: holidayiq.com/travellers/Manoj-Menon-2553835

Apart from being a home to art and architecture and giving birth to one of the most popular classical form of dance called Bharat Natyam, Thanjavur is located in the southern most part of India and is known for its art, architecture and temples.

HolidayIQ tourist Joghee says, "Our trip to Thanjavur was a memorable one. The Brahadeeswar Temple complex with many temples was so beautiful with wonderful architecture, sprawling and well maintained lawns and passages. The crowd was manageable. One could spend a whole afternoon gazing at the size and beauty of the main temple which is one of the largest in India. The art complex was very nice with very ancient idols of deities was fantastic."

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